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1 شَبڤثَ see the next paragraph, in two places.5 تشّبث بِهِ He, or it, clung, caught, clave, or adhered, to it, (S, A, L, Msb, K, * TA,) namely, a thing; (S, L, TA;) as also ↓ شَبِثَ بِهِ, aor. شَبَثَ, inf. n. شَبَثٌ: (L, TA:) or, accord. to Esh-Shiháb, in the Expos. of the Shifè, to a thing in which was weakness: or, accord. to the 'Ináyeh, he, or it, clung, &c., to it with weakness; and therefore ↓ مُتَشَبِّثٌ is used as an epithet applied to a spider; and تَمَسُّكَ signifies a stronger action; and تشبّث به is also expl. as meaning he, or it, took fast, or firm, hold upon it: (L, TA:) and he stuck, or fixed, or struck, the claw, or talons, or nails, into it: (MA, PS:) and الشَّىْءَ ↓ شَبِثَ he laid hold upon the thing, and took it: IAar was asked respecting some verses, and he said, مَا

أَدْرِى مِنْ أَيْنَ شَبِثْتُهَا I know not whence I laid hold upon them [and took them]. (L, TA.) Q. Q. 1 accord. to the S and L, شَنْبَثَ: see art. شنبث.

شَبَثٌ The spider: (K:) or a large spider, with many legs. (TA.) b2: Also (K) A certain small creeping thing, (S, A, Msb, K,) having many legs, (S, A, K,) of the أَحْنَاش [or creeping things &c.] of the earth: (S, Msb:) it should not be called شِبْثٌ: (S:) or a certain small creeping thing, having six long legs, yellow in the back, and in the outer sides of the legs, black in the head, and blue in the eye: or a certain small creeping thing, having many legs, large in the head, of the احناش of the earth: or a certain small creeping thing, wide in the mouth, high in the hinder part, that perforates the ground, is found where there is moisture, and eats scorpions; and it is what is called شَحْمَةُ الأَرْضِ: (TA:) pl. شِبْثَانٌ. (S, A, Msb, K.) The [marks termed] أَثْر of the blade of a sword are likened by a poet, (S, TA,) namely, Sá'ideh Ibn-Ju-eiyeh, (TA,) to the tracks of شِبْثَان. (S, TA.) رَجُلٌ شَبِثٌ A man whose nature it is to cling, catch, cleave, or adhere, to a thing. (S, K.) and ضِرْسٌ ضَبِثٌ شَبِثٌ [A tooth, or molar tooth,] that catches, or fastens, to a thing. (TA.) شُبَثَةٌ, (K,) or شُبَثَةٌ ضُبَثَةٌ, (TA,) A man (TA) who cleaves to his قِرْن [i. e. opponent, or adversary], not quitting him. (K, TA.) شِبِثٌّ [erroneously written in some copies of the K شِبْثٌ, and in the L شِبِثٌ,] A certain wellknown plant; (AHn, L, Msb;) a certain herb, or leguminous plant; (K;) [i. q. شِبِتٌّ and سِبِتٌّ, q. v.; i. e. anethum graveolens, or dill, of the common garden-species:] Sgh says that شبث is a foreign word of which سِبِتٌّ is an arabicized form; and it is made of the measure فِعِلٌّ because this measure has many examples; whereas the measure فِعِلٌّ, of which إِبِلٌ is an instance, is extraordinary. (Msb.) شَبَّاثٌ: see what next follows.

شَبُّوثٌ and ↓ شَبَّاثٌ [so in the CK and in my MS. copy of the K, but the latter is strangely said in the TA to be with kesr,] sings. of شَبَابِيثُ, which signifies The flesh-hooks (كَلَالِيب) of the fire. (K.) الشَّنْبَثُ: see art. شنبث.

الشُّنَابِثُ: see art. شنبث.

مِتَشَبِّثٌ an epithet applied to a spider: see 5.
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