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1 سَعَلَ, aor. سَعُلَ, (S, O, Msb, K,) inf. n. سُعَالٌ (S, O, K) and سُعْلَةٌ, (K,) or the latter of these is the inf. n., and the former is a simple subst., (Msb,) [He coughed:] سُعْلَةٌ signifies [the having] a motion whereby nature expels somewhat hurtful from the lungs and the organs connected therewith: (Ibn-Seenà, K, TA:) wherefore the ducts of the lungs are called قَصَبُ السُّعَالِ [the tubes of coughing, meaning the bronchial tubes,] because it [i. e. what is hurtful in the lungs] has its exit by them. (TA.) One says, إِنَّهُ يَسْعُلُ سُعْلَةً

مُنْكَرَةً [Verily he coughs with an abominable coughing]. (TA.) And بِهِ سُعْلَةٌ [In him is a coughing; i. e. he has a coughing, or cough]. (TA.) And أَغْصَّكَ السُّؤَالُ فَأَخَذَكَ السُّعَالُ [The question, or petition, has choked thee, and consequently coughing has seized thee]. (TA.) b2: Hence the saying, رَمَاهُ فَسَعَلَ الدَّمَ [He shot him, and he consequently coughed up blood]; i. e., he threw [up] blood from his chest. (TA.) A2: سَعِلَ, aor. سَعَلَ, inf. n. سَعَلٌ; accord. to the K, app., سَعَلَ, aor. سَعُلَ, inf. n. سَعْلٌ; [and thus the pret. and inf. n. are written in the copies of the K;] but the former is the right; (TA;) (assumed tropical:) He was, or became, brisk, lively, or sprightly; (K, TA;) like زَعِلَ, inf. n. زَعَلٌ. (TA. [See the part. n., سَعِلٌ, below.]) 4 اسعلهُ It [made him to cough, or] occasioned him a coughing. (TA.) A2: And (assumed tropical:) He, or it, made him, or pronounced him, to be like the سِعْلَاة [q. v.]. (O, TA.) b2: And (assumed tropical:) He. (a man, K, TA,) and it, (pasture, or herbage, O, TA,) rendered him (a horse, TA) brisk, lively, or sprightly; (O, K, TA;) as also أَزْعَلَهُ. (O, TA.) 10 استسعلت (tropical:) She (a woman) became a سِعْلَاة, i. e., very clamorous, and foul-tongued; (S, O;) or like a سِعْلَاة, (K, TA,) in badness, wickedness, or guile, and clamorousness, and foulness of tongue: (TA:) similar to استكلبت, and to استأسد said of a man, &c. (AZ, TA.) سَعَلٌ Dry [dates of the bad sort termed] شِيص. (IAar, O, K.) سَعِلٌ, applied to a horse, (assumed tropical:) Brisk, lively, or sprightly; like زَعِلٌ. (AO, O, TA.) سِعْلَى: see the next paragraph.

سِعْلَاةٌ and ↓ سِعْلَآءُ (S, O, K [app. thus, without tenween, as a fem. noun, though فِعْلَاء without tenween is unusual,]) and ↓ سِعْلَى (S, O, TA) The [kind of goblin, demon, devil, or jinnee, called] غُول: (K:) or the female of the غُول: (Abu-l-Wefee El-Aarábee, TA in art. غول; and Har p. 76:) or the worst, most wicked, or most guileful, of the غِيلَان [pl. of غُول]: (S, O:) or an enchantress of the jinn, or genii: (K:) pl. [of the first] سَعَالٍ [written with the article السَّعَالِى] (S, O, K) [and of the second سَعَالِىُّ] and of the third سِعْلَيَاتٌ, which is said to signify the females of the غِيلَان. (TA.) b2: [Hence,] سِعْلَاةٌ signifies (tropical:) A very clamorous, foul-tongued, woman: (S, O, TA:) accord. to Aboo-'Adnán, a woman foul in face, evil in disposition, is likened to the سِعْلَاة: but some of the Arabs say that the Arabs do not apply the epithet سِعْلَاةٌ to any but an old woman. (TA.) b3: And [the pl.] السَّعَالِى signifies (tropical:) Horses; as being likened to what are [properly] so termed. (TA.) b4: And [the same pl.] السَّعَالِى, (K, TA,) with kesr to the ل, (TA,) [in the TK السَّعَالِىُّ, and in the CK ↓ السُّعالٰى,] signifies (assumed tropical:) A certain plant, the leaves of which make [the ulcers termed] دُبَيْلَات to discharge their contents, and dissolves them; and the fresh thereof remove the mange, or scab: it is a most excellent remedy for the cough; [wherefore it is also called حَشِيشَةُ السُّعَالِ; (TK;)] and causes the erection of the ذَكَر to subside (وَيَفُشُّ الاِنْتِصَابَ, K, TA, for which we find in some copies of the K وَنَفْسِ الاِنْتِصَابِ); even the fumigating of oneself therewith. (K.) سِعْلَآءُ: see the next preceding paragraph.

سُعَالٌ an inf. n. of سَعَلَ [q. v.]: (S, O, K:) or a simple subst. [meaning A cough]. (Msb.) السُّعَالٰى: see سِعْلَاةٌ.

سَاعِلٌ [Coughing]. You say نَاقَةٌ سَاعِلٌ, (O, K,) without ة, (O,) meaning A she-camel having a cough. (O, K.) b2: And إِنَّهُ لَذُو سُعَالٍ سَاعِلٍ

[Verily he has a violent cough]: (O, K: *) a phrase having an intensive meaning: (K:) by rule one should say سُعَال مُسْعِل; but thus the Arabs said, like as they said شُغْلٌ شَاغِلٌ and شِعْرٌ شَاعِرٌ: and [in like manner] a poet cited by Lth says ذُو سَاعِلٍ. (O.) b3: See also what follows.

مَسْعَلٌ The part of the fauces, or throat, which is the place of coughing: (S, Msb:) or [simply] the fauces, or throat; as also ↓ سَاعِلٌ; (K) which latter is expl. by Az as meaning The mouth; because with it one coughs. (TA.)
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