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1 سَدَنَ, (S, L, K,) aor. سَدُنَ, (S, L,) inf. n. سَدْنٌ and سِدَانَةٌ, [or the latter, accord. to the Msb, seems to be a simple subst.,] He acted as minister, or servant, of the Kaabeh, and [so in the S and L, but in the K “ or ”] of the temple of idols; (S, L, K;) and performed the office of doorkeeper, or chamberlain. (K.) [And] سَدَنَ الكَعْبَةَ.

aor. سَدُنَ, inf. n. سَدْنٌ, has the former meaning. (Msb.) A 'Obeyd says, (L,) سِدَانَةُ الكَعْبَةِ signifies The ministry, or service, of the Kaabeh, (Mgh, L,) and the superintendence thereof, and the opening and locking of its door. (L.) The سِدَانَة and the لِوَآء [q. v.] belonged to [the family named] Benoo-'Abd-ed-Dár in the Time of Ignorance, and the Prophet confirmed it to them in El-Islám: (S, L:) [in the first age of ElIslám,] the سدانة of the Kaabeh belonged to the sons of 'Othmán Ibn-Talhah [of the family of Benoo-'Abd-ed-Dár]. (Mgh.) السِّدَانَةُ signifies [also (L)] الحِجَابَةُ [which seems to be properly a subst., meaning The office of door-keeper, or chamberlain, but here seems, from the context, to be used as an inf. n., meaning the performing that office]: you say, سَدَنَهُ, aor. as above, [app. meaning He acted as door-keeper, or chamberlain, to it, namely a temple, or for him:] (M, L:) or سَدَنَهُ, inf. n. سِدَانَةٌ, signifies he served it, or him. (MA.) A2: سَدَنَ ثَوْبَهُ, (S, L, K,) and السِّتْرَ, (S, L,) aor. سَدِنَ and سَدُنَ, (K,) He (a man, S, L) let down, or lowered, his garment, (S, L, K,) and the curtain, or veil, (S, L,) and الشَّعَرض the hair; like سَدَلَهُ [which is held by some to be the original, the ن being held by them to be a substitute for ل: see سِدْنٌ]. (Fr, TA in art. سدل.) سَدْنٌ: see what next follows, in two places.

سِدْنٌ, (L, Msb,) or ↓ سَدْنٌ, (so in a copy of the M,) or ↓ سَدَنٌ, and ↓ سَدَانٌ, (K,) as also ↓ سَدِينٌ, (AA, L, K,) A curtain, or veil: (AA, M, L, Msb, K:) [like سِدْلٌ and سُدْلٌ:] pl. of the first (L) or second (M) [and app. of the last also, like as أَسْدَالٌ is pl. of سِدْلٌ or سُدْلٌ and also of سَدِيلٌ,] أَسْدَانٌ; in which the ن is said by some to be a substitute for ل: (M, L:) or أَسْدَانٌ is a dial. var. of أَسْدَالٌ signifying the سُدُول of the [kind of camel-vehicles for women called] هَوَادِج; (S, L;) [i. e.,] accord. to ISk, it signifies the pieces of cloth with which the هَوْدَج is covered; (L;) as also سُدُونٌ; (As, TA voce سَدِيلٌ;) and its sing. is [سَدِينٌ, like سَدِيلٌ, or] ↓ سَدْنٌ. (L. [The last word is there thus written, in this instance, with fet-h.]) سَدَنٌ: see the next preceding paragraph.

سَدَانٌ: see the next preceding paragraph.

سَدِينٌ: see سِدْنٌ. b2: Also Fat, as a subst. (AA, L, K.) b3: And Blood. (K.) b4: and Wool. (K.) سِدَانَةٌ Ministry, or service. (Msb.) [and particularly The ministry, or service, and superintendence, of a temple of idols; and afterwards, of the Kaabeh: see 1.]

سَادِنٌ A minister, or servant, of the Kaabeh, (S, Mgh, L, Msb, K,) and [so in the S and L, but in the K “ or ”] of the temple of idols; (S, L, K;) and one who performs the office of doorkeeper, or chamberlain: (K:) pl. سَدَنَةٌ: (S, Mgh, L, Msb, K:) or سَدَنَةٌ signifies the doorkeepers, or chamberlains, (حُجَّاب, [pl. of حَاجِب,]) of the House [of God, i. e. the Kaabeh]; and the intendants of the idols in the Time of Ignorance; the latter being the primary application: (M, L:) but IB says that there is this difference between the سَادِن and the حَاجِب; that the latter precludes, and his license to do so belongs to another; whereas the سادن precludes, and his license to do so belongs to himself. (L.)
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