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1 زَمِعَ, aor. زَمَعَ, inf. n. زَمَعٌ, He became confounded, or perplexed, and unable to see his right course; or he became bereft of his reason or intellect; in consequence of fear: (S, Msb, * K: *) he feared, or was afraid: (K:) he was impatient; or had not sufficient strength to bear what befell him, and found not patience: (L:) he became disquieted, disturbed, agitated, flurried, or in a state of commotion. (Lh.) A2: زَمَعَتِ الأَرْنَبُ, aor. زَمَعَ, (TA,) inf. n. زَمَعَانٌ, (Lth, K, TA,) The hare was light, or active, and quick, or swift: (Lth, K, TA:) and ↓ ازمعت it ran, (S, TA,) and was light, or active. (TA.) And زَمَعَ, aor. زَمَعَ, inf. n. زَمَعَانٌ, He went slowly. (ISk, S, K.) Thus the verb has two contr. significations. (K.) And He went with short steps; as also ↓ تزمّع. (TA.) 2 زَمَّعَ see the next paragraph.4 أَزْمَعْتُ الأَمْرَ, and أَزْمَعْتُ عَلَى الأَمْرِ; (S, K;) the former accord. to Ks.; the latter accord. to Kh, but disallowed by Ks; both, however, are authorized by Fr, as meaning the same, like أَجْمَعْتُهُ and أَجْمَعْتُ عَلَيْهِ; (S;) and أَزْمَعْتُ بِهِ; (TA;) I determined, resolved, or decided, upon the affair: (Fr, S, K:) my determination, resolution, or decision, became fixed upon the affair, (Lth or Kh, S, TA,) to execute it, or perform it, of necessity: (Lth, TA:) or I kept constantly, firmly, steadily, steadfastly, or fixedly, to the affair: syn. ثَبَتُّ عَلَيْهِ: (K:) and ↓ زَمَّعْتُ, (Ibn-'Abbád, K, [in the CK written without teshdeed,]) followed by عَلَى before the object, inf. n. تَزْمِيعٌ, (TA,) signifies the same: (Ibn-'Abbád, K:) ازمع may be formed by transposition from عزم, or the ز may be a substitute for ج (IF.) You say, ازمع المَسِيرَ [and عَلَى المَسِيرِ] He determined, resolved, or decided, upon going, journeying, or departing. (Mgh.) A2: See also 1.

A3: ازمعت الحُبْلَةُ (assumed tropical:) [The grape-vine, or its branch,] became large in its زَمَعَة, i. e. knot, or gem, [see زَمَعٌ,] (ISh, K, TA,) and its fruit-stalk was near to coming forth. (ISh, TA.) b2: And ازمع النَّبْتُ The herbage made its first appearance in a scattered state: (S:) or was not all of it equal, or uniform, but consisted of scattered portions, (K, TA,) at its first appearance, (TA,) one part surpassing another. (K, TA.) 5 تَزَمَّعَ see 1, last sentence.

زَمَعٌ; see زَمَاعٌ.

