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1 زَهِمَ, inf. n. زُهُومَةٌ and زَهَمٌ, It stank: [in which sense زَهُمَ, inf. n. زُهُومَةٌ, is mentioned by Freytag on the authority of the Deewán el-Hudhaleeyeen:] said of flesh-meat. (MA. [See also زُهُومَةٌ and زَهَمٌ below.]) And زَهِمَتْ يَدُهُ (S, MA, K,) aor. زَهَمَ, (K,) inf. n. زَهَمٌ, (S, K,) His hand was, or became, greasy, (S, MA, K,) مِنَ الشَّحْمِ from the fat: (MA:) or had in it the odour of fat. (TA) b2: زَهِمَ; also signifies He suffered from indigestion, or heaviness of the stomach arising from food which it was too weak to digest: (JK, K:) said of a man. (JK.) b3: زَهَمَ, (K,) aor. زَهُمَ, inf. n. زَهْمٌ, (TK,) It (a bone) was, or became, marrowy; had, or contained, marrow; as also ↓ ازهم. (K, TA.) 4 أَزْهَمَ see what next precedes.

زُهْمٌ Fat, as a subst.: (S:) or so ↓ زَهَمٌ; a particular term for it, not implying there being in it the odour of fat and stinking flesh-meat: (JK: [and the same is said in the TA in relation to the former word:]) or the latter signifies fat of a beast of prey: (TA:) or, as some say, flesh-meat that is raw, or not thoroughly cooked: (JK:) and the former, fat of a wild animal: or of the ostrich: or of horses: (K:) or, as some say, of a wild animal that does not chew the cud: (TA:) or in a general sense. (K.) b2: And The perfume known by the name of زَبَاد [i. e. civet], which comes forth from the [cat called] سِنَّوْرُ الزَّبَادِ, from beneath its tail, in the part between the anus and the meatus urinarius. (K.) A2: Also A fetid odour. (K.) [See also زَهَمٌ and زُهُومَةٌ.]

زَهَمٌ The fetid odour of corpses or carcases. (TA. [See also 1, first sentence; and the last explanation of زُهْمٌ; and see زُهُومَةٌ.]) b2: And The remains of fat in a horse or similar beast (فِى دَابَّةٍ). (TA.) See also زُهْمٌ.

زَهِمٌ [part. n. of زَهِمَ]. You say, لَحْمٌ زَهِمٌ Stinking, fat, flesh-meat. (JK.) And يَدُهُ زَهِمَةٌ His hand is greasy: (S, K:) or has in it the odour of fat. (TA.) b2: And Very fat; having much fat: or having some remains of fatness. (K.) زُهْمَةٌ: see زُهُومَةٌ.

زَهْمَانُ Suffering from indigestion, or heaviness of the stomach arising from food which it is too weak to digest: (JK, K:) and زهمان with damm [i. e. ↓ زُهْمَانٌ, with tenween, for, as is said in the S (voce عُرْيَانٌ), a word of the measure فُعْلَان has its fem. with ة meaning, if an epithet,] signifies [the same, or] satiated, sated, or satisfied in stomach; as also ↓ زُهْمَانِىٌّ. (Z, cited by Freytag in his Arab. Prov., ii. 196.) And [hence, app.,] زَهْمَانُ, (Abu-n-Nedà, IAar, TA,) or ↓ زُهْمَانُ, [imperfectly decl. (like the first word) as a proper name ending with ان] (AHeyth, IDrd, S, TA,) or each, (K,) the name of A certain dog. (S, K, &c.) It is said in a prov., زَادُهُ ↓ فِى بَطْنِ زَهْمَانَ In the belly of the dog زهمان is his provision: applied to a man who has with him his apparatus, and what he needs: or, accord. to AA, the case was this: a man slaughtered a camel, and divided it, and gave to [one whose name was] زهمان his share, and then زهمان returned to receive again with the [other] people; and it is applied to a man who seeks a thing when he has received once: (Meyd:) Z says that زَهْمَانُ is the name of a man who came to a people that had slaughtered a camel, and asked them to give him some food thereof, and they gave it him: then he returned to them, and they said to him thus, meaning “ Thou has had thy provision thereof, and it is in thy belly; ” and it is applied to any one who has received his share of a thing, and then come, after that, seeking it: or, as some relate it, it is with damm, [↓ زُهْمَان] and is applied to one who is invited to a repast when he is satiated: or it relates to one suffering from indigestion: or زهمان is the name of a dog; and it originated from the fact that a man prepared for himself some provision, and was unmindful of it, and a dog ate it; and it is applied to him for whom there is no share. (Z cited by Freytag ubi suprà.) زُهْمَانٌ and زُهْمَانُ: see the next preceding paragraph, in four places.

زُهْمَانِىٌّ: see زَهْمَانُ, first sentence.

زُهُومَةٌ The odour of fat and stinking flesh-meat; (JK, K; [and mentioned also, but not explained, in the S;]) as also ↓ زُهْمَةٌ: (K:) or the latter signifies a fetid odour [in a general sense]: (S:) but accord. to Az, the former signifies the disagreeableness of odour, without the being fetid, or altered [for the worse]; such as the odour of lean flesh-meat, or the odour of the flesh of a beast of prey, or strong-smelling sea-fish; the fish of the rivers having no زهومة. (TA.) [See also 1, first sentence; and رُهْمٌ, last signification; and زَهَمٌ.]
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