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1 رَسَغَهُ, aor. رَسَغَ, inf. n. رَسْغٌ, [He tethered him by the fore legs; i. e.] he tied the رُسْغ [or pastern] of each of his (a camel's [or an ass's]) fore legs with a string, or cord, which is called رُسْغٌ. (TA.) 2 رسّغ, (S, Msb, &c.,) inf. n. تَرْسِيغٌ, (IAar, K,) said of rain, (S, Msb, K, &c.,) It rained so that the water reached to the رُسْغ [or pastern, or ankle], (S,) or so that it reached to the place of the أَرْسَاغ [pl. of رُسْغٌ]: (Msb:) or it moistened the earth (IAar, K, TA) so that the hands of him who dug for it reached to his أَرْسَاغ [or wrists]; (IAar, TA;) or so that the moisture reached to the measure of the رُسْغ [or wrist] of the digger: (TA:) or it was so much that the رُسْغ [or pastern, or ankle,] disappeared in it; as also ↓ ارسغ, a dial. var., on the authority of IAar. (TA.) A2: تَرْسِيغٌ also signifies The making [the means of subsistence] ample, or abundant. (K.) You say, رسّغ العَيْشَ He made the means of subsistence ample, or abundant. (TK.) [Or رسّغ عَلَيْهِ فِى

العَيْشِ He made ample, or abundant, provision for him in the means of subsistence: see the pass. part. n., below: and see also 8.]

A3: رسّغتُ كَلَامًا, (JK,) inf. n. as above, (K,) i. q. لَفَّقْتُ بَيْنَهُ [meaning I interlarded, or embellished, speech. or discourse, with falsehood: accord. to the TK, connected it, and arranged it, or put it in order: but see the pass. part. n., below]. (JK, K, * TA.) 3 راسغهُ, (Ibn-'Abbád, K,) inf. n. مُرَاسَغَةٌ and رِسَاغٌ, (Lth, Ibn-'Abbád, K,) He took hold of his رُسْغ [meaning ankle] in wrestling with him, the latter doing the like. (Lth, Ibn-'Abbád, K.) One says, رَادَغَهُ ثُمَّ رَاسَغَهُ ثُمَّ مَارَغَهُ [He strove with him to throw him down: then he took hold of his ankle &c.: then he rolled with him on the ground, or in the dust]. (TA.) 4 أَرْسَغَ see 2.8 ارتسغ عَلَى عِيَالِهِ He expended amply, or abundantly, upon his family, or household. (Ibn-Buzurj, K.) [See also 2.]

رُسْغٌ and ↓ رُسُغٌ, (S, Msb, K,) of a دَابَّة [or beast of the equine kind], (S, Msb,) [The pastern; i.e.] the slender place [or part] between the solid hoof and the joint of the وَظِيف [or shank] of the fore leg, and of the hind leg; (S, Msb, K;) or, [in other words,] of solid-hoofed animals, the part that joins the وظيف of each of the fore legs, and of the hind legs, to the hoof; and of camels, the part that joins the أَوْظِفَة [or shanks] to the أَخْفَاف [or feet]: (TA:) and (Msb, and so in some copies of the K, but in other copies of the latter “ or,” [which is more correct, as will be seen from what follows,]) of a human being, [the wrist, and the ankle; i. e.] the joint between the hand and the fore arm, and between the foot and the shank: (Msb, K, TA:) and of any beast (دابّه,) the like thereof; (K;) [the part between the shank and hoof or foot, in the fore leg and in the hind leg, of any quadruped:] pl. أَرْسَاغٌ [used as a pl. of mult. and of pauc.] (Msb, K) and أَرْسُغٌ [which is only a pl. of pauc.]. (K.) b2: See also رِسَاغٌ: b3: and see مِرْسَغَةٌ.

رَسَغٌ A laxness in the legs of a camel. (As, S, K.) رُسُغٌ: see رُسْغٌ رِسَاغٌ A cord, or rope, that is tied (JK, S, K) firmly (S) to the رُسْغ [or pastern] of the camel, (JK, S, K,) or, accord. to the T, to each رُسْغ, [the dual form being there used, meaning to the pastern of each fore leg,] of the camel, (TA,) to prevent him from going away; (S, K;) also called ↓ مِرْسَغَةٌ; of which the pl. is مَرَاسِغُ: (JK:) or, as some say, رسَاغٌ is pl. of ↓ رُسْغٌ meaning a cord, or rope, with which a camel, and an ass, is [tethered, or] shackled; or a string, or cord, with which the رُسْغ [or pastern] of each of the fore legs of a camel [or an ass] is tied. (TA.) b2: Also an inf. n. of 3.

عَيْشٌ رَسِيغٌ Ample, or abundant, means of subsistence: and طَعَامٌ رَسِيغٌ Much food or wheat. (Aboo-Málik, K.) مِرْسَغَةٌ sing. of مَرَاسِيغُ [probably a mistranscription for مَرَاسِغُ] meaning [Bracelets of tortoiseshell or horn or ivory, such as are termed] مَسَك, that are worn by women on their arms; one of which is also called ↓ رُسْغٌ. (TA.) b2: See also رِسَاغٌ.

هُوَ مُرَسَّغٌ عَلَيْهِ فِى العَيْشِ He is amply, or abundantly, provided for in respect of the means of subsistence. (JK, * TA.) A2: رَأْىٌ مُرَسَّغٌ An unsound opinion or counsel or advice. (JK, Ibn-'Abbád, K.)
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