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ى1 سَتَى, (K,) aor. يَسْتِى, said of a camel, (TA,) He hastened, made haste, or went quickly; (K, TA;) as also سَدَى: mentioned by Az. (TA.) 2 سَتَّىَ see 4, in two places.3 سَاْتَىَ ساتاهُ, (K,) inf. n. مُسَاتَاةٌ, (TA,) He played with him the [game called] شَفَلَّقَة [expl. in art. شفلق in the K as consisting in one's striking with the hand, or with the fore part of the foot, the hinder part, or backside, of a man, from behind him, and so throwing him down prostrate: whence it seems that the verb is perhaps irregularly derived from the سَتَهَهُ, q. v.]. (K.) 4 استى الثَّوْبَ (S, K) and ↓ ستّاهُ (M, TA) are syn. with اسداهُ (S, K) and سدّاهُ, (M, TA,) [i. e. He set, or disposed, the warp of the garment, or piece of cloth,] said of a weaver; contr. of أَلْحَمَهُ; except that ↓ ستّى means he did so for himself and for another, whereas سدّى means he did so for another, تسدّى meaning he did so for himself. (TA.) 12 إِسْتَوْتَىَ[accord. to the S and K]. اِسْتَاتَتْ, inf. n. اِسْتِيتَآءٌ, said of a she-camel, She became relaxed by reason of last: (S, K:) thus mentioned here by J and in the K; but its proper place, as is evident, is art. اتى, in which it has been explained. (TA: see 10 in art. اتى.) سَتًى is syn. with سَدًى, (S, M, K,) relating to a garment, or piece of cloth; (S, M;) as also ↓ أُسْتِىٌّ; (K;) both signify [The warp thereof;] the contr. of لُحْمَةٌ; like سَدًى and أُسْدِىٌّ: (M:) and ↓ سَتَاةٌ is [the n. un. of the former, or] syn. with سَدَاةٌ, relating to a garment, or piece of cloth: (AZ, S:) [whence,] one says to him who neither harms nor profits, ↓ مَا أَنْتَ لُحْمَةٌ وَ لَا سَتَاةٌ [lit. Thou art neither a woof nor a warp: see also a similar saying voce نِيرٌ]: (TA: [see also سَدًى:]) and ↓ أُسْتِىٌّ signifies also ثَوْبٌ مُسْدًى or مُسَدًّى (accord. to different copies of the K) [lit. a garment, or piece of cloth, having its warp set or disposed; perhaps meaning having a good, or strong, warp; in art. اسد written, as from the L, مَسْدِىٌّ, for which I find no other authority]; so expl. by AHeyth: but accord. to others, it is what the weavers term سَتًى, as mentioned above, i. e. the warp. (TA. [See also أُسْتِىٌّ in art. است, and أُسْدِىٌّ in art. اسد and in art. سدو and سدى.]) A2: Also i. q. مَعْرُوفٌ [as meaning A favour, benefit, benefaction, or the like]; (K;) in this sense also a dial. var. of سَدًى. (TA.) A3: Also a dial. var. of سَدًى signifying Dates while continuing green and small; syn. بَلَحٌ. (TA.) سَتَاةٌ: see the next preceding paragraph, in two places.

أُسْتِىٌّ: see سَتًى, above, in two places.
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