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1 رَطَمَهُ, (S, K, TA,) aor. رَطُمَ, (TA,) inf. n. رَطْمٌ, (S, TA,) He made him to stich fast فِى الوَحْلِ [in the mire]. (S, TA.) b2: And hence, (TA,) [or رَطَمَهُ فِى أَمْرٍ,] (tropical:) He caused him to be involved in an affair, or a case, from which he could not extricate himself. (K, TA.) b3: [And hence, app.,] رُطِمَ, said of a camel, (assumed tropical:) He had, or was affected with, a suppression of his excrement: (K, TA:) and so, accord. to the K, ↓ أُرْطِمَ; but this is a mistake for اطم [i. e. أُطِمَ or أَطِمَ]. (TA.) b4: رَطَمَ بِسَلْحِهِ, expl. in the K as meaning He ejected his excrement, is a mistake for أَطَمَ. (TA.) b5: رَطَمَ, (S, K, TA,) inf. n. as above, (TA,) also signifies Inivit; (S, TA;) said of a man: (S:) or, [said of a man, and of an ass,] inivit toto veretro immisso, (K, TA,) mulierem, et asinam. (TA.) 4 ارطم (assumed tropical:) He was silent; (Sh, K;) said of a man. (Sh, TA.) b2: See also 1.5 تَرَطَّمَ see 8, last sentence.6 تَرَاْطَمَ see the next paragraph.8 ارتطم He stuck fast فِى الوَحْلِ [in the mire]. (TA.) You say, ارتطمت الدَّابَّةُ فِى الوَحْلِ [The beast stuck fast in the mire], and فى الخَبَارِ [in the soft ground], (TA in art. تع,) and فى الرَّمْلِ [in the sand]. (S and K in that art.) and ارتطمت بِهِ فَرَسُهُ His mare's feet sank [in the mire, or soft ground, or sand,] with him. (TA.) b2: And hence, (TA,) ارتطم فِى أَمْرٍ (tropical:) He became involved in an affair, or a case, from which he could not extricate himself (K, * TA) unless with confusion, or perplexity, cleaving to him. (TA.) b3: And ارتطم عَلَيْهِ أَمْرٌ, (S,) or الأَمْرُ, (K,) (tropical:) An affair, or a case, or the affair, or case, was such that he could not extricate himself from it; (S, K;) it wearied him, and the ways thereof were obstructed against him, so that he could not extricate himself from it. (TA.) b4: And ارتطم It (a thing) was, or became, pressed together, or compressed: and it was, or became, heaped up, piled up, or accumulated, one part upon another; (K;) as also ↓ تراطم. (TA.) A2: ارتطم السَّلْحَ He suppressed, or retained, the excrement; as also ↓ترطّمهُ. (K.) رُطْمَةٌ (assumed tropical:) An affair of which one knows not the end, or result, to which it leads, or tends; (K, TA;) an affair in which one struggles, or is agitated, or disturbed; and so ↓ رطومة [app. رُطُومَةٌ]; as in the saying, وَقَعَ فِى رُطْمَةٍ and رطومةٍ

[He fell into an affair in which one struggles, &c.]. (TA.) رُطَامٌ (assumed tropical:) Suppression of the excrement, in a camel. (K.) رَطُومٌ A woman wide in the vulva; (S, TA;) as in the saying of a rájiz, يَاابْنَ رَطُومٍ ذَاتِ فَرْجٍ عَفْلَقِ for he means [O son of] a woman wide in the vulva, having [a vulva with] much moisture; though F says, (TA,) it does not signify thus, but narrow in the vulva: (K, TA:) and applied to a she-camel, it has this latter meaning: (AA, K, TA:) and also, applied to a woman, impervia coëunti; syn. رَتْقَآءُ [q. v.]. (K.) b2: Also Foolish; stupid; or unsound, or deficient, in intellect. (TA.) b3: And White; applied to a domestic hen. (AA, TA.) رطومة [app. رُطُومَةٌ]: see رُطْمَةٌ.

رَاطِمٌ Keeping, cleaving, or adhering, to a thing. (S, K.) مَرْطُومَةٌ Inita; applied to a young woman: or so applied, and also to a she-ass, inita toto veretro immisso. (TA.) A2: Also, applied to a woman, Accused, or suspected, of evil. (K, * TA.)
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