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1 شَهَقَ, aor. شَهَقَ, (S, Msb,) inf. n. شُهُوقٌ, (Msb,) [said of a mountain, and of a building, &c., (see شَاهِقٌ,)] It rose high; or became high, or elevated, or lofty. (S, Msb.) b2: شَهَقَ, aor. شَهَقَ and شَهِقَ, inf. n. شَهِيقٌ [and تَشْهَاقٌ], said of an ass, [He uttered the ending of his braying, or the final sounds thereof;] (S;) [for] شَهِيقٌ signifies the ending, or final part, of the crying, or braying, of the ass; (S, O;) and to this the cries of the punished in Hell are likened in the Kur xi. 108; (O;) and زَفِيرٌ signifies the “ beginning, or commencing part, thereof: ” (S:) or شهيق signifies the drawing back of the breath; and زفير the “ emitting thereof: ” (Lth, S: [but the reverse is said by Lth and in the S in art. زفر:]) and تَشْهَاقٌ signifies the same as شَهِيقٌ: (S:) or both of these words signify [absolutely] the crying, or braying, of the ass: (O, K:) Zj says that شَهِيقٌ as denoting one of the cries of the afflicted [in Hell] means a very high-sounding moaning: and that, accord. to some, زَفِيرٌ [as used in the Kur ubi suprà] is similar to the beginning of the cry of the ass, termed شَهِيق; and that شَهِيقٌ is in the chest. (TA.) [Said of a man,] شَهَقَ, aor. شَهَقَ and شَهِقَ; and شَهِقَ, aor. شَهَقَ; inf. n. شَهِيقٌ and شُهَاقٌ (O, K) and شُهُوقٌ (O) and تَشْهَاقٌ; signify The [sound of] weeping became reiterated in his chest: (O, K:) or, as in the L, he reiterated the [sound of] weeping in his chest. (TA.) [Or]

شَهَقَ, aor. شَهَقَ and شَهِقَ, inf. n. شَهِيقٌ, signifies [or signifies also] He reiterated his breath, making his voice audible, naturally. (Msb.) One says also, شَهَقَ فُلَانٌ شَهْقَةً فَمَاتَ Such a one uttered a single cry and died. (S, TA.) b3: And شَهَقَتْ عَيْنُ النَّاظِرِ عَلَيْهِ (tropical:) The eye of the looker smote him with evil influence: (O, K, TA:) or, was pleased with him, and therefore continued looking at him. (A, TA.) شَهْقَةٌ A single cry. (S, TA.) [See 1, last sentence but one.]

شُهْقَةٌ Height, elevation, or loftiness. (TA.) شَاهِقٌ High, or lofty; applied to a mountain, (S, O, Msb, K,) and to a building, &c.: (O, K:) or, applied to a mountain, high and inaccessible: (JK, TA:) pl. شَوَاهِقُ: (JK, Msb, TA:) you say جِبَالٌ شَاهِقَةٌ and شَاهِقَاتٌ and شَوَاهِقُ. (Msb.) b2: Applied to a vein [or an artery], (tropical:) Pulsing upwards: (O, K, TA:) a term of the physicians. (O, TA.) b3: ذُو شَاهِقٍ (tropical:) A man whose anger is vehement: (JK, S, A, O, L, TA:) wrongly expl. in the K by the words لَا يَشْتَدُّ غَضَبُهُ: (TA:) and so ذُو صَاهِلٍ. (A, TA.) And (tropical:) A stallion [camel] Excited by lust, assaulting [the she-camels], and causing a sound to be heard from his inside; as also ذُو صَاهِلٍ. (TA.) تَشْهَاقٌ an inf. n. (S, * O, K. [See 1.]) b2: [and also an epithet.] One says ضَحِكٌ تَشْهَاقٌ [app. meaning (assumed tropical:) A loud laughing, likened to the تَشْهَاق of the ass]. (S, O.)
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