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أ1 سَلَأَ السَّمْنَ, (S, M, Mgh, Msb, K,) aor. سَلَاَ, (M, Msb, K,) inf. n. سَلْءٌ; (M, Msb;) and ↓ استلأهُ; (S, K;) He cooked the سَمْن [here meaning butter], (S, M, Mgh, Msb, K,) and worked it together, (S, Mgh, K,) and melted its زُبْد [or fresh, unclarified, portion], (M,) until it became clear (Mgh, Msb) from the milk remaining in it; (Msb;) he cleared the سمن [or butter] from the زُبْد [or fresh, unclarified, portion]; (Ham p. 2, in explanation of the former phrase; [i. e. he clarified the butter:] and سُلِئَ سَمْنًا, said of fresh butter, it was made into سَمْن [or clarified butter; i. e., was clarified]. (Mgh.) b2: And سَلَأَ السِمْسِمَ, (M, K,) [aor. and] inf. n. as above, (M,) He pressed the sesame, or sesamum, (M, K,) and extracted its oil. (M.) A2: سَلَأَ النَّخْلَ, (AZ, S,) or النَّخْلَةَ, (AHn, M,) or الجِذْعَ, (M, K,) and العَسِيبَ, [aor, and] inf. n. as above, (AZ, AHn, S, M,) He plucked off the prickles, (AZ, S, M, K,) i. e. (K) what are called the سُلَّآء, (AHn, M, K,) of the palm-trees, (AZ, S,) or of the palm-tree, (AHn, M,) or of the palm-trunk, (M, K,) and of the [part called]

عَسِيب [of a palm-branch]. (AZ, AHn, S, M.) A3: سَلَأَهُ مِائَةَ سَوْطٍ, (As, S, M, K, *) [aor. and] inf. n. as above, (M,) He inflicted upon him a hundred lashes of the whip. (M, K. *) b2: and سَلَأَهُ مِائَةَ دِرْهَمٍ, (As, S, M, K, *) [aor. and] inf. n. as above, (M,) He payed him, or payed him in ready money, a hundred dirhems, (As, S, M, K, *) promptly, or quickly. (K.) 8 إِسْتَلَاَ see above, first sentence. [See also 8 in art. سلى].

سِلَآءٌ [Clarified butter;] the subst. from سَلَأَ السَّمْنَ: pl أَسْلِئَةٌ. (S, M, K.) El-Farezdak says, كَانُوا كَسَالِئَةٍ حَمْقَآءَ إِذْ حَقَنَتْ سِلَآءَهَا فِى أَدِيمٍ غَيْرِ مَرْبُوبِ [They were like a stupid female clarifying butter, when she collected her clarified butter in a skin not seasoned with rob]. (S.) A2: See also what follows.

سُلَّأءٌ The prickles of the palm-tree: [a coll. gen. n.:] n. un. with ة. (S, M, Msb, K.) b2: Also, (K,) or [correctly the n. un.] سُلَّآءَةٌ, (M,) A sort of arrow-head, or spear-head, (M, K, *) in shape like the prickle of the palm-tree: (M, K:) and سلاءة, app. [سِلَآءَةٌ] without teshdeed [and with kesr], occurs in a trad. in this sense; for it is said that its pl. is ↓ سِلَآءٌ, of the same measure as حِمَارٌ. (TA.) A2: Also A certain bird, (M, K,) dust-coloured, and long-legged. (M.)
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