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1 سَبَغَ, (Msb, K, &c.,) aor. سَبُغَ (MA, Msb) and سَبَغَ, (MA,) inf. n. سُبُوغٌ, (Msb, K, &c.,) It (a garment [&c.]) was complete, full, ample, or without deficiency: (MA, Msb:) it (a thing, Lth, Msb, of any kind, JK, Msb, such as a garment, TA, a coat of mail, JK, Msb, TA, and the like, TA, and hair, JK, TA) was long, (JK, Msb, K,) from above to below, (Msb,) or reaching to, or towards, the ground. (Lth, K.) [Hence,] ذُو سُبُوغٍ [The ample, or long, &c.,] was the name of a coat of mail belonging to the Prophet. (TA.) b2: [Hence also] سَبَغَتْ قُصَيْرَى الفَرَسِ The قصيري [app. here meaning the rib next the flank] of the horse was of full length. (TA.) b3: And سَبَغَ المَطَرُ (tropical:) The rain approached the earth, and extended. (TA.) b4: And سَبَغَتِ النِّعْمَةُ, (S, Msb, K,) inf. n. as above, (S, Msb,) (tropical:) The benefit, or boon, was, or became, ample. (S, Msb, K, TA.) One says, الحَمْدُ لِلّٰهِ عَلَى سُبُوغِ النِّعْمَةِ Praise be to God for the ampleness of the benefit, or boon. (TA.) b5: And سَبَغَ لِبَلَدِهِ (assumed tropical:) He tended towards, and reached, his town, or country; (AA, * K;) inf. n. as above. (TA.) 2 سَبَّغَتْ, inf. n. تَسْبِيغٌ, She (a camel, As, JK, S, or a pregnant female, K) cast her young one, or fœtus, (As, JK, S, K,) in an incomplete state, (TA,) or when its hair had grown, (As, S, K,) or when its fur had grown; (JK;) accord. to the T, (TA,) i. q. أَجْهَضَت: (JK, TA:) or, accord. to AA, سَبَّغَتِ الإِبِلُ بِأَوْلَادِهَا the camels cast their young abortively; and, in like manner, accord. to Lth, one says of all pregnant females: (TA:) [see also سَبَّقَت:] the epithet applied to her is ↓ مُسَبِّغٌ, without ة. (As, K, TA.) 4 اسبغهُ He made it complete, full, ample, or without deficiency; (Msb;) he made it wide; namely, his garment [&c.]: and he made it long; namely, [his garment, and the like, and] his hair, (TA.) b2: [Hence,] اسبغ اللّٰهُ عَلَيْهِ النِّعْمَةَ (S, Msb, * K *) (tropical:) God made the benefit, or boon, complete, full, or ample, to him. (S, * Msb, * K, * TA.) and اسبغ لَهُ فِى النَّفَقَةِ (assumed tropical:) He expended upon him what was completely sufficient for his wants; bestowed upon him amply. (TA.) b3: And اسبغ الوُضُوْءَ, (K,) inf. n. إِسْبَاغٌ, (S,) (tropical:) He performed completely the [ablution termed] وضوء, (S, K, TA,) making it to reach to the proper places thereof, and giving fully to every member its due. (K, TA.) A2: And اسبغ He put on a wide, or an ample, [or a long,] coat of mail. (KL.) سُبُغٌ: see مُسْبِغٌ.

