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1 سَنَجَ He smeared anything with a colour different from its own colour. (O, K.) سُنُجٌ The عُنَّاب [or jujube]. (IAar, K.) سَنْجَةٌ, as also صَنْجَةٌ, but the former is the more chaste, (T, O, Msb, K,) accord to Fr, (O,) because ص and ج do not both occur in any [genuine] Arabic word, (Msb,) or the former only is allowable accord. to Fr, (T, Msb,) or, accord. to ISk, (T, O, Msb, and S in art. صنج,) and IKt, (T, Msb,) the latter only is allowable; (T, O, Msb, and S and O in art. صنج;) an arabicized word, (O, Msb, and S and A and K in art. صنج,) from [the Pers.] سنك [or سَنْگْ, as meaning “ a weight ”]; (O;) [or rather from the Pers. سَنْجَهْ meaning “ a balance ” and “ a weight; ”] i. q. مِيزَانٌ [A balance]: (A in art. صنج:) [in the present day, applied to a steel-yard: and also, more commonly, (agreeably with the explanation of صَنْجَةٌ in the MA,) to a weight of a balance; which last seems to be intended in the S and O and Msb and K &c. by the expressions سَنْجَةُ المِيزَانِ and صَنْجَتُهُ, unless these expressions be instances of what is termed إِضَافَةُ الشَّىْءِ إِلَى نَفْسِهِ (i. e. the prefixing a noun, governing the gen. case, to another noun signifying the same thing), which I think unlikely:] pl. سِنَجٌ (A, Msb) and سَنَجَاتٌ. (Msb.) One says, اِتَّزَنَ منّى بِالسَّنْجَة الرَّاجِحَةِ [He received by weight from me with the inclining balance, or with the preponderating weight], and بِالسِّنَجِ الوَافِيَةِ [with the full weights]. (A.) And a rájiz says, كَأَنَّهَا سَنْجَةُ أَلْفٍ رَاجِحَهْ [As though it, or she, were the weight of a thousand, preponderating]: or, as some relate it, صَنْجَةٌ. (O.) سُنْجَةٌ i. q. رُقْطَةٌ [i. e. Blackness mixed with speckles of white: or the reverse: or speckles of white, and of black, and of red, and of yellow, in an animal]: (AA, O, K:) pl. سُنَجٌ, (O, K, TA, in the CK سُنْجٌ,) like حُجَرٌ (K, TA, in the CK like حُجْرٌ,) as pl. of حُجْرَةٌ. (TA.) سِنَاجٌ The mark, or effect, of the سِرَاج [i. e. lamp, or its lighted wick], (A, O, K,) upon the wall. (O, K, TA.) One says, لَابُدَّ لِلسِّرَاجِ مِنَ السِّنَاجِ [The lamp, or its lighted wick, cannot but have the mark, or effect, thereof upon the wall]. (A.) b2: Also The سِرَاج [itself; i. e. a lamp, or its lighted wick]: (ISd, K:) as also ↓ سَنِيجٌ. (K.) سَنِيجٌ: see what next precedes.

بُرْدٌ مُسَنَّجٌ A [garment of the kind called] بُرْد striped. (O, K.) [SM thinks that it may be a mistranscription for مُسَبَّجٌ, meaning “ wide,” applied to a كِسَآء: but this I think improbable.]
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