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Q. 1 سَنْدَرَةٌ (M, K) inf. n. of سَنْدَرَ, which signifies He (a man) went quickly: (TK:) [or was quick or expeditious:] syn. of the former سُرْعَةٌ: (M, K:) Sgh mentions it in art. سدر, regarding the ن as augmentative. (TA.) Hence, accord. to some, the saying of 'Alee, أَنَا الَّذِى سَمَّتْنِ أُمِّى حَيْدَرَهْ كَلَيْثِ غَابَاتٍ غَلِيظِ القَصَرَهْ

أَكِيلُكُمْ بالسَّيْفِ كَيْلَ السَّنْدَرَهْ [I am he whom my mother named Heydereh, like a lion of forests, thick in the neck: I will measure you with the sword with a quick measuring:] meaning, I will slay you quickly, before flight. (TA. [But see what follows.]) b2: A large, or an ample, sort of كَيْل [or measuring]: (M, K:) so expl. by some in the saying of 'Alee above quoted: or in that saying it is from سَنْدَرَةُ as the name of a certain woman, who used to sell wheat and give full measure, or of a man who did so. (TA.) [See also سَنْدَرَةٌ as a subst., below.] b3: Also The being bold, or daring: or boldness, or daringness. (TA.) b4: And The being sharp in affairs, and acting with penetrative energy: or sharpness in affairs, and penetrative energy. (TA.) سَنْدَرٌ: see the next paragraph but one.

سِنْدْرٌ A man bold, or daring, in his affair, not frightened at anything. (TA.) سَنْدَرَةٌ, [said in the TK to be the inf. n. of Q. 1, q. v.,] (S in art. سدر,) or ↓ سَنْدَرٌ, (so in a copy of the M,) or ↓ سَنْدَرِىٌّ, (IAar, K, TA,) A مِكْيَال [or measure, for measuring corn, &c.], (S, M, K,) well known, (M,) of large size, (S, K,) like the قَنْقَل and the جُرَاف: this is said in explanation of the first of these words as used in the saying of 'Alee quoted above: (S, TA:) i. e., the saying has hence been expl. as meaning, I will make a wide and quick slaughter of you: (TA:) or it may be a measure (مكيال) made of the tree called سَنْدَرَةٌ: (Kt, TA:) [for] b2: it is also the name of A certain tree, (S, M, K,) of which bows and arrows are made. (M, K.) سَنْدَرِىٌّ A man quick, or expeditious, (K, TA,) in his affairs; who strives, exerts himself, or is diligent, therein. (TA.) b2: And the pl. سَنَادِرَةٌ signifies [the contr., or] Persons without occupation; people of sport and idleness; as also سَبَادِرَةٌ. (TA.) b3: Also, the sing., Bold, or daring; (O, K, TA;) who makes a boast of more than he possesses. (TA.) b4: The lion; (K;) because of his boldness, or daringness. (TA.) b5: Strong, or vehement; (O, K;) thus applied to anything. (TA.) b6: Tall, or long; (O, K;) thus in the dial. of Hudheyl. (O.) b7: Large in the eyes. (K.) b8: Good: and the contr., i. e. bad. (M, K.) b9: A certain sort of arrows, and of arrow-heads or the like: (M:) or the white of these, (M, K,) i. e. of the latter: (K:) and a spear-head very clear or bright, (K, TA,) and sharp: (TA:) or, applied to an arrow, it means made of the tree called سَنْدَرَة: (S * in art. سدر, and M, and TA:) and قَوْسٌ سَنْدَرِيَّةٌ means a bow made of that tree: (TA:) or a bow having its string braced, and strongly, or skilfully, or well, made. (K, TA.) b10: Also A species of bird. (K.) b11: See also the next preceding paragraph.
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