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أل10 استرألت الرِّئْلَانُ The young ostriches became big, or advanced in age; syn. كَبِرَت, (O,) or كَبُرَت, (so in one of my copies of the S, in the other كَثُرَت [which is a mistranscription],) or كَبُرَتْ أَسْنَانُهَا. (K: so in my MS. copy and in the CK.) b2: And [hence,] استرأل النَّبَاتُ (assumed tropical:) The plant, or herb, became tall; likened to the neck of the young ostrich. (S, O, K.) رَأْلٌ The young one of the ostrich: (T, S, M, K:) or a young ostrich in its first year, or a year old: (M, K:) it occurs in a verse of Imra-el-Keys written رال, without ء: (M:) fem. with ة: (S, M, K:) pl. (of pauc., TA) أَرْوُلٌ (K, TA, [in the TT, as from the M, written ارْأَل, probably for أَرْأُلٌ,]) and (of mult., TA) رِئْلَانٌ and رِئَالٌ (S, M, K) and رِئَالَةٌ. (M, K.) b2: [Hence,] الرِّئَالُ [which seems to be the most common of the plso] (assumed tropical:) Certain stars: (S, Sgh, K:) [probably certain small stars in the neighbourhood of those called النَّعَائِمُ, or of those called النَّعَامَاتُ (in Cetus), and regarded as the young ones of these.] b3: [Hence also,] زَفَّ رَأْلُهُ (tropical:) He was, or became, light of intellect, lightwitted, or irresolute. (S and Z and TA in art. زف.) And زَفَّ رَأْلِى (assumed tropical:) I was, or became, affected with sadness, or disquietude of mind, like the young ostrich by reason of fear, or fright; a phrase like شَالَتْ نَعَامَتُهُمْ meaning “ They were frightened, and fled. ” (M.) And زَفَّ رَأْلُهُمْ (assumed tropical:) They perished, or died. (TA.) And خَوَّدَ رَأْلُهُ (assumed tropical:) He was, or became, frightened. (Ham p. 179.) رُؤَالٌ and ↓ رَاؤُولٌ, (As, T, M, K, [the latter in the CK رَاؤُل,]) with ء accord to ISk, and without ء accord. to A'Obeyd, (M,TA,) The slaver of a horse (As, ISk, T, M, K, TA) or similar beast, (ISk, T,) that drops from him: (TA:) or his froth, or foam: (K:) accord. to Lth, رُوَالٌ [q. v. in art. رول, thus without ء,] signifies the spittle of a horse or similar beast. (T.) A2: Also the former, (M,) or ↓ the latter, (K,) A redundance in [the number of] the teeth of a horse or similar beast: (M, K:) but As denies that these two words have this meaning. (T. [See what next follows.]) رَائِلٌ and ↓ رَائِلَةٌ, accord. to Lth, signify A tooth that grows to a horse or similar beast, preventing him from drinking [with ease] and from [eating in the manner termed] قَضْم: and accord. to En-Nadr, [the pl.] رَوَائِلُ signifies small teeth that grow at the roots of the large teeth, and excavate the roots of the latter so that these fall out: (T:) but As disallows this. (TA. [See also art. رول: and see the latter sentence of the next preceding paragraph.]) رَائِلَةٌ: see the next preceding paragraph.

رَاؤُولٌ: see رُؤَالٌ, in two places.

نَعَامَةٌ مُرْئِلَةٌ An ostrich having رِئَال [or young ones]. (M, K.) مَرَّ مُرَائِلًا He (a man, S) passed along quickly. (S, K.)
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