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أبلQ. 1 رَأْبَلَ. inf. n. رَأْبَلَةٌ, He was, or became, wicked, crafty, or cunning; as also ↓ تَرَأْبَلَ. (T in art. ربل.) A2: رَأْبَلَةٌ (M, K) inf. n. of رَأْبَلَ, said of a man; (T, K;) [also signifies] The walking (M, K) of a man (M) inclining (M, K) to either side, (M,) or to one side, (K,) as though having the feet attenuated, and chafed, or abraded. (M, K. [يَتَوَخَّى in the CK is a mistake for يَتَوَجَّى, which is expressly said in the TA to be with جيم.]) Q. 2 تَرَأْبَلَ: see above. b2: Also He made a raid, or a sudden attack, upon people, and acted like the lion: (S and TA in art. ربل:) and so, accord. to Fr, تَرَيْبَلَ. (TA in that art.) And تَرَأْبَلُوا They practised theft, (M, K, TA,) and made raids, or sudden attacks, upon people, and acted like the lion. (TA.) And (so in the M, but in the K “ or,”) They went on a hostile, or hostile and plundering, expedition, upon their feet, and alone, without any commander over them. (M, K. [See رَبِيلٌ and رِيبَالٌ, in art. ربل.]) b3: [ترأبل, said of a lion, occurs in the “ Deewán el-Hudhaleeyeen,”

accord. to Freytag, as meaning He had perfect teeth.]

رَأْبَلَةٌ Wickedness, craftiness, or cunning, (M, * K, TA,) and boldness, and insidiousness for the purpose of doing evil, or mischief. (TA.) So in the saying, فَعَلَ ذٰلِكَ مِنْ رَأْبَلَتِهِ He did that by reason of his wickedness, &c. (M, K, TA.) It is the inf. n. of Q. 1 [q. v.]. (T, TK.) رِئْبَالٌ, a quadriliteral word [as to its root], (M, K,) of the measure فِعْلَالٌ, as is shown by their saying تَرَأْبَلُوا; (M;) and also without ء, (M, K,) sometimes, (K,) the ء being suppressed, and ى substituted for it; (M;) The lion: (S in art. ربل, and M and K:) and the wolf: (M, K:) or a malignant, guileful, or crafty, wolf: and accord. to Skr, a fleshy and young beast of prey: (TA:) and applied as an epithet to a thief, because of his boldness: (M:) and also, (K,) as some say, (M,) one who is the only offspring of his mother: (M, K:) pl. رَآبِيلُ (S in art. ربل, and K) and رَآبِلُ, (K,) [the latter, probably, contracted by poetic license,] and رَآبِلَةٌ (TA.) [See also رِيْبَالٌ, in art. ربل.]
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