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1 زَنَقَهُ, (JK, S, O, K,) namely, a mule, (JK, O,) or a horse, (S, K,) aor. زَنِقَ, (O, TA,) inf. n. زَنْقٌ, (JK, TA,) He put a ring in the thin skin beneath the part under his lower jaw, and then attached to it a cord: (JK, O, K:) this ring is put to the head of the refractory mule; and is called ↓ زِنَاقَةٌ: (JK, O, TA:) or he put a ↓ زِنَاق in the part under his lower jaw, in the skin: (S, O:) every cord with which a beast is tied, [attached to a ring or otherwise] in the skin beneath the part under the lower jaw, is called ↓ زِنَاقٌ [or ↓ زِنَاقَةٌ]: (O, TA:) in the K, زُنَاقٌ, like غُرَابٌ; but this is wrong: (TA:) what is in the nose, pierced, is called عِرَانٌ. (O, TA.) b2: Also, (IDrd, K,) aor. زَنِقَ and زَنُقَ, (TA,) inf. n. as above, (KL,) He bound his legs by means of the شِكَال [or زِنَاق, q. v.]; namely, a mule's; (IDrd, K;) and in like manner, a horse'. (TA.) [This meaning alone I find in the KL, given on the authority of the Mj: but Golius says, as on the authority of the KL likewise, that it signifies also He fitted a shoe to a horse's foot; followed by an accus.] b3: And زَنَقَ, (IAar, O,) or زَنَقَ عَلَى عِيَالِهِ, aor. زَنِقَ; (K;) and ↓ ازنق; and ↓ زنّق, (IAar, O, K,) inf. n. تَزْنِيقٌ; (IAar, O;) (assumed tropical:) He straitened his household, by reason of niggardliness or poverty. (IAar, O, K.) And زَنَقْتُ عَلَى فُلَانٍ, and ↓ أَزْنَقْتُ, I straitened such a one. (JK.) 2 زَنَّقَ see above, last sentence but one.4 أَزْنَقَ see 1, last two sentences.

زَنَقٌ The place of the زِنَاقٌ [or زِنَاقَة]. (S, K.) b2: The thin part of an arrow-head: pl. زُنُوقٌ. (JK, Ibn-' Abbád, K.) زُنُقٌ: see زَنِيقٌ.

زَنَقَةٌ A narrow سِكَّة [or street]. (S.) b2: A narrow part of a valley. (JK, Ibn-' Abbád, O.) b3: A bend in a wall; or in a سِكَّة [or street]; (Lth, JK, O;) or in a side of a house; or in a narrow, or very narrow, road of a valley, [so I render فِى عُرْقُوبِ وَادٍ, (see عُرْقُوبٌ,)] in which is what resembles a place of entrance and a twisting or winding: a subst. in all these senses, having no verb. (Lth, O.) زِنَاقٌ: see 1, in two places. b2: Also i. q. شِكَالٌ [i. e. Hobbles for a horse or the like, having a rope extending from the shackles of the fore feet to those of the hind feet]. (TA.) b3: And The kind of ornament called مِخْنَقَةٌ [i. e. a necklace, or the like]; (S, O, K; [in this sense correctly said in the K to be like كِتَابٌ;]) a certain ornament for women, (JK, Ibn-' Abbád, O,) of silver. (Ibn-' Abbád, O.) زَنِيقٌ [in its primary acceptation is app. syn. with مَزْنُوقٌ in the first of the senses assigned to the latter below: b2: and hence,] (tropical:) Firm, strong, or sound; (JK, O, K, TA;) applied to judgment, or an opinion, (JK, O, TA,) and an affair, and management, or exercise of forecast or forethought. (TA.) And ↓ زُنُقٌ [which is app. its pl., or عُقُولٌ زُنُقٌ,] (assumed tropical:) Perfect understandings or intellects. (IAar, O, K.) زِنَاقَةٌ: see 1, in two places.

مَزْنُوقٌ Tied, or bound, with the زِنَاق [q. v., or with the زِنَاقَة]. (TA. [See also زَنِيقٌ.]) b2: and (assumed tropical:) Suffering a suppression of the urine. (TA.) b3: المَزْنُوقُ is the name of A horse of ' Ámir Ibn-Et- Tufeyl: (S, K:) and of a horse of ' Attáb Ibn-El-Warkà. (TA.)
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