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1 شَنِبَ, aor. شَنَبَ, (K,) inf. n. شَنَبٌ, (TA,) He had the quality termed شَنَبٌ meaning as expl. below. (K.) b2: And It (a day) was, or became, cool, or cold. (A, K.) شَنَبٌ Lustre, and fineness, or delicacy, or thinness, and coolness, and sweetness, in the teeth: (A, K:) or lustre, and fineness, or delicacy, or thinness, in the fore teeth: (TA:) or these two qualities, together with coolness and sweetness, in the mouth, accord. to As, or in the teeth: (TA:) or coolness and sweetness in the teeth: or sharpness of the teeth: (S:) or sharpness of the canine teeth, like غَرْبٌ, so that they appear like a saw: (K:) or white specks in the teeth: (A, K:) or the state of the teeth when they appear somewhat tinged with blackness, like the appearance of blackness in hail; غُرُوبٌ signifying the “ lustre ” of the teeth; and ظَلْمٌ, their “ whiteness that is as though there were over it a blackness: ” (ISh, TA:) Abu-l-'Abbás says, It is variously expl., as a serrated state of the teeth: and their clearness and cleanness: and their being separate, or apart, one from another: and the sweetness of their odour: (TA:) El-Jarmee says, I heard As say that this word signifies coolness of the mouth and teeth; and I said, Our companions say that it is their sharpness when they come forth; by which is meant their new, or recent, and fresh state; for when they have undergone the lapse of years, they become abraded, or worn: but he said, It is nothing but their coolness: and the saying of Dhu-r-Rummeh, وَفِى اللِّثَاتِ وَفِى أَنْيَابِهَا شَنَبُ [which should be rendered And in the gums, and in her canine teeth, is coolness], corroborates the assertion of As; for there is no sharpness in the gum: (S, L, TA:) it is also related of As that he said, I asked Ru-beh respecting the meaning of شَنَبٌ, and he took a grain of pomegranate, and pointed to its lustre: (Mz, TA:) [and ↓ شُنْبَةٌ signifies the same:] a poet says, مُنَصَّبُهَا حَمْشٌ أَحَمُّ يَزِينُهُ عَوَارِضُ فِيهَا شُنْبَةٌ وَغُرُوبُ

[Her even set of front teeth are slender and white, side teeth in which are coolness and lustre adorning them]. (O, TA.) b2: [In the present day, it signifies The mustache.]

شَنِبٌ and ↓ شَانِبٌ, (A, K,) the former regular, the latter on the authority of usage, (TA,) A cool, or cold, day. (A, K.) شُنْبَةٌ Coolness, or coldness, of a day. (O, K.) b2: See also شَنَبٌ, near the end.

شَنِيبٌ: see أَشْنَبُ.

شَانِبٌ: see شَنِبٌ: b2: and what here follows.

أَشْنَبُ Having the quality termed شَنَبٌ meaning as expl. above; (A, O, K;) as also ↓ شَانِبٌ, (K,) which is irregular, (TA,) and ↓ شَنِيبٌ, (K,) [which is likewise irregular;] but the first of these three is the most common: (TA:) applied to a man, (O,) and to the ثَغْر [or front teeth], (A,) [and to the mouth, as in a verse cited voce زَرْنَبٌ:] fem. شَنْبَآءُ, (S, O, K,) applied to a woman, (S, O,) and also written شَمْبَآءُ, (K,) the ن being changed into م because of the following ب, and in like manner [the pl. شُنْبٌ is also written]

شُمْبٌ. (TA.) b2: شَنْبَآءُ also signifies A pomegranate (رُمَّانَةٌ) such as is termed إِمْلِيسِيَّةٌ, having no grains, but only juice within the rind, (A, K, TA,) in the form of grains without stones. (TA.) مِشْنَبٌ A young boy whose teeth are sharp and serrated by reason of his youthfulness. (IAar, O.) مَشَانِبُ Sweet mouths. (O, K.)
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