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ى1 رَيَيْتُ and ↓ رَيَّيْتُ, inf. n. of the former رَىٌّ and of the latter تَرْيِيَةٌ, are both of them verbs relating to الرَّايَةُ: (T:) you say, الرَّايَةَ ↓ رَيَّيْتُ [and رَيَيْتُهَا] I made the رَايَة [q. v.]: (M, TA:) the imperative of رَيَيْتُ is اِرْيَهْ, and that of ↓ رَيَّيْتُ is رَيِّهْ: and the pass. part. ns. are ↓ مَرْيِىٌّ and ↓ مُرَىٌّ, each applied to a banner. (T.) 2 رَىَّ3َ see 1, in three places.

A2: You say also, رَيَّيْتُ رَآءً I made a ر; (M;) or I wrote a ر. (TA in باب الالف الليّنة.) 4 أَرْيَيْتُ الرَّايَةَ; accord. to Lh, أَرْأَيْتُهَا, [and so in the K, (see 1 in art. رأى, near the end of the paragraph,]) but [ISd says,] I hold that this is anomalous, and that it is properly only أَرْيَيْتُهَا; I stuck, or fixed, [into the ground,] the banner, or standard. (M, TA.) 8 اِرْتَيْتُهُ, [as though a contraction of اِرْتَيَيْتُهُ,] for اِرْتَأَيْتُهُ: see رَأَى, first signification.10 اِسْتَرَيْتُهُ, [as though a contraction of اِسْتَرْيَيْتُهُ, like as اِسْتَحَيْتُ is a contraction of اِسْتَحْيَيْتُ,] for اِسْتَرْأَيْتُهُ: see رَأَى, first signification.

رَىٌّ, said in the CK, in art. رأى, to be a pl. of رَأْىٌ: see this latter word.

رُىٌّ: see art. روى.

A2: It is also said in the K, in art. رأى, to be pl. of رَأْىٌ: see this latter word.

رِىٌّ: see art. روى

A2: It is also said in the K, in art. رأى, to be a pl. of رَأْىٌ: see this latter word. b2: Also Beauty of aspect; (K; and M in art. روى;) accord. to him who holds it to be without ء; said by AAF to mean beauty as implying نَمْعَةٌ [and therefore belonging to art. روى]. (M in art. روى. [See also رِئْىٌ, in art. رأى.]) رِيَةٌ: see رِئَةٌ, in art. رأى.

رِيًا: see رِئْىٌ, in art. رأى.

رِيَّةٌ an inf. n. of رَأَى [q. v.]. (T, M, K; all in art. رأى.) رَيَّا: see art. روى.

رُيَّا: see رُؤْيَا, in art. رأى.

رِيَّا: see رُؤْيَا, in art. رأى.

رِيًّا: see رِئْىٌ, in art. رأى.

رَيَّانُ: see art. روى.

رَاىٌ: see what next follows.

رَايَةٌ, (T, S, M, Msb, K,) and رَآءَةٌ, mentioned by Sb on the authority of Abu-l-Khattáb, the ا of رَايَةٌ, though a substitute for the medial radical, [i. e. ى,] being likened by him to the augmentative ا, and therefore the final radical is made ء, like as is done in the case of سِقَآءٌ &c., (M,) A banner, or standard, (T, S, M, Msb, K,) of an army: (Msb:) accord. to some, (Msb,) originally with ء, [see رَأْيَةٌ, in art. رأى,] though pronounced by the Arabs without ء; (T, Msb;) but others deny this, and say that it has not been heard with ء: (Msb:) pl. رَايَاتٌ (M, Msb, K) and [coll. gen. n.] ↓ رَاىٌ. (M, K.) b2: Also A قِلَاَدة [app. here meaning collar]: (K:) or a thing that is put upon the neck (Lth, T, M, K) of a runaway male slave, (M, K.) to show that he is a runaway: it is an iron ring, of the size of the neck. (TA.) A2: It is also said to be an inf. n. of رَأَى: see this latter word.

رُيَيَّةٌ dim. of رَايَةٌ. (Lth, T.) قَصِيدَةٌ رَيِّيَّةٌ An ode of which the رَوِىّ [or fundamental rhyme-letter] is ر. (TA in باب الالف الليّنة.) تَرِيَّةٌ and تِرِيَّةٌ: see تَرْئِيَةٌ, in art. رأى.

مُرَىٌّ: see the first paragraph.

مَرْيِىٌّ: see the first paragraph.
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