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1 رَتَّ, (S, Msb, K,) aor. رَتَّ, (Msb,) inf. n. رَتَتٌ; (S, * Msb;) or رُتَّ, inf. n. رُتَّةٌ; (so in the M;) He had, in his speech, or utterance, what is termed رُتَّةٌ, expl. below. (S, M, Msb, K.) 4 ارتّهُ He (God) caused him to have, in his speech, or utterance, what is termed رُتَّةٌ. (S, K.) R. Q. 1 رَتْرَتَ He reiterated, by reason of an impediment in his speech, in uttering the letter ت (IAar, T, K) &c. (IAar, T.) رَتٌّ The swine that assaults or attacks [men]: (T, TA:) or a thing [meaning an animal] resembling the wild swine: (M, TA:) pl. رِتَّةٌ, (T,) or رِتَتَةٌ, (TA,) and رُتُوتٌ: (S, M, TA:) or رُتُوتٌ signifies [simply] swine: (S, K:) in some of the copies of the S, wild swine: (TA:) or boars: (M:) or boars in which is strength and boldness: (A:) it has been asserted that no one but Kh has mentioned it. (IDrd, M.) b2: [Hence, (in the TA said to be بالضمّ, but this is a mistranscription for بِالفَتْحِ,]) (tropical:) A chief (IAar, T, S, A, K) in eminence, or nobility, and in bounty, or gifts: (IAar, T:) pl. رُتُوتٌ (IAar, T, S, A, K) and رُتَّانٌ. (K.) You say, هُوَ مَنْ رُتُوتِ النَّاسِ (tropical:) He is of the lords of mankind. (A.) And هٰؤُلَآءِ رُتُوتُ البَلَدِ (tropical:) These are the lords of the town, or country. (TA.) رُتَّةٌ A vitiousness, or an impediment, in speech or utterance, so that one does not speak distinctly: (S, A, K:) or a hastiness therein, (M, Mgh,) and a want of distinctness: or the changing of ل into ى: (M:) or an impediment in speech or utterance: (Msb:) or, accord. to Mbr, what resembles wind, impeding the commencement of speech, until, when somewhat thereof comes forth, it becomes continuous: it is an inborn habit, and is often found in persons of elevated, or noble, rank: (T, Mgh, Msb:) or, as some say, it is a reiterating of a word, preceded by the breath: or the incorporating of one letter into another (إِدْغَامٌ) when this should not be done: (Msb:) or a vitious and faulty kind of repetition, in the tongue. (AA, TA.) رُتَّى A woman who changes, in pronunciation, س into ث, or ر into غ or ل, and the like; or who changes one letter into another; syn. لَثْغَآءُ. (AA, T, K.) [See also what follows.]

أَرَتُّ A man having in his speech, or utterance, what is termed رُتَّةٌ: (T, S, A, Mgh, Msb:) accord. to 'Abd-Er-Rahmán, whose word, or speech, is held back, and is preceded by his breath: (Mgh:) or having an impediment in his speech, so that his tongue will not obey his will: (TA:) fem. رَتَّآءُ: (Msb:) and pl. رُتٌّ. (A, Msb.) [See also رُتَّى.]
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