سَبْغَةٌ (tropical:) Plentifulness, and pleasantness or easiness, and softness or delicacy, of life. (K, TA.) One says, إِنَّهُمْ لَفِى سَبْغَةٍ مِنَ العَيْشِ (tropical:) Verily they are in a state of plentifulness, &c., of life. (TA.) سَابِغٌ, applied to a thing (JK, S) of any kind, (JK,) Complete, full, ample, or without deficiency: (S, TA:) [and] long. (JK.) You say, دِرْعٌ سَابِغَةٌ A coat of mail that is wide, or ample, (S, K, * TA,) and long: (K, TA:) or such that one drags it upon the ground, or [that falls] against one's ankles, by reason of length and ampleness: pl. سَوَابِغُ. (TA.) And ذَنَبٌ سَابِغٌ A complete, a full, or an ample, tail. (S.) and دَلْوٌ سَابِغَةٌ (tropical:) A long دلو [or leathern bucket]. (TA.) And نَاقَةٌ سَابِغَةُ الضَّرْعِ (tropical:) A she-camel full, or without lack or defect, in the udder: (Lth, and so in the K accord. to the TA:) or سَابِغَةُ الضُّلُوعِ without lack or defect, and long, in the ribs. (So in copies of the K.) And عَجِيزَةٌ سَابِغَةٌ and أَلْيَةٌ سَابِغَةٌ (Msb, K) signify in like manner, (K,) [or] (tropical:) A long buttock. (Msb, TA. *) And رَجُلٌ سَابِغُ الأَلْيَتَيْنِ (assumed tropical:) A man large in the buttocks. (TA.) And فَحْلٌ سَابِغٌ (tropical:) A stallion long in the veretrum: (S, K, TA:) the contr. thereof is termed كَمِشٌ. (S, TA.) And لِثَةٌ سَابِغَةٌ (tropical:) A foul, or an ugly, gum. (Lth, K, TA.) b2: And مَطْرَةٌ سَابِغَةٌ (tropical:) A compious rain. (K, * TA.) b3: And نِعْمَةٌ سَابِغَةٌ (tropical:) A complete, a full, or an ample, benefit, or boon. (K, * TA.) b4: See also تَسْبِغَةٌ.

أَسْبَغُ More [and most] complete, full, ample, or free from deficiency [in breadth and in length]: occurring in this sense in a trad., relating to a coat of mail. (TA.) تَسْبَِغٌ: see what next follows.

تَسْبِغَةٌ (JK, S, K) and تَسْبَغَةٌ and ↓ تَسْبِغٌ and تَسْبَغٌ, (JK, K,) the first of which is the most chaste, (TA,) I. q. مِغْفَرٌ [q. v.]: (JK:) or a portion of the mail of the coat of mail, that is conjoined to the helmet, and protects the neck: (JK, S, K:) for the helmet becomes lengthened (تَسْبُغُ) thereby; and but for it, there would be between it and the opening at the neck of the coat of mail an intervening space: (S:) or the mail composing the رَفْرَف of the helmet, at the bottom thereof, with which the man protects his neck, and which is also called the مِغْفَر: or, accord. to “ the Book of the Coat of Mail and the Helmet,”

by AO, the رَفْرَف of the helmet is other than its تَسْبِغَة; for he says that, of helmets, there is that which has a رَفْرَف, [consisting of] rings [or mail] encompassing the bottom thereof, so as to surround the back and other parts of the neck, and the two cheeks, and to reach to the مَحْجِرَانِ [q. v.] of the two eyes; and he afterwards says, but when it [the helmet] is not of plate, or expanded metal, but is [a head-covering] of mail, it is called مِغْفَرٌ and غِفَارَةٌ and تَسْبِغَةٌ: (TA:) [the pl. is تَسَابِغُ:] and the helmet [that has a تَسْبِغَة attached to it, accord. to those who mean by this term the mail attached to the bottom thereof,] is called ↓ سَابِغٌ: (JK:) or, accord. to As, one says بَيْضَةٌ لَهَا سَابِغٌ, (S,) or لَهَا تَسَابِغُ. (K, TA: in the CK [erroneously] تَسَابُغٌ.) مُسْبِغٌ, (S, A, L, TA,) in the O and K ↓ سُبُغٌ, like عُنُقٌ, which seems to be a mistranscription, copied by the author of the K, accord, to his usual practice, from the O, (TA,) A man having upon him a coat of mail such as is termed سَابِغَةٌ. (S, A, O, L, K.) مُسَبَّغٌ is expl. by Kr as meaning The young that is cast by its mother after the soul has been blown into it. (TA. [But see its verb, 2.]) مُسَبِّغٌ: see 2.

مِسْبَاغٌ A she-camel that usually casts her young abortively: but a term not well know, (IDrd, TA.)
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