A2: Also pl. [or rather coll. gen. n.] of ↓ زَمَعَةٌ, which [is the n. un. of the former, and] signifies A certain excrescence bekind the cloven hoof: (AZ, S, Msb, * K:) or a thing like the nails of sheep or goats, in the part between the shank and foot; every leg having upon it two of the things thus termed (زَمَعَتَانِ), as though they were formed of pieces of horn: (Lth, K:) or a certain excrescence projecting above the hoof of the sheep or goat: (TA:) or the pendent hairs in the kinder part of the kind leg, or kind foot, of the sheep or goat, and of the gazelle, and of the hare: (K:) [the pl. of ↓ زَمَعَةٌ is زَمَعَاتٌ (occurring in the S and K in the present art., and in the K in art. زود &c.), and] the pl. of زَمَعٌ is زِمَاغٌ: (AZ, S, K:) see زَمُوعٌ. b2: Hence, as being compared to the زَمَع of the cloven hoof, (L,) زَمَعٌ also signifies (assumed tropical:) The lower, or baser, or the lowest, or basest, or the refuse, of mankind: (S, L, K:) pl. أَزْمَاعٌ. (L.) One says, هُوَ مِنْ زَمَعِهِمْ, meaning (assumed tropical:) He is of the last of them; (S, L;) and of their followers. (L.) b3: Also, i. e. زَمَعٌ The hairs behind the fetlock [-joint]; (K;) and so زَمَعَاتٌ [pl. of the n. un. ↓ زَمَعَةٌ]. (TA.) b4: Also (tropical:) Knots, gems, or buds, in the places whence the racemes of the grape-vine come forth: (ISh, K, TA:) accord. to Et-Táïfee, (L in art. كمح,) [the n. un.] ↓ زَمَعَةٌ signifies the knot, or gem, in the place whence the raceme of grapes grows forth: (L ubi suprà, and TA:) or, as some say, the berry when it is like the head of a young ant; and the pl. is زَمَعَاتٌ and [coll. gen. n.] زَمَعٌ: (TA:) and (assumed tropical:) the gem of a leaf: (L in art. كمخ:) and زَمَعُ الكَرْمِ (assumed tropical:) The leaves that cover what is within them of the raceme of the grape-vine. (TA voce كَافُورٌ.) b5: Also (assumed tropical:) An excrescence, or a redundance, (زِيَادَةٌ,) in the fingers or toes: and the epithet [applied to him who has such] is ↓ أَزْمَعُ. (K.) b6: And Scattered portions of herbage, here and there; like portions of clouds in the sky. (TA.) زَمَعَةٌ: see the next preceding paragraph, in four places.

زَمَاعٌ Penetrating energy, or sharpness, vigorousness, and effectiveness, in the performance of an affair, and determination, resolution, or decision, to do it; (L, K;) as also ↓ زِمَاعٌ and ↓ زَمَعٌ: (K:) and courage, such that when one has determined, resolved, or decided, upon an affair, he does not turn from it: (K:) and good judgment, with boldness to undertake affairs, (K, TA,) such that when one purposes an affair, he acts with a penetrating energy, or sharpness, vigorousness, and effectiveness, in performing it: (TA:) or courage, and great boldness: (S:) and quickness, and hastiness. (S, K.) زِمَاعٌ: see the next preceding paragraph.

زَمُوعٌ: see زَمِيعٌ. b2: Also A hare that runs with short steps, as though it ran upon its ↓ زَمَعَات, (As, T, S, K,) i. e. the pendent hairs on the kinder parts of its kind legs: (T, TA:) or such as, when it approaches its habitation, goes upon its زَمَعَة, (K, TA,) and with short steps, (TA,) in order that its foot-marks may not be traced: (K, TA:) and (K, TA, but in the CK “ or ”) such as is quick, or swift, and brisk, or sprightly. (K, TA.) زَمِيعٌ A man sharp, vigorous, or effective, in determination, resolution, or decision: (Mgh:) a courageous man, who, when he has determined, resolved, or decided, upon an affair, does not turn from it: (Lth, K: [in the CK, يَزْمَعُ is a mistake for يُزْمِعُ:]) and having good judgment, with boldness to undertake affairs, (K, TA,) so that when he has purposed an affair, he acts with a penetrating energy, or sharpness, vigorousness, and effectiveness, in performing it: (TA:) or زَمِيعُ الرَّأْىِ signifies a man having good judgment: (S:) and زَمِيعٌ signifies also quick; (K;) quick, and hasty; (S;) and so ↓ زَمُوعٌ: (S, K:) pl. of the former زُمَعَآءُ. (S, K.) هُوَ أَزْمَعُ مِنْهُ He is more sharp, vigorous, or effective, in determination, resolution, or decision, than he. (Mgh.) A2: See also زَمَعٌ, last sentence but one.

أَنَا مُزْمِعٌ عَلَى أَمْرٍ, [or مُزْمِعٌ أَمْرًا, or both, and مُزْمِعٌ بِأَمْرٍ, I am determining, resolving, or deciding, upon an affair: or] my determination, resolution, or decision, is fixed upon an affair. (Kh, S.) [See 4.]
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