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2 سطّن a verb of which only the pass. part. n. (q. v. infrà) is mentioned: if used, app. signifying He supported upon أَسَاطِين, i. e. columns: b2: and hence, upon long legs: b3: and he made firm.]

سَاطِنٌ i. q. خَبِيثٌ [Bad, corrupt, &c.; like شَاطِنٌ]. (M, L, K.) أَسْطَانٌ [a pl. of which the sing. is not mentioned] Vessels of صُفْر [or brass]. (L, K.) أُسْطُوَانٌ, an arabicized word, (Az, L,) [app. from the Pers. أُسْتُونْ, like the word next following,] A man long in the legs and back. (M, L.) And A camel long in the neck, (M, L, K,) or (K) high. (S, M, L, K.) b2: What is termed أُسْتُوَانُ البَيْتِ is well known [app. meaning The pole of the tent: (see what next follows:) and this seems to be the primary signification]. (M, L.) أُسْطُوَانَةٌ a word of well-known meaning, (S, L,) arabicized from [the Pers.] أُسْتُوِنْ [which signifies the same], (K,) i. q. سَارِيَةٌ [meaning A column, of stone or of baked bricks]: (S, M, L, Msb, K:) pl. أَسَاطِينُ (S, M, * L, Msb, K *) and أُسْطُوَانَاتٌ: (Msb:) it is of the measure أُفْعُوَالَةٌ, (S, L, Msb, K,) because its pl. is أَسَاطَينُ, the ن being radical, (L, Msb,) accord. to Kh (Msb) and Fr, who says that it is the only instance of this measure; (L;) or of the measure فُعْلُوَانَةٌ, (S, L, K,) accord. to Akh, but, (J says, L,) if so, the و is augmentative and has next to it two augmentative letters, and this is scarcely ever, or never, the case; (S, L;) IB, however, says that this is the true measure, as is shown by its pl., أَسَاطِينُ, and its dim., ↓ أُسَيْطِينَةٌ: (L:) accord. to some, it is of the measure أُفْعُلَانَةٌ, (S, L, Msb,) but, if it were so, it would not have for its pl. أَسَاطِينُ, as there is no instance of the measure أَفَاعِينُ. (S, L.) b2: [Also A portico. Hence, أَهْلُ الأُسْطُوَانَةِ The Stoics. b3: And A cylinder.]

b4: And The legs of a beast: (K:) [or rather the pl.] أَسَاطِينُ has this meaning. (L.) b5: And The penis. (K.) أُسَيْطِينَةٌ dim. of أُسْطُوَانَةٌ, q. v. (IB, L.) مُسَطَّنٌ [app. Supported upon أَسَاطِين, i. e. columns. b2: And hence,] A man, and a beast, having long legs. (L.) b3: And أَسَاطِينُ مُسَطَّنَةٌ (S, M, L, K,) [Columns] made firm. (K.)
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