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1 سَفِدَ and سَفَدَ, (S,) or سَفِدَ عَلَى الأُنْثَى and [عَلَيْهَا] سَفَدَ, (K,) or سَفِدَهَا (M, Msb) and سَفَدَهَا, (M, A,) aor. of the former سَفَدَ, (S, M, Msb, K,) and of the latter سَفِدَ, (M, K,) inf. n. سِفَادٌ (S, M, Msb) and سَفْدٌ, which are of both the verbs; (M;) and ↓ سَافَدَهَا, inf. n. سِفَادٌ; (A;) He leaped the female: (S, K:) said of a bird, (A, Msb,) &c.; (Msb;) or of any beast or bird of prey; (As, TA;) or of a quadruped and of a bird; (M, TA;) or of a goat (S, TA) and of a camel (As, S, TA) and of a bull and of a beast of prey and of a bird; (S, TA;) and, in poetry, of a swimmer [app. meaning a fish]: (M, TA:) sometimes, also, it is used to convey an allusion to الجِمَاع [relating to human beings]. (A.) 2 تَسْفِيدُ اللَّحْمِ (assumed tropical:) The arranging of the flesh-meat upon the سَفُّود, to roast: (K:) Z [app.] makes it tropical, by his derivation of سَفُّودٌ [q. v.]. (TA.) 3 سَاْفَدَ see 1: b2: and see also 6.4 اسفدهُ He made him to leap [the female]. (S, * K, * PS, TK.) b2: أَسْفِدْنِى تَيْسَكَ, mentioned by Lh, means Lend me thy he-goat in order that he may leap my she-goat: and Umeiyeh Ibn-Abi-s-Salt uses its pass. part. n. metaphorically in relation to the زَنْد [or piece of stick used for producing fire]; saying, وَالأَرْضُ صَيَّرَهَا الإِلٰهُ طَرُوقَةً

↓ لِلْمَآءِ حَتَّى كُلُّ زَنْدٍ مُسْفَدُ [And the land, God made it to be soaked by the water, so that every زند was lent; no man being able to go far enough to cut one for himself]. (M, TA.) 5 تسفّد فَرَسَهُ He mounted his mare from behind; (M;) as also ↓ استسفدها: (AAF, M:) or بَعِيرَهُ ↓ استسفد he came to his camel from behind, and mounted him: (IAar, K:) and [in like manner] تسفّدَهُ i. q. تَعَرْقَبَهُ, (K,) i. e. he mounted him from behind. (TA.) 6 تسافدت السِبَاعُ (S) and الطُّيُورُ, (A,) or تسافد السِبَاعُ (K) and الطُّيُورُ, (TA,) and الشِيَاهُ ↓ سافدت, (Msb, [perhaps a mistranscription for تسافدت,]) The beasts of prey [and the birds and the sheep or goats] leaped one another. (TK.) 10 إِسْتَسْفَدَ see 5, in two places.

سَفْدُ اللِقَاحِ A certain game, in which boys arrange themselves one behind another, every one laying hold upon the حُجْزَة [or uppermost part of the waist-wrapper] of his fellow, from behind him. (T in art. جعر, and TA.) سَفُودٌ A mare that is not allowed to be leaped [by the stallion] until she has completed her مُنْيَة, which is a period of twenty days. (Kr, M.) سَفُّودٌ (S, M, Msb, K) and سُفُّودٌ (M, TA) (assumed tropical:) An iron instrument, (S, M, K,) with curved prongs, (M, TA,) with which flesh-meat is roasted: (S, K:) Z makes is to be tropical, saying [in the A] that it is so called because of its adhering to that which is roasted upon it: (TA:) pl. سَفَافِيدُ. (Msb, TA.) [For instances of substs. similar to سَفُّودٌ and سُفُّودٌ, see سُبُّوحٌ.]

إِسْفَنْدٌ and إِسْفِنْدٌ Wine: (K:) the etymologists assert that its د is a substitute for the ط in إِسْفَنْطٌ, which is one of the names of wine. (TA.) مُسْفَدٌ pass. part. n. of 4, q. v.
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