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سَخْتٌ, (S, K,) originally Pers., (TA,) Vehement, or intense; (S, K;) as also ↓ سَخِيتٌ (K) and ↓ سِخْتِيتٌ. (S, K.) One says, هٰذَا حَرٌّ سَخْتٌ, (Lh, S,) or سَخْتٌ لَخْتٌ, (TA,) This is vehement, or intense, heat; a phrase well known in the language of the Arabs, who use certain Pers., or foreign, words, as, for instance, بَلَاس for مِسْح. (Lh, S, TA. [See also سَحْتٌ.]) And حَلِفٌ

↓ سِخْتِيتٌ Vehement swearing. (S.) And كَذِبٌ

↓ سِخْتِيتٌ A vehement lie: and a pure, or an unmixed, lie. (TA.) b2: Also, from the Pers., Anything hard and thin or fine. (TA.) سَخِيتٌ: see the preceding paragraph: b2: and that here following.

سِخْتِيتٌ: see the first paragraph, in three places. b2: Also Dust rising very high: (S, K:) and ↓ سَخِيتٌ likewise signifies [the same, or] dust rising high; (TA in art. شخت;) as also شِخْتِيتٌ and شَخِيتٌ and شِخِّيتٌ; (K in that art.;) said to be arabicized words from the Pers.

سَخْتْ: (TA in that art.:) and the first (سختيت [and app. the others also]), fine dust. (TA in the present art.) And Anything fine; as, for instance, flour, or meal. (AA, TA.) Fine سَوِيق [or meal of parched barley, &c.]: (As, TA:) or سويق that is not moistened with any seasoning, or savoury admixture: (S:) or سويق having little grease or gravy [mixed with it]; as also سِحْتِيتٌ and سُحْتُوتٌ. (K and TA in the present art. and in art. سحت.) And Fine حُوَّارَى [or white flour]. (As, K.) سِخْتِيَانٌ and سَخْتيان (K, TA) and accord. to some سُخْتيان; the second of which is asserted by the expositors of Bkh to be the most common and most chaste; but Esh-Shiháb [El-Khafájee], in the “ Sharh esh-Shifà,” mentions only the form with kesr to the س and fet-h and kesr to the ت; and Ibn-Et-Tilimsánee mentions only the form with damm to the س and fet-h and kesr to the ت, adding that it is also written with ج; MF, however, deems what this last says to be very strange, and more especially with respect to the word's being written with ج, which he affirms to be unknown; (TA;) [Morocco-leather; so in the present day;] tanned goat's skin; an arabicized word, (K,) from the Pers.: expl. by IAth as jujube-coloured [or dark dull red] skins (جُلُودٌ عُنَّابِيَّةٌ); not [such as from their red colour are termed] أُدْمٌ. (TA.) سِخْتِيَانِىٌّ A preparer and seller of سِخْتِيَان. (K, * TA.)
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