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1 رَخُصَ, aor. رَخُصَ, inf. n. رُخْصٌ, It (a thing, Msb, or a price, S, A) was, or became, cheap, low-priced, or low. (S, A, Msb, K, TA.) [Accord. to all of these authorities, this seems to be the primary signification: but Et-Tebreezee (Ham p. 47) thinks it to be from رَخْصَةٌ applied to a woman, as meaning “ soft, or tender. ”] Some say رَخَصَ also; but this is not of established authority. (MF.) b2: رَخُصَ, aor. رَخُصَ, (M, A, Msb, K,) inf. n. رَخَاصَةٌ (S, M, A, Msb, K) and رُخُوصَةٌ (S, M, Msb, K) and رُخْصَانُ, (Lth, TA,) It (a thing, K, or the body, S, Msb, or flesh, A) was, or became, soft, or tender; (S, M, A, Msb, K, TA;) and soft to the feel: (Msb:) and in like manner رَخُصَتْ said of a girl: (A:) or, said of a woman, inf. n. رُخْصَانٌ, she was, or became, soft, or tender, and delicate, or thin, in her external skin: and said of a woman's fingers, they were, or became, soft, or tender: but when said of a plant, inf. n. رَخَاصَةٌ, it was, or became, soft, flaccid, or easily or quickly broken: (Lth:) [and said of a twig, or rod, it was, or became, fresh, or succulent, and soft, or tender: see رَخْصٌ.]2 رُخِصَ لَهُ فِي كَذَا, inf. n. تَرْخِيصٌ, He had indulgence, license, or facilitation, granted, or conceded, to him in, or with respect to, such a thing. (S, A, * K *) You say, رَخَّصَ الشَّرْعُ لَنَا فِي كَذَا, inf. n. as above, The law has been indulgent to us in, or with respect to, such a thing; has facilitated it to us; as also ↓ ارخص, inf. n. إِرْخَاصٌ. (Msb.) And رَخَّصْتُ فُلَاناً فِي كَذَا وَ كَذَا, [or, more commonly, لِفُلَانٍ,] I gave license, or permission, to such a one to do such and such things after my forbidding him to do them. (TA.) 4 ارخصهُ He (God, S, A, Msb, or a man, JK) made it (a thing, Msb, or a price, S, A) cheap, low-priced, or low. (JK, S, A, Msb, K.) رَخَّصَهُ, in this sense, is not known. (Msb.) b2: Also He found it to be cheap, low-priced, or low. (K.) b3: Also, (K,) or ↓ ارتخصهُ, (S, A,) He bought it cheap, or at a low price. (S, A, K.) b4: See also 2.5 ترخّص He took, or availed himself of, or allowed himself, indulgence, license, or facilitation; (A, TA;) he did not go to the utmost length; (S, Msb, K;) [he relaxed, or remitted;] in (فِي) such a thing; (S;) in affairs; (A;) or in the affair. (Msb.) You say also, ترخّص فِي حَقِهِ He took what was easily attainable, of his right, or due, and did not go to the utmost length. (A.) 8 ارتخصهُ: see 4. b2: Also, (S, Sgh, K,) or ↓ استرخصهُ, (A,) He reckoned it cheap, or lowpriced: (S, A, Sgh, K:) and ↓ the latter, he saw it, or judged it, to be so. (Lth, K.) 10 استرخصهُ: see 8, in two places.

رَخْصٌ applied to a thing, (A, K,) or to the body, (S, Msb,) and to flesh, and to a plant, (A,) Soft, or tender; (S, M, A, Msb, K;) and soft to the feel: (Msb:) and ↓ رَخِيصٌ signifies the same, (AA, M, K,) applied to a garment, or piece of cloth, (AA, K,) as also the former: (TA:) fem. of each with ة: (M, TA:) رَخْصةٌ is also applied to a girl, (A,) and to a woman, (K, TA, but omitted in the CK,) and to fingers, signifying not rigid or tough: (K:) or, applied to a woman, it signifies soft, or tender, and delicate, or thin, in her external skin: and applied to a woman's fingers, soft, or tender: but رَخْصٌ applied to a plant, soft, flaccid, or easily or quickly broken: (Lth, TA:) and applied to a twig, or rod, fresh, or succulent, and soft, or tender: (Msb:) the pl. of رَخْصٌ is رِخَاصٌ: (Msb:) and that of رَخْصَةٌ is رَخَائِصُ, which is irreg. [as such, but reg. as pl. of ↓ رَخِيصَةٌ]; (K, TA;) occurring in poetry. (TA.) You say, هُوَ رَخْصُ الجَسَدِ He is soft, or tender, in body. (S.) And اِمْرَأَةٌ رَخْصَةُ البَدَنِ A woman soft, or tender, in body. (IDrd, TA.) رُخْصٌ [see 1, of which it is the inf. n., in the first of the senses explained above. b2: Also The act of making cheap;] a subst. from أَرْخَصَهُ in the first of the senses here assigned thereto. (Msb.) رُخْصَةٌ (S, A, Msb, K) and رُخُصَةٌ (A, Msb, K) Indulgence, license or facilitation; (S, A, Msb, K;) in an affair: (S, A, Msb:) pl. رُخَصٌ (A, Msb) and رُخْصَاتٌ and رُخَصَاتٌ and رُخُصَاتٌ. (Msb.) You say, لَكَ فِى هٰذَا رُخْصَةٌ [Thou hast, or shalt have, in, or with respect to, this, indulgence, license, or facilitation]. (A.) b2: (tropical:) Indulgence granted, or conceded, by God to his servant, in a matter which He alleviates to him. (A, K.) b3: [(assumed tropical:) An ordinance of indulgence; such as the shortening of prayer in travelling, and the like: pl. رُخَصٌ, of which we have an ex. in the following trad.:] اَللّٰهُ يُحِبُّ أَنْ تُؤْتَى رُخَصُهُ كَمَا يُحِبُّ

أَنْ تُؤْتَى عَزَائِمُهُ [(assumed tropical:) God loveth that his ordinances of indulgence be performed, like as He loveth that his obligatory ordinances be performed]. (A.) b4: (tropical:) A portion, or share, of water: (A:) or a time, or turn, in drinking. (K.) رَخِيصٌ A cheap, or low-priced, thing; (Msb;) a low price. (S, A.) A2: (tropical:) A quick death. (Lth, A, K.) A3: See also رَخْصٌ, in two places. b2: (tropical:) Soft, without strength or sturdiness, and without endurance: or stupid, dull, wanting in intelligence; syn. بَلِيدٌ. (TA.)
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