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1 رَعِشَ, (S, A, K,) aor. رَعَشَ; and رَعَشَ, aor. رَعَشَ; (A, K;) inf. n. (of the former, S) رَعَشٌ; (S, K;) and [of the latter,] رَعْشٌ; (K;) He trembled, quivered, quaked, or shivered; (S;) as also ↓ ارتعش: (S, A, * K:) or he was taken with a tremour, quivering, quaking, or shivering: (A, K:) [or he was made to tremble, &c.; for] رَعِشَتْ يَدُهُ is like ↓ أُرْعِشَتْ [His hand, or arm, was made to tremble, &c.]. (Zj.) And رَعْشٌ, like مَنْعٌ [in form], signifies The shaking of the head in going along, and in sleep. (TA.) You say also, ↓ ارتعش رَأْسُهُ His head shook by reason of old age. (A, TA.) And يَدُهُ ↓ ارتعشت, (TA,) and أَنَامِلُهُ, (A, TA,) and مَفَاصِلُهُ, (TA,) His hand, or arm, and the ends, or end-joints, of his fingers, and his joints, trembled, or quivered. (TA.) 2 رَعَّشَ see what next follows.4 ارعشه He, (God, S, K,) or it, (old age, A,) made him to tremble, quiver, quake, or shiver; (S, A, K;) as also ↓ رعّشهُ. (A.) You say also, أُرْعِشَتْ يَدَاهُ [His hands, or arms, were made to tremble]. (A.) See also 1. b2: [Hence,] أَرْعَشَتْهُ الحَرْبُ (tropical:) War, or the war, made him to hasten, or be quick. (A, TA. *) 8 إِرْتَعَشَ see 1, in three places.

رَعِشٌ, applied to a man, (TA,) or to an old man, (A,) Trembling, quivering, quaking, or shivering; (A, TA;) as also ↓ رَعِيشٌ and ↓ مُرْتَعِشٌ (TA) and ↓ مُرْعَشٌ; (A;) and so ↓ رَعْشَنٌ, applied to a man; (S;) in which last, the ن is augmentative. (S, K.) And in like manner, ↓ رَعْشَنٌ, applied to a hecamel; (S, TA;) and رَعِشَةٌ (A) and ↓ رَعْشَنَةٌ (TA) and ↓ رَعْشَآءُ, (A, K, TA,) applied to a she-camel; (K, TA;) or to a beast (دَابَّةٌ), (A,) and the last of these epithets applied to a she-ostrich; (S;) (tropical:) That shakes himself, or herself, (S, A, K,) in going along, (S, K,) by reason of speed, (K,) or from sharpness of spirit, and briskness: (A:) or ↓ رعشاء, applied to a she-camel, signifies longnecked. (TA.) And ↓ رَعُوشٌ, applied to a she-camel, Whose head shakes by reason of old age; (S, K;) as also رَعُوسٌ; (S, TA;) or, as the latter is expl. in the K, by reason of briskness, or sprightliness. (TA.) b2: (tropical:) Cowardly; or a coward; (S, K;) as also ↓ رِعْشِيشٌ (K) and ↓ رَعْشَنٌ, (K in art. رعشن,) and رَعِشُ اليَدَيْنِ; (A, TA;) one who trembles in war by reason of cowardice. (TA.) b3: (assumed tropical:) Quick; swift; applied to a male ostrich; (Kh;) as also ↓ رَعْشَنٌ, applied to the same, and to a camel; fem. with ة; (K in art. رعشن;) and ↓ رَعْشَآءُ, applied to a female ostrich: (Kh, K:) or the last, thus applied, signifies tall. (TA.) b4: فُلَانٌ رَعِشٌ إِلَى القِتَالِ, and إِلَى المَعْرُوفِ; (En-Nadr, A, K, TA;) and ↓ رِعْشِيشٌ; (K;) (tropical:) Such a one is quick to fight, and to do good, or confer a favour or benefit. (En-Nadr, A, K.) In the K it is added that it thus has two contr. significations; but this requires consideration. (TA.) رِعْشَةٌ: see رُعَاشٌ, in two places. b2: Also (tropical:) Haste, or quickness. (A, TA.) You say, بِهِ رِعْشَةٌ إِلَى

لِقَآءِ عَدُوِّهِ (tropical:) In him is haste, or quickness, to meet his enemy. (A.) رَعْشَآءُ: see رَعِشٌ, throughout.

رَعْشَنٌ: see رَعِشٌ, throughout.

رِعْشِيشٌ: see رَعِشٌ, throughout.

رُعَاشٌ [and ↓ رِعْشَةٌ] A tremour, quivering, quaking, or shivering, that befalls a man in consequence of a disease that attacks him, not quitting him. (TA.) You say, ↓ بِهِ رِعْشَةٌ and رُعَاشٌ [In him is a tremour, &c.]. (A.) رَعُوشٌ: see رَعِشٌ.

رَعِيشٌ: see رَعِشٌ.

مَرْعَشٌ A kind of pigeons that soar in their flight and circle in the air; as also ↓ مُرْعَشٌ: (S, K:) the latter form being sometimes used: (S:) or this signifies the white pigeon: or, accord. to Abu-l-'Alà, the vulture (نَسْر) that has become extremely aged, or old and weak. (Ham p. 823.) مُرْعَشٌ: see رَعِشٌ: A2: and مَرْعَشٌ.

مُرْتَعِشٌ: see رَعِشٌ. Quasi رعشن رَعْشَنٌ; fem. with ة: see رَعِشٌ, in art. رعش.
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