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1 رَثَدَ المَتَاعَ, (T, S, M, A, K,) aor. رَثُدَ, inf. n. رَثْدٌ; (S, M;) and ↓ ارتثدهُ, (K,) in some copies of the K ↓ ارثدهُ [which I doubt not to be a mistranscription]; (TA;) He put the goods, or household goods, or utensils and furniture, one upon another, or together, in regular order, or compactly, (T, S, M, A, K,) or side by side. (S.) b2: رَثَدَتْ بَيْضَهَا She (a hen) collected together her eggs. (IAar, M.) b3: رُثِدَتِ القَصْعَةُ بِالثَّرِيدِ The bowl was heaped with the ثريد [or crumbled, or broken, bread, moistened with broth,] put together and made even. (M, L.) b4: رَثَدَ حَاجَتَهُ (assumed tropical:) He deferred, delayed, postponed, or put off, his (another's) needful affairs; the sing. noun being used for the pl. (L, from a trad.) A2: رَثِدَ, aor. رَثَدَ, (K,) inf. n. رَثَدٌ; (TK;) and ↓ ارثد; i. q. كَدِرَ; (K;) said of a man [as meaning He was, or became, disturbed, perturbed, or troubled, in mind]; (TA;) or said of water [as meaning it was, or became, turbid, thick, or muddy.] (TK.) 4 أَرْثَدَ see 1, first sentence.

A2: ارثدوا They stayed, or abode [in a place; not journeying, or departing: see رِثْدَةٌ]. (Ks, S, K.) b2: And ارثد, said of one digging, He reached the moist earth. (ISk, S, K.) A3: See also 1, last sentence.8 إِرْتَثَدَ see 1, first sentence.

رِثْدٌ: see رِثْدَةٌ.

رَثَدٌ: see رَثِيدٌ. b2: Also The goods, or utensils and furniture, of a house or tent, that are of a worthless, paltry, mean, or vile, kind, or that are held in little account. (M, L.) b3: And Weak, or powerless, people: (S, L, K:) differing from مُرْتثِدُونَ [q. v.]. (S, L.) One says, تَرَكْنَا عَلَى المَآءِ رَثَدًا مَا يُطِيقُونَ تَحَمُّلًا [We left at the water weak, or powerless, people, unable to take up their goods and to depart]. (S, L.) رثْدَةٌ, (IAar, T, S, M, L,) or ↓ رِثْدٌ, (K,) or both, (TA,) A company, (IAar, S,) or a numerous company, (T, L,) of men, (IAar, T, S, M, L,) staying, or abiding, [in a place,] (IAar, T, S, M, L, K,) not journeying, or departing, (S,) when the rest of them journey, or depart; (T;) as also لِثْدَةٌ. (T, L.) مَتَاعٌ رَثِيدٌ (S, M, A, L, K) and ↓ مَرْثُودٌ (S, M, L, K) Goods, or household-goods, or utensils and furniture, put one upon another, or together, in regular order, or compactly, (S, M, A, L, K,) or side by side; (S;) as also ↓ رَثَدٌ; (A, K;) or this last, [as a subst.,] household-goods, or utensils and furniture, so put. (T, S, M, L.) And طَعَامٌ رَثِيدٌ and ↓ مَرْثُودٌ Food, or wheat, heaped up. (T, L.) And خُبْزٌ رَثِيدٌ [Bread piled up]. (A.) and الثَّرِيدُ فِى القَصْعَةِ [The crumbled, or broken, bread, moistened with broth, is heaped and put together and made even in the bowl]. (A.) مَرْثَدٌ A generous man: (ISk, K:) from أَرْثَدَ signifying “ he reached the moist earth in digging. ” (ISk.) b2: And المَرْثَدُ is a name of The lion. (S, K.) مَرْثُودٌ: see رَثِيدٌ, in two places.

تَرَكْتُهُمْ مُرْتَثِدِينَ مَا تَحَمَّلُوا بَعْدُ means I left them putting their goods, or utensils and furniture, one upon another, (T, * S, M, * L, K,) without having that whereon to remove them, (S, L,) [not having yet taken them up and departed:] thus مُرْتَثِدُونَ differs from رَثَدٌ [q. v.]. (S, L.)
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