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1 سَاكَ الشَّىْءَ, (IDrd, O, Msb, K,) aor. يَسُوكُ, inf. n. سُوْكٌ, (IDrd, O, Msb,) He rubbed the thing, or rubbed it well. (IDrd, O, Msb, K.) b2: See also 2.

A2: And see 6.2 سوّك فَاهُ, (S, O, Msb,) or سوّك فَمَهُ بِالعُودِ, (K,) inf. n. تَسْوِيكٌ; (S, O, Msb, K;) and ↓ سَاكَهُ, (O, K,) aor. and inf. n. as in the first paragraph, (O,) or inf. n. سِوَاكٌ; (Msb; [there said to be an inf. n., as well as a subst. syn. with مِسْوَاكٌ, but without the mention of its verb;]) and ↓ استاك and ↓ تسوَك, these two used without the mention of the mouth (S, O, Msb, K) or the stick; (K;) [He rubbed and cleaned his teeth with the سِوَاك, or مِسْوَاك.]5 تَسَوَّكَ see the next preceding paragraph.6 تَسَاوُكٌ and سِوَاكٌ [each an inf. n., the verb of the latter, if it have one, being app. ↓ سَاكَ,] A weak manner of going: or a bad manner of going, resulting from slowness or emaciation: (K, TA:) so says ISk. (TA.) One says, جَآءَتِ الإِبِلُ تَسَاوَكُ, [for تَتَسَاوَكُ,] i. e. The camels came inclining from side to side, in consequence of weakness, in their going along. (S, O.) [Or]

تساوكت الإِبِلُ means The camels had an agitation of their necks in consequence of leanness. (IF, Msb.) In the M it is said that جَآءَت الغَنَمُ مَاتَسَاوَكُ means The sheep, or goats, came, not moving their heads, in consequence of weakness. (TA.) 8 إِسْتَوَكَ see 2.

سِوَاكٌ and ↓ مِسْوَاكٌ signify the same; (S, Mgh, O, Msb, K;) i. e. A tooth-stick; a piece of stick with which the teeth are rubbed [and cleaned, the end being made like a brush by beating or chewing it so as to separate the fibres]; (K, * TA;) [commonly] a piece of stick of the [kind of tree called] أَرَاك: (Msb:) accord. to IDrd, derived from سُكْتُ الشَّىْءَ meaning “ I rubbed, or rubbed well, the thing; ” (O, Msb;) accord. to IF, from تساوكت الإِبِلُ [expl. above]: (Msb:) accord. to Lth, (T, TA,) سِوَاكٌ is masc. and fem., (IDrd, T, M, O, K,) though it is the more approvable way to make it masc.; (O;) but Az holds this to be a mistake, and the word to be masc. [only]; and Hr says that this assertion of Lth is one of his foul mistakes: (TA:) its pl. is سُوُكٌ (S, O, Msb, K) and سُوْكٌ (Az, TA) and سُؤُكٌ, (AHn, TA,) and [of pauc.] أَسْوِكَةٌ; and the pl. of ↓ مِسْوَاكٌ is مَسَاوِيكُ. (TA.) In the saying, in a trad., خَيْرُ خِلَالِ الصَّائِمِ السِّوَاكُ, a prefixed n. is [said to be] suppressed [so that the meaning is The best of the habits, or customs, of the faster is the use of the tooth-stick: but see 2, where سِوَاكٌ is said, on the authority of the Msb, to be also an inf. n.].

مِسْوَاكٌ: see سِوَاكٌ, in two places.
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