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1 سَجمَ الدَّمْعُ, (S, K, JM,) aor. سَجُمَ, (JM,) inf. n. سُجُومٌ and سِجَامٌ; (S, K;) and ↓ انسجم; (S, JM;) The tears flowed: (JM:) or poured forth; (TA in explanation of the latter verb;) and so the latter verb said of water. (TA.) b2: And سَجَمَ عَنِ الأَمْرِ (tropical:) He held back from the thing, or affair, delaying to do it; (A, K, TA;) and shrank from it. (A, TA.) A2: سَجَمَتِ العَيْنُ دَمْعَهَا, (S, K, *) aor. سَجُمَ and سَجِمَ inf. n. سَجْمٌ and سُجُومٌ and سَجَمَانٌ, The eye shed its tears in drops: or shed its tears, little or much: (K:) or poured forth its tears. (TA.) And in like manner, سَجَمَتِ السَّحَابَةُ المَآءَ (tropical:) The cloud poured forth the water, (K, TA,) little or much: (K:) and السحابة ↓ اسجمت (assumed tropical:) The cloud rained continually; as also اثجمت: (IAar, TA:) and اسجمت السَّمَآءُ The sky poured forth [rain]; as also اثجمت. (S.) And سَجَمَهُ [He poured it forth, app. meaning either دَمْعَهُ or المَآءَ]; and [so] ↓ اسجمهُ; and [app. in an intensive sense] ↓ سجّمهُ, inf. n. تَسْجِيمٌ and تَسْجَامٌ. (K: omitted in the TA.) 2 سَجَّمَ see the last sentence above.4 أَسْجَمَ see 1, last two sentences.7 إِنْسَجَمَ see 1, first sentence. b2: انسجم الكَلَامُ (tropical:) The language was, or became, rightly, or regularly, ordered, arranged, or disposed. (TA.) دَمْعٌ سَجْمٌ and ↓ سِجَامٌ and ↓ سُجُومٌ (TA) [are instances of inf. ns. used as epithets, (as is said in the TA of the first and second, to which the third is obviously similar,) meaning Tears flowing, or pouring forth: or the first may be more correctly rendered tears shed in drops, or simply shed, or poured forth].

سَجَمٌ Tears: (K:) or flowing tears. (TA.) b2: And Water: (so in copies of the K:) i. e. the water of the sky: (TA:) or water that is apparent, or manifest. (CK.) A2: Also The leaves of the [tree called] خِلَاف [q. v.]; (K;) to which broad and long arrow-heads are likened. (TA.) سِجَامٌ an inf. n. used as an epithet: see سَجْمٌ. (TA.) عَيْنٌ سَجُومٌ [An eye shedding many tears]. (S, TA.) b2: And سَحَابٌ سَجُومٌ (assumed tropical:) [Clouds pouring forth much rain; like سَجَّامٌ]. (TA.) b3: and نَاقَةٌ سَجُومٌ (tropical:) A she-camel yielding much milk: (A, TA:) or that parts her hind legs on being milked, and raises her head: (K, TA: [in the CK, سَعَطَتْ is erroneously put for سَطَعَتْ:]) as also ↓ مِسْجَامٌ. (K.) b4: رَجُلٌ سَجُومٌ عَنِ المَكَارِمِ (tropical:) A man who shrinks from generous actions. (TA.) سُجُومٌ: see سَجْمٌ. [As it is originally an inf. n., used as an epithet,] you say also أَعْيُنٌ سُجُومٌ Eyes shedding tears in drops, or simply shedding tears, or pouring forth tears; i. q. سَوَاجِمٌ [pl. of ↓ سَاجِمَةٌ fem. of ↓ سَاجِمٌ, of which last, accord. to Freytag, سُجُمٌ is a pl.]. (TA.) سَحَابٌ سَجَّامٌ (assumed tropical:) Clouds pouring forth much rain. (TA. [See also سَجُومٌ.]) سَاجِمٌ; and its fem., with ة: see سُجُومٌ.

سَاجُومٌ A certain dye. (K.) أَسْجَمُ A camel that does not utter the grumbling cry termed رُغَآء: (S, TA:) or that does not bray clearly: (TA:) i. q. أَزْيَمُ. (K.) مِسْجَامٌ: see سَجُومٌ.

أَرْضٌ مَسْجُومَةٌ (tropical:) Land watered by rain. (S, TA.)
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