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1 شَهِلَ, aor. شَهَلَ, (K,) inf. n. شَهَلٌ, (S, * O, * TA,) He (a man, S, O) had that quality of the eye which is termed شُهْلَةٌ [expl. below]; (S, O, K;) as also ↓ اشهلّ, inf. n. اِشْهِلَالٌ. (K.) [And in like manner each of these verbs is probably used as said of the eye.]2 تَشْهِيلٌ is a vulgar dial. var. of تَسْهِيلٌ [inf. n. of سَهَّلَ, q. v.]. (TA.) 3 شاهلهُ, (K,) inf. n. مُشَاهَلَةٌ, (S, O, TA,) He acted with him in an evil manner; or contended, or disputed, with him; syn. شَارَّهُ; (S, * O, * K, TA;) and لَاحَاهُ [which has the latter of these significations]: and opposed him, being opposed by him; syn. