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Q. 2 تَزَنْبَرَ عَلَيْنَا He behaved proudly, or haughtily, to us, (K, * TA,) and frowned, or looked sternly, austerely, or morosely. (TA.) الزَّنْبَرُ The lion. (K.) زُنْبُرٌ Small, or young, (K, TA,) and light, or active: applied to a boy. (TA.) b2: See also زُنْبُورٌ.

زَنْبَرِىٌّ Large, or bulky; applied to a ship: (K:) you say سَفِينَةٌ زَنْبَرِيَّةٌ a large, or bulky, ship: (TA:) or زَنْبَرِيَّةٌ signifies a sort of large, or bulky, ship. (S in art. زبر.) b2: Also Heavy; applied to a man. (K.) زِنْبَارٌ: see the next paragraph, in two places.

زُنْبُورٌ [The hornet, or hornets; a large sort of wasp;] a stinging kind of fly; (K;) a certain kind of flying thing that stings; (T, TA;) i. q. دَبْرٌ, (S,) or دُبُورٌ; (TA;) and ↓ زُنْبُورَةٌ signifies the same, (K,) [or app. is the n. un.,] and so does ↓ زِنْبَارٌ; (S, K,) a dial. var. mentioned by ISk: (S:) [being a coll. gen. n.,] زنبور is [sometimes] made of the fem. gender: the pl. is زَنَابِيرُ: (S:) and الزَّنَابِيرُ sometimes means the flies of the meadows or gardens (ذُبَابُ الرَّوْضِ). (Ham p. 324.) b2: Also A young ass that is able to bear burdens. (K.) b3: And A large rat: pl. زَنَابِرُ, occurring in poetry [app. for زَنَابِيرُ]. (TA.) b4: Also, [as an epithet,] Light, or active; clever, or ingenious; (K, TA;) mentioned by Abu-l-Jarráh, from a man of the Benoo-Kiláb, and he adds that it means light, or active; (TA;) quick in reply; (K, TA;) and so ↓ زُنْبُرٌ. (K.) A2: Also, and ↓ زِنبِيرٌ and ↓ زِنْبَارٌ, A certain tree, (K, TA,) of large size, (TA,) resembling the دُلْب [or plane-tree], (K, TA,) but not wide, the leaves of which are like those of the nut-tree in appearance and scent, having blossoms like those of the عُشَر [q. v.], white tinged [with another colour], and having a fruit exactly like the olive, which, when fully ripe, becomes intensely black and very sweet, and is eaten by men like ripe dates, has a stone like that of the غُبَيْرَآء [or fruit of the service-tree], and dyes the mouth like as does the mulberry: it is planted. (TA.) b2: Also, the same three words, A species of the تِين [or fig], called by the people of the towns and villages the تِين حُلْوَانِىّ; (IAar, K, TA;) one of the strange trees of the desert: pl. زَنَابِيرُ. (IAar, TA.) زِنْبِيرٌ: see the next preceding paragraph.

زُنْبُورَةٌ: see the next preceding paragraph.

أَخَذَهُ بِزَنَوْبَرِهِ is like أَخَذَهُ بِزَوْبَرِهِ, (K, TA,) meaning He took it altogether; mentioned in art. زبر. (TA.) أَرْضٌ مَزْبَرَةٌ A land abounding with زَنَابِير [or hornets, pl. of زُنْبُورٌ; the ن being rejected in its formation]: (S in art. زبر, and K:) similar to أَرْضٌ مَعْقَرَةٌ and مَثْعَلَةٌ, meaning ذَاتُ عَقَارِبَ and ثَعَالِبَ. (S.)
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