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1 رَدَسَ القَوْمَ, (S, K,) aor. رَدُسَ, inf. n. رَدْسٌ, (S,) He threw a stone at the people, or party; or threw at them and hit them with a stone: (S, K:) or with a great stone: (Ham p. 214:) or رَدَسَ, aor. رَدِسَ, inf. n. as above, he threw at, or shot at; or he threw at and hit, or he shot; (رَمَى;) with anything. (M.) [See also 3.] b2: رَدْسٌ also signifies The act of striking, or smiting. (Sh, M.) b3: And رَدَسَهُ, (M, K,) aor. رَدِسَ and رَدُسَ, inf. n. as above; (M;) or رَدَسَهُ بِمِرْدَاسٍ; (A;) He beat it so as to break it, or crush it; (M, A, K;) namely, a thing, (M,) or a wall, and the ground, (K,) and a lump of dry clay; (TA;) with a hard thing, (M,) or with a big stone, (A,) or with a bard and broad thing. (K.) And رَدَسَهُ, aor. رَدِسَ and رَدُسَ, (IDrd, K,) inf. n. as above, (IDrd, TA,) He broke it; namely, a stone with a stone. (IDrd, K.) b4: رَدَسَ بِرَأْسِهِ He pushed, or thrust, or repelled, (دَفَعَ, [not رَفَعَ, as Freytag seems to have found it written, as on the authority of Meyd,]) with his head. (TA.) b5: And رَدَسَهُ, inf. n. as above, He broke, or trained, him; like دَرَسَهُ, inf. n. دَرْسٌ. (M.) A2: رَدَسَ He went away: you say, مَا أَدْرِى أَيْنَ رَدَسَ I know not whither he went away, or has gone away. (S, TA.) and رَدَسَ بِالشَّىْءِ He went away with, or took away, the thing. (K.) 3 رادس القَوْمَ i. q. رَدَسَهُمْ [explained above, in the first sentence]: (S, TA:) [or He threw stones at the people, or party, they doing so at him; or pelted them with stones, they pelting him: for the inf. n.] مُرَادَسَةٌ is explained in the O and K as meaning مُرَايَاةٌ; but the correct explanation may be مُرَامَاةٌ. (TA.) 5 تردّس مِنْ مَكَانِهِ He, or it, fell from his, or its, place. (Ibn-'Abbád, Sgh, K.) قَوْلٌ رَدْسٌ (assumed tropical:) A saying that is as though it were thrown at one's adversary. (IAar, M.) رَدُوسٌ: see what next follows.

رِدِّيسٌ A man who throws stones at others, or pelts them with stones, much, or often: (S: [this meaning is there indicated, but not expressed:]) or, as also ↓ رَدُوسٌ a man who pushes, thrusts, or repels, much, or vehemently; syn. دَفُوعٌ; (K;) or نَطُوحٌ; and who is strong, as though his enemy were pelted with him. (IAar in explanation of ردوس.) مِرْدَسٌ A hard thing with which a thing is beaten so as to be broken, or crushed, thereby: (M:) and ↓ مِرْدَاسٌ signifies [in like manner] a big stone with which a thing is so beaten: (A:) or each, a hard and broad thing with which a wall and the ground (K, TA) and a lump of dry clay (TA) are so beaten: (K, TA:) or the latter word, a mass of stone, or rock, which one throws; and the former has this meaning also, as well as the first meaning: (M:) or the latter word, (S,) or each, (M,) a stone which is thrown into a well in order that one may know whether there be in it water or not. (S, M. [See also مِرْجَاسٌ.]) مِرْدَاسٌ: see the next preceding paragraph. b2: Also The head; (AA, K;) because one pushes, or thrusts, or repels, with it. (AA, TA.) b3: and also said to signify A great mountain. (TA in art. رعن.)
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