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1 رَافَ, aor. يَرِيفُ, He (a man of the desert) came to the رِيف; (T, O, K;) as also ↓ أَرْيَفَ and ↓ تريّف: (K:) or he entered the region, district, or tract, of cities, towns, or villages, and of cultivated land: or رَافُوا signifies they approached the رِيف; and so ↓ تريّفوا: (Ham p. 676:) or this last, they journeyed to the رِيف; (M;) and so ↓ أَرْيَفُوا: (S, * M:) or ↓ تريّفنا, we abode, or stayed, in [a region of] cities, towns, or villages, and where water was reached by digging, or where it was apparent, running upon the surface of the earth. (T.) b2: And رَافَتِ المَاشِيَةُ The cattle pastured in the رِيف. (S, K.) 3 رايف لِلظِّنَّةِ He was, or became, near to [having, or incurring] الظِّنَّة [i. e. suspicion, or evil opinion]; syn. قَارَفَهَا, and طَنَّفَ لَهَا. (Ibn-'Abbád, O, K.) [Freytag, app. misled by the TK, renders رايف, followed by ل, as meaning “ Falsa protulit, calumniis accusavit. ” He also assigns to رايف the signification of “ Adpropinquavit regioni ريف,” as on the authority of the Ham; in which I do not find it.]4 أَرْيَفَ see 1, in two places. b2: ارافت الأَرْضُ, (S, M, K,) inf. n. إِرَافَةٌ and [accord. to some] ↓ رِيفٌ; like اخصبت, inf. n. إِخْصَابٌ and خِصْبٌ; but, [ISd says,] in my opinion, إِرَافَةٌ is the inf. n., and رِيفٌ is the subst.; and in like manner one should say of إِخْصَابٌ and خِصْبٌ; (M, TA;) The land abounded, or became abundant, with herbage, and with the goods, conveniences, or comforts, of life; (S, M, * K;) as also أَرْيَفَت. (K.) 5 تَرَيَّفَ see 1, in three places.

رَافٌ Wine: (T, K:) more properly mentioned in art. روف. (TA.) رِيفٌ Land in which are sown fields, or seedproduce, and abundance of herbage and of the goods or conveniences or comforts of life: (S, O, K:) and (K) the part that is near to water, of the land of the Arabs, (M, O, L, K,) and of other lands: (M, L:) or the part that is near to the Sawád (السَّوَاد), of the land of the Arabs: (IDrd, Ham p. 676:) or a tract in which are green herbs, and waters, (T, O, K,) and level lands of seed-produce, (T,) or sown fields, or varieties of seed-produce: (O, K:) [generally,] a region, district, or tract, [of cultivated fields; or] of towns, or villages, and of cultivated land: (Ham p. 676:) pl. أَرْيَافٌ (T, S, M, TA) and رُيُوفٌ. (M, TA.) b2: Also (M, K) Abundance (Lth, T, M, O, K) of herbage, and of the goods, conveniences, or comforts, of life, and (Lth, T, M) in respect of food (Lth, T, M, O, K) and drink: (O, K:) pl. [in this sense] أَرْيَافٌ (M, K) only. (M.) See also 4.

رِيفِىٌّ [Of, or belonging to, the رِيف, or region of cultivated land; opposed to بَرِّىٌّ;] applied to a plant [&c.]. (M, voce عُصْفُرٌ.) And أَرْضٌ رِيفِيَّةٌ Cultivated land; contr. of بَرِّيَّةٌ. (IAar, and M and K * and TA in art. بر.) أَرْضٌ رَيِّفَةٌ Land abounding with herbage, and with the goods, conveniences, or comforts, of life. (S, O, K.)
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