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1 سَجِحَ, aor. سَجَحَ, inf. n. سَجَحٌ, (so accord. to the L, and the text of the K followed in the TA,) or سَجْحٌ, (so accord. to the CK and my MS. copy of the K,) and سَجَاحَةٌ, [which last suggests that سَجُحَ also may be used in the sense here following,] said of a cheek, It was even, and soft, and long, in moderation, with little flesh, (M, TA,) and wide: (TA:) or was smooth, and long, with little flesh, and wide. (L. [See سَجَحٌ, below.]) b2: سَجُحَ, inf. n. سَجَاحَةٌ, is said of a man's natural disposition, [meaning It was, or became, gentle, or easy: (see سَجِيحٌ, voce سُجُحٌ, below:)] and one says, فِى عَقْلِهِ رَجَاحَةٌ وَ فِى خُلُقِةِ سَجَاحَةٌ [In his intellect is gravity, and in his natural disposition is gentleness, or easiness]. (A.) A2: سَجَحَتِ الحَمَامَةُ i. q. سَجَعَت [i. e. The pigeon cooed; or reiterated its voice or cry; &c.]: (Lth, K:) but said by some to be a mispronunciation, and disallowed by IDrd. (MF.) A3: سَجَحَ لَهُ بِكَلَامٍ He expressed a meaning to him obliquely, indirectly, obscurely, or allusively, by speech; as also ↓ سجّح: (Az, K:) so in the “ Nawádir. ” (Az, TA.) 2 سَجَّحَ see what next precedes.4 إِسْجَاحٌ signifies The pardoning, or forgiving, with goodness. (S, O, K.) One says, مَلَكْتَ فَأَسْجِحْ; (S, A, O, TA;) a prov., relating to pardoning, or forgiving, when having power [to punish or to take vengeance]; (TA;) meaning [Thou hast become possessed of power, then pardon, or forgive, with goodness; or] thou hast attained thine object, then act with goodness; (A, * TA;) and thou hast obtained power, then pardon, or forgive, in an easy and a good manner: (TA:) it was said by the Prophet to Ibn-ElAkwa', and by 'Áïsheh to 'Alee on the “ Day of the Camel. ” (O.) And one says also, إِذَا سَأَلْتَ فَأَسْجِحْ When thou askest, or beggest, then make thy words, or expressions, easy, and be gentle. (S.) 7 انسجح لِى بِكَذَا i. q. اِنْسَمَحَ [app. syn. with

أَسْمَحَ, or perhaps a mistranscription for this last word, meaning He was liberal, or generous, to me with such a thing; or he complied with my desire in such a thing]. (K.) سُجْحٌ: see سُجُحٌ, in five places.

سَجَحٌ Beauty, and justness of proportion, (T, S, L,) of the make, (T,) or of the face, (S,) or of a man. (L.) [See also 1, first sentence.]

سُجُحٌ Soft, or gentle, and even, or easy; as also ↓ سَجِيحٌ. (K.) You say مِشْيَةٌ سُجُحٌ An easy (S, A) and a direct, or right, (A,) gait, or manner of going. (S, A.) And مَشَى فُلَانٌ مَشْيًا سُجُحًا and ↓ سَجِيحًا, and مِشْيَةً سُجُحًا, Such a one walked, or went, with an easy gait or manner of going: (L:) or with an equable gait, without inclining the body from side to side in pride. (T.) And ↓ خُلُقٌ سَجِيحٌ A gentle, or an easy, natural disposition. (L.) And رَجُلٌ سُجُحٌ A man easy and good in natural disposition: (Har p. 314:) and الخُلُقِ ↓ سَجِيحُ [which means the same]. (A.) A2: Also The middle of a road, (S, A, K,) or its main part, or beaten track; (A, K;) and so ↓ سُجْحٌ: (S, A, K:) because of its evenness. (TA.) One says, ↓ خَلِّ لَهُ عَنْ سُجْحِ الطَّرِيقِ or سُجُحِ الطريق [Leave thou for him the middle of the road]. (S, accord. to different copies.) And ↓ مَنْ طَلَبَ بِالحَقِّ وَ مَشَى فِى سُجْحِهِ

أَوْصَلَهُ اللّٰهُ إِلَى نُجْحِهِ [He who seeks, demands, or sues for, that which is a right, or due, and goes in the beaten track thereof, God will conduct him to the attainment of his object]. (A, TA.) A3: And Measure, size, or proportion; (S, K;) as also ↓ سُجْحٌ, (S,) and ↓ سَجِيحَةٌ: (S, A, K:) so in the saying, بَنَى القَوْمُ بُيُوتَهُمْ عَلَى سُجُحٍ

وَاحِدٍ (S, K *) and وَاحِدٍ ↓ سُجْحٍ (S) and سَجِيحَةٍ

وَاحِدَةٍ (S, A) [The people, or party, constructed their tents, or houses, of one uniform measure &c.].

سَجْحَةٌ: see سَجِيحَةٌ.

سُجَاحٌ The air. (O, K.) [Perhaps a mistranscription for سَحَاحٌ.]

سَجَاحٌ i. q. تُجَاهَ: (Fr, O, K: *) so in the saying, قَعَدْتُ سِجَاحَ وَجْبِهِ [I sat over against, or fronting, his face]. (Fr, O.) سَجِيحٌ: see سُجُحٌ, in four places.

سَجِيحَةٌ: see سُجُحٌ, in two places. b2: Also Natural disposition; (S, A, K;) and so ↓ سَجْحَةٌ (K, in the TA سجح,) and ↓ مَسْجُوحَةٌ and ↓ مَسْجُوحٌ, (K,) the last an inf. n., though having no verb. (Abu-l-Hasan, TA.) You say, هُوَ كَرِيمُ السَّجِيحَةِ He is generous in respect of the natural disposition. (A.) And رَكِبَ فُلَانٌ سَجِيحَةَ رَأْسِهِ Such a one followed his own opinion. (AZ, TA.) أَسْجَحُ Beautiful, and of just proportion; (T, S, L, K;) applied to the make, (T,) or to the face, (S,) or to a man: (L:) or a face equable in form. (A.) And رَجُلٌ أَسْجَحُ الخَدَّيْنِ (A, L, TA) A man even, and soft, and long, in moderation, with little flesh, and wide, in the cheeks: (TA:) or smooth, and long, with little flesh, and wide, in the cheeks. (L.) b2: Also A camel thin in the lip. (Ham p. 283.) b3: And the fem., سَجْحَآءُ, A she-camel perfect, or complete, (L, K,) in length, or tallness, and in largeness: (L:) and a she-camel long in the back. (K.) مَسْجُوحٌ: see سَجِيحَةٌ. b2: Also i. q. جِهَةٌ [The place, or point, towards which a person, or thing goes, tends, or is directed]. (O, K.) مَسْجُوحَةٌ: see سَجِيحَةٌ.
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