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1 ذَفَّ, aor. ذَفِّ, (S, M, Msb, K,) inf. n. ذَفَافَةٌ, (M,) He, or it, (a thing, Msb,) was quick (S, M, Msb, K) and light, (M,) فِى الأَمْرِ in the affair: (K:) or he was light [or went lightly] upon the ground. (M.) You say, ذَفَّ عَلَى وَجْهِ الأَرْضِ, and دَفَّ, (IAar, T in the present art. and in art. دف,) i. e. He went lightly upon the ground. (TA in art. دف.) b2: Also, aor. as above, said of a pestilence, It was quick; and despatched, or killed, quickly. (K.) And ذَفَّ عَلَيْهِ, (M, K,) inf. n. ذَفٌّ and ذِفَافٌ, (S, K,) or ذَفَفٌ; (M;) and عليه ↓ ذفّف, (T in art. دف, S, M, Mgh,) or ↓ ذفّفهُ, (K,) inf. n. تَذْفِيفٌ; (S;) and عليه ↓ ذافّ, (T, M, K, in the CK اذافّ,) and لَهَ, and ↓ ذافّه; (M, K, in the CK اَذافَّهُ;) and عليه ↓ اذفّ, (M,) or ↓ اذفّهُ, and ↓ ذَفْذَفَهُ; (K;) namely, a wounded man; (S, M, Mgh, K;) He despatched him; i. e. hastened and completed his slaughter; (T, S, M, Mgh, K;) as also دَفّ عليه [&c.]. (Msb in art. دف.

[See 3 in that art.]) b3: Also ذَفَّ, (T, M,) aor. ذَفِّ, inf. n. ذَفِيفٌ; (M;) and ↓ استذفّ; (T, M, K;) It (a thing, or an affair,) was, or became, easy; (T;) within one's power or reach; (M;) feasible, practicable, or prepared. (M, K.) You say, خُذْمَا ذَفَّ لَكَ and لك ↓ مااسْتَذَفَّ, and دَفَّ and استدفّ: all signify the same: (T, K:) i. e. Take thou what is easy [&c.] to thee. (T. [See 10 in art. دف.]) b4: [The signification “ Celeriter obortæ fuerunt manaruntque lacrymæ,” assigned by Golius to the first of these verbs, as on the authority of the KL, is a mistake: it is taken from an explanation of ذَرْفٌ, which, in my copy of the KL, immediately follows the explanations of دَفٌّ and دِفَافٌ.]2 ذَفَّّ see 1, in two places. b2: You say also, ذَفِّفْ جَهَازَ رَاحِلَتِكَ Lighten thou the travellingapparatus of thy riding-camel. (K.) 3 ذَاْفَّ see 1, in two places.4 أَذْفَ3َ see 1, in two places.10 إِسْتَذْفَ3َ see 1, in two places. b2: Also It (an affair, or a thing,) was, or became, rightly disposed or arranged; in a right state; or complete, and in a right state; as also استدفّ. (IKtt, IB, TA in art. دف.) R. Q. 1 ذَفْذَفَ: see 1.

A2: Also He walked with an elegant and a proud and self-conceited gait, with an affected inclining of the body from side to side. (IAar, T, K.) ذَفٌّ Sheep or goats. (Kr, M, K.) مَآءٌ ذُفٌّ (M, K) and ↓ ذَفَفٌ (M) and ↓ ذِفَافٌ (T, S, K) and ↓ ذُفَافٌ (M, K) A small quantity of water; water little in quantity: (T, S, M, K:) or the last two signify, (K,) or the last but one signifies, (M,) moisture: (M, K:) the pl. [of mult.] (of ذِفَافٌ, T, K, or ذُفَافٌ, K) is ذُفُفٌ (T, K) and [of pauc.] أَذِفَّةٌ. (T, M.) ذَفَفٌ: see what next precedes.

ذَفَافٌ a subst. from ذَفَّ عَلَيْهِ [and as such signifying The act, or a means, of despatching a wounded man; i. e., hastening and completing his slaughter: and hence, of finishing a thing]. (ElHejeree, M, K.) A poet says, referring to a draught of water, تَكُونُ شِفَآءَ أَوْ ذَفَافًا لِمَا بِيَا [That may be a cure, or a means of finishing, of what is in me, i. e., of what I am suffering]. (El-Hejeree, M.) A2: See also the next paragraph.

ذُفَافٌ: see ذَفِيفٌ, in two places: b2: and ذِفَافٌ: b3: and ذُفٌّ. b4: You say also, مَاذُقْتُ ذُفَافًا I tasted not a little thing, or a thing small in quantity: (M:) or ↓ مَا ذَاقَ ذِفَافًا and ↓ ذَفَافًا [like ذَوَاقًا] He tasted not anything. (K. In the CK ما ذافَ.) ذِفَافٌ [or سَمٌّ ذِفَافٌ], (AA, T, S,) or ↓ ذُفَافٌ, (M,) or both, (K,) Deadly poison: (AA, T, S, M, K:) because it kills quickly him who drinks it. (AA, T.) b2: You say also, مَا فِيهِ ذِفَافٌ, meaning مُتَعَلَّقٌ يُتَعَلَّقٌ بِهِ [i. e. There is not in it that whereby one may retain life; or a bare sufficiency of the means of subsistence]. (K.) b3: See also ذُفٌّ: and ذُفَافٌ.

ذَفِيفٌ Quick: (S, Msb:) or, as also ↓ ذُفَافٌ, quick and light: or light, or going lightly, upon the ground. (M, K.) You say also خَفِيفٌ ذَفِيفٌ, (T, S, K,) meaning Quick, (S,) and in like manner ↓ خُفَافٌ ذُفَافٌ, (T, K,) in each case using the latter word as an imitative sequent. (K.) b2: Also A death, (M,) or a pestilence, (K.) that kills quickly. (M, K.) A2: Also The male قُنْفُذ [or hedge-hog]. (M.) سَهْمٌ مُذَفَّفٌ A swift and light arrow. (K.)
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