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R. Q. 1 رَأْرَأَ السَّرَابُ, (Sgh, and so in a copy of the S,) or السَّحَابُ, (M, and so in a copy of the S,) or both, (K,) The mirage, or the clouds, or both, shone, or glistened. (S, M, Sgh, K.) b2: [Hence, probably,] رَأْرَأَتْ عَيْنَاهُ [app. meaning His eyes glanced] is said when one turns his eyes: (AZ, S:) or رَأْرَأْتِ العَيْنُ means the eye was restless, turning [in various directions]: or was in a state of motion, or commotion, by reason of its weakness. (El-Ghooree, Har p. 85.) and رَأْرَأَ (K,) inf. n. رَأْرَأَةٌ, (M,) said of a man, (TA,) He moved about the black of his eye: (M, K, TA:) or he turned it about (K, TA) much: (TA:) and he looked sharply, or intently. (M, K, TA.) You say also, هُوَ يُرَأْرِئُ بِعَيْنَيْهِ [He moves about the blacks of his eyes: &c.]. (TA. [See also أَرْأَى, in art. رأى.]) And رَأْرَأْتْ, said of a woman, She glistened with her eyes, by reason of looking hard, or intently: (K:) or, said of a fornicatress, or an adulteress, she moved about the blacks of her eyes [as a sign] to the man seeking her: (T:) or رأرأت بِعَيْنِهَا, said of a woman, (S, M,) she glistened with her eye, by reason of looking hard, or intently: (S:) or she opened her eye wide, and looked sharply, or intently. (M.) Also, said of a woman, She looked at her face in a mirror. (K, * TA.) b3: رَأْرَأْتِ الظِّبَآءُ The gazelles wagged their tails: (K:) or so رأرأتْ بِأَذْنَابِهَا; like لَأْلَأَتْ. (T.) A2: رَأْرَأَ, (K,) or رَأْرَأَ بِالغَنَمِ, (T, M,) inf. n. رَأْرَأَةٌ, (T,) He called the sheep, or goats, to water: (T:) or he called the sheep, or goats, (M, K,) by the cry إِرّْإِرّْ or [rather, as in the present day,] إِرَّ [i. e. إِرَّ إِرَّ,] (M,) or by the cry أَرْأَرْ: (K:) accord. to analogy, the verb [derived from the cry] should be أَرْأَرْ: (M:) طَرْطَبَ بِهَا, inf. n. طَرْطَبَةٌ, signifies “ he called them [to be milked by making a sound] with his lips. ” (T.) رَجُلٌ رَأْرَأٌ and ↓ رَأْرَآءٌ, (T,) or رَأْرَأُالعَيْنِ (S, M) and ↓ رَأْرَاؤُهَا, (Kr, M,) A man who turns about the black of the eye much. (T, S, * M.) and ↓ اِمْرَأَةٌ رَأْرَآءٌ, (T, M, K,) with medd. and without ة, (T,) and رَأْرَأٌ and رَأْرَأَةٌ, (M, K,) A woman who opens her eye wide, (M,) or who glistens with her eyes, (K,) looking sharply, or intently. (M, K.) رَأْرَآءٌ: see the next preceding paragraph, in three places.
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