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1 رَضَفَهُ, aor. رَضِفَ, (S, Msb, K,) inf. n. رَضْفٌ, (Msb,) He cauterized him, or it, (namely, a thing, Msb,) with a heated stone. (S, Msb, K.) b2: And He roasted it (namely, flesh-meat,) upon heated stones. (Msb.) And Az says, رُبَّمَا رَضَفَتِ العَرَبُ المَآءِ بِالرَّضْفِ لِلْخَيْلِ [Sometimes, or often, the Arabs heated, or warmed, water with heated stones for the horses]. (O.) A2: رَضَفَ بِسَلْحِهِ He ejected his excrement, or thin excrement. (Ibn-'Abbád, O, K.) A3: رَضَفَ الوِسَادَةَ He folded the pillow. (IDrd, O, K.) رَضْفٌ Heated stones (S, O, Mgh, Msb, K) with which milk is made hot, or is made to boil; (S, O, K;) [and with which one cauterizes; and upon which flesh-meat is roasted; as shown above;] as also ↓ مِرْضَافَةٌ: (O, K:) n. un. with ة. (S, O, Mgh, Msb.) It is said in a prov., خُذْ مِنَ الرَّضْفِةِ مَا عَلَيْهَا [Take thou from the heated stone what is upon it]: (S, O:) i. e. take thou what adheres, of the milk, to the heated stone when it is thrown, with others, therein, to make it hot, or to make it to boil: it is applied to the case of one's taking as spoil a thing from a niggard, though it be little, or paltry. (Meyd, O.) [Hence,] مُطْفِئَةُ الرَّضْفِ A piece of fat which, when it falls upon the heated stones, melts, and extinguishes their heat: and a serpent of which the poison, when it passes by the heated stones, extinguished their fire: (O, K:) and a lean sheep or goat, that puts out the fire and does not become thoroughly cooked: (M, L, K, all in art. حدس:) or a fat sheep or goat, that slakes the heated stones by its fat: (T and TA in that art.:) and (assumed tropical:) a calamity that makes one to forget that which was before it: (AO, O, K:) or simply (assumed tropical:) a calamity. (K in art. طفأ [q. v.].) b2: Also Certain bones in the knee, like fingers put together, holding together one another; (O, K;) above which is the دَاغِصَة [or patella]: (TA in art. دغص:) in a horse, what are between the shank and the arm: (En-Nadr, O, K:) they are certain small bones, places together, at the head of the upper part of the ذراع [app. a mistranscription for كُرَاع, i. e. shank]: (En-Nadr, O:) one thereof is termed رَضْفَةٌ and ↓ رَضَفَةٌ. (O, K.) رَضْفَةٌ n. un. of رَضْفٌ [q. v.]. (S, O, Mgh, Msb.) b2: [Hence, app.,] رَضَفَاتُ العَرَبِ an appellation of four [tribes of the Arabs], Sheybán and Teghlib and Bahrà and Iyád. (O, K.) رَضَفَةٌ A certain brand, or mark, made by burning the skin with [heated] stones. (Lth, O, K.) b2: See also رَضْفٌ, last sentence.

رَضِيفٌ Milk that is boiled by means of the heated stone [or stones]. (S, O, K.) مَرْضُوفٌ Roast meat roasted by means of heated stones: (S, O, K: *) and thoroughly cooked thereby. (K.) مرْضَافَةٌ: see رَضْفٌ, first sentence.

مَرْضُوفَةٌ A cooking-pot [in which the food is] thoroughly cooked by means of heated stones: (S:) or the stomach, or maw, of a ruminant animal, which is washed and cleansed, and carried in a journey; and when the people desire to cook, and there is no cooking-pot, they cut up the flesh-meat, and put it into the stomach, or maw, then they betake themselves to some stones, and kindle a fire upon them so that they become heated, whereupon they put them into the stomach, or maw. (O, K.) It occurs in the saying of ElKumeyt, وَمْرضُوفَةٍ لَمْ تُؤْنِ فِى الطَّبْخِ طَاهِيًا عَجِلْتُ إِلَى مُحْوَرِّهَا حِينَ غَرْغَرَا (S, O, K,) i. e. [Many a cooking-pot &c, or many a stomach, or maw, &c., has there been,] that did not impede nor delay [in the cooking the cook, to the whiteness of the froth whereof I have hastened when it made a sound in boiling, or broiling]. (S.) [This art. is wanting in the copies of the L and TA to which I have had access.]
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