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شَذَا, aor. شَذُوَ: see 4.

A2: Also He perfumed himself (تَطَيَّبَ) with musk, (K, TA,) which is termed شَذْوٌ, or, as in copies of the M, شِذْوٌ. (TA.) b2: And شَذَا بِالخَبَرِ, (K, TA,) inf. n. شَذْوٌ; or, accord. to the Tekmileh, بالخبر ↓ شذّى, there written with teshdeed; (TA;) (tropical:) He knew the information, or story, and made it known, or understood. (K, TA.) 2 شَذَّوَ see the preceding paragraph.4 اشذى He annoyed, molested, harmed, or hurt: or he did what annoyed, molested, harmed, or hurt: syn. آذى: (S, Msb, TA:) and (TA) so ↓ شَذَا, (K,) aor. شَذُوَ, inf. n. شَذًا, (TA,) or شَذْوٌ. (TK [accord. to which the latter verb is trans.].) b2: And اشذاهُ عَنْهُ, (K,) inf. n. إِشْذَآءٌ, (TA,) He put aside, or away, and removed far off, him, or it, from him, or it. (K, TA.) شَذًا Annoyance, molestation, harm, or hurt; or a thing that annoys, molests, &c.: (S, Msb, K:) and evil, or mischief; (S, Msb;) as also ↓ شَذَاةٌ; as in the saying, إِنِّى لَأَخْشَى شَذَاةَ فُلَانٍ i. e. [Verily I fear, or dread,] the evil, or mischief, of such a one. (TA.) b2: Dog-flies; (S, K;) which also sometimes light upon the camel: (S:) or flies in general: (K:) or large blue flies that light upon beasts, and annoy, or molest, or hurt, them: (TA:) n. un. ↓ شَذَاةٌ. (S. [It is said in the Msb that شَذًا, of which the n. un. is شَذَاةٌ, is also with kesr (i. e. ↓ شِذًا); but in what sense is not specified.]) One says of him who is vehemently hungry, ضَرِمَ شَذَاهُ [lit. His flies have become vehemently hungry, or burning with hunger]. (S.) b3: And [app. because of the annoyance that it occasions,] Mange, or scab: (ISd, K:) and so شَدًا. (K in art. شدو.) b4: And [app. because of its pungency,] Salt: (S, K:) said in the M to be pl. [but properly coll. gen. n.] of ↓ شَذَاةٌ, which signifies a piece of salt. (TA.) b5: See also شَذْوٌ. b6: Also Fragments of aloes-wood (S, * K, * TA) with which one perfumes himself. (TA. [The same is also indicated in the S.]) b7: And Sharpness, (S,) or strength, (Fr, T, K,) of pungency of odour; (Fr, T, S, K;) accord. to the M, of sweet odour. (TA.) b8: See also شَذَاةٌ. b9: Also The extremity of anything: (TA:) and so شَدًا. (K and TA in art. شدو.) A2: And A sort of trees, (S, K,) used for مَسَاوِيك [i. e. sticks with which the teeth are cleansed], (K,) growing in the Saráh (السَّرَاة) and having gum. (TA.) A3: and A sort of ships or boats: (Lth, S, K:) n. un.

↓ شَذَاةٌ: (Lth, S:) [or] ↓ شَذَاوَةٌ signifies one of a sort of small ships, or boats, like those called زَبَازِبُ [pl. of زَبْزَبٌ]: and its pl. is شَذَاوَاتٌ. (Msb.) شِذًا: see the next preceding paragraph.

شَذْوٌ, so accord. to the K, but written in copies of the M with kesr [i. e. ↓ شِذْوٌ], (TA,) Musk; (IAar, K, TA;) as also ↓ شَذًا: (IJ, TA:) or the odour thereof: (As, T, Sgh, K:) or the colour thereof. (K.) شِذْوٌ: see the next preceding paragraph.

شَذَاةٌ: see شَذًا, in three places. b2: Also Sharpness. (TA.) b3: And Strength, and boldness, of a man. (Lth, TA.) b4: [Or] A remnant of strength: (S, K:) pl. شَذَوَاتٌ (TA) and [coll. gen. n.] ↓ شَذًا. (S, * TA. [See also شَدًا, in art. شدو.]) A2: As an epithet applied to a man, (TA,) Evil in disposition, (K, TA,) sharp in temperament, that annoys, or molests, or hurts, by his evil, or mischief: in some of the copies of the K, الشَّىْءُ الخَلَقُ is erroneously put for السَّىِّءُ الخُلُقِ. (TA.) A3: See again شَذًا, last sentence.

شَذَاوَةٌ: see شَذًا, last sentence.
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