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Q. 4 اِرْجَحَنَّ It (a thing, S) inclined, bent, or declined. (S, K.) Hence the prov., إِذَا ارْجَحَنَّ شَاصِيًا فَارْفَعْ يَدًا (S, Meyd,) or ارْجَعَنَّ, or اجْرَعَنَّ, accord. to different readings, the last being formed by transposition from the second, (Meyd,) i. e. When he (a man, Meyd) inclines, (S, Meyd,) or falls, (Meyd,) raising his legs, then hold thou back [thine arm, or thy hand,] from him; meaning, when he becomes lowly, humble, or submissive, to thee, hold thou back from him: (S, Meyd:) or it is said to a man fighting with another, and means when thou overcomest him, and he lies on his side, and falls, and raises his legs, then hold thou back thine arm, or thy hand, from him: (TA in art. رجعن, in explanation of the second reading:) [or when he is prostrated, and stretched upon the ground: for,] accord. to As, ارجحنّ and ارجعنّ signify he was prostrated, and stretched upon the ground. (TA in art. رجعن.) And you say, ارجحنّ السَّحَابُ بَعْدَ تَبَسُّقٍ The clouds became heavy, and inclined [downwards], after being high. (TA.) b2: Also It (a thing, S) fell at once. (S, K.) b3: And It (a thing, S) shook; quivered; or was, or became, in a state of commotion. (S, K.) b4: And ارجحنّ السَّرَابُ i. q. اِرْتَفَعَ [i. e. The mirage became upraised, withdrawn, or removed]. (K.) مُرْجَحِنٌّ [part. n. of the verb above]. You say, أَنَا فِى هٰذَا الأَمْرِ مُرْجَحِنٌّ I am wavering, or vacillating, and inclining, in this affair. (TA.) And اِمْرَأَةٌ مُرْجَحِنَّةٌ A fat woman, who, when she walks, bends in her gait. (TA.) And جَيْشٌ مُرْجَحِنُّ A heavy army. (S, K.) And رحًى

مُرْجَحِنَّةٌ A heavy round cloud. (S, * K, * and A in art. رجح. [In the S and K, only the latter word is explained; though the meaning of the former (i. e. سَحَابَةٌ مُسْتَدِيرَةٌ, as in the A,) is plainly indicated in the S by a verse there cited.]) And فُلَانٌ فِى دُنْيَا مُرْجَحِنَّةٍ Such a one is in an ample, abundant, state of worldly prosperity. (TA.) And لَيْلٌ مُرْجَحِنٌّ Heavy, wide-spreading, night. (TA.) The author of the K follows ISd and J and Az in regarding the ن in this case as radical: but IAth says that some hold it to be augmentative; and the derivation to be from رَجَحَ الشَّىْءُ, meaning “ the thing was, or became, heavy. ” (TA.)
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