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1 رَخَّ, aor. رَخِّ, inf. n. رَخُّ, said of dough, It had in it much water [so that it was soft: see also 8]. (TA.) A2: رَخَّهُ, (JK, T, K,) aor. رَخُّ, (JK,) inf. n. as above, (TK,) He broke it, or crushed it, (JK, T,) and so made it soft: (T:) or he trod upon it, (T, K,) and so made it soft. (T.) b2: Also He mixed (JK, S, K) what is termed نَبِيذ, (JK,) or wine, or beverage: (S, K:) and likewise food with condiment. (JK.) 4 ارخّهُ He put much water into it [so as to make it soft]; namely, dough. (TA.) A2: [The inf. n.] إِرْخَاخٌ also signifies The exceeding the usual, or ordinary, or the just, or proper, bounds, or degree; or the acting egregiously, or immoderately; or the like; (syn. مُبَالَغَةٌ;) in a thing. (K.) 8 ارتخّ, (IAar, TA,) inf. n. اِرْتِخَاخٌ, (IAar, K, TA,) for which, in some copies of the K, is put استرخاخ, but the former is the right reading, (TA,) said of dough, (IAar, TA,) It was, or became, soft, or flaccid. (IAar, K, TA.) b2: and (assumed tropical:) It (one's opinion) was, or became, unsound, faulty, or confused; syn. اِضْطَرَبَ. (K, TA.) رَخٌّ [Lax, or flaccid: (Golius, on the authority or Meyd:) or soft]: see its fem., رَخَّةٌ, voce رَخَاخٌ.

رُخٌّ A certain soft, flaccid, or fragile, plant; (AHn, S, K;) as also ↓ رَخَاخٌ, with fet-h, (mentioned by ISd,) or ↓ رِخَاخٌ. (So in the JK.) A2: Also A certain great bird, that carries off the كَرْكَدَّن [or rhinoceros]. (K. [See note 22 to ch. xx. of my translation of the “ Thousand and One Nights. ” The word is of Persian origin, arabicized; as it is said to be by Lth in the sense next following.]) b2: And hence, as being likened thereto, (TA,) One of the pieces with which the game of chess is played; [called by us the rook, castle, and tower:] pl. رِخَخَةٌ, (K,) or رِخَاخٌ (JK, A,) or both. (TA.) رَخَاخٌ [app., in its primary acceptation, Softness of a substance, such as earth &c.: and hence,] softness, delicateness, or easiness, of life. (JK, TA.) b2: It is also used as an epithet. (TA.) You say أَرْضٌ رَخَاخٌ Soft land, of which the soil is good; as also ↓ رَخَّةٌ: pl. رَخَائِخُ: (JK:) or wide and soft land, whether level or not level: (ISh:) or soft, or yielding, land: (S, K, TA:) and ↓ رَخَّآءُ, (K, TA,) with teshdeed and medd, (TA,) [in the CK رَخاء, without teshdeed,] signifies the like: (IAar, K:) or this last (رخّآء), wide land: (K:) or tumid land or earth, that breaks in pieces beneath the tread: and its pl. is رَخَاخَيُّ. (JK, K.) And رَخَاخُ الثَّرَي What is soft of soil, or of moist earth. (TA.) And عَيْشٌ رَخَاخٌ A life, or state of life, that is ample, unstraitened, or easy, (S, K, TA,) and soft. (TA.) b3: See also رُخٌّ.

رِخَاخٌ: see رُخٌّ.

رَخِيخٌ: see رَخْرَخٌ.

رَخَّآءُ: see رَخَاخٌ.

رَخْرَخٌ and ↓ رَخْرَاخٌ, applied to mud, or clay, (JK, K,) and to dough, (JK,) Thin, and soft: (JK, K, TA:) and ↓ رَخِيخٌ soft, or moist, mud or clay. (KL.) رَخْرَاخٌ: see the next preceding paragraph.

مُرَخْرَخُ الخَلْقِ, applied to a man, and to a camel, Lax, or not firm, in make, by reason of fatness. (JK.) سَكْرَانُ مُرْتَخٌّ Intoxicated, full of drink; (K;) as also مُلْتَخٌّ. (TA.) مُتَرَخْرِخٌ, applied to a man, and to a camel, Flaccid, or flabby, by reason of old age or of emaciation. (JK.)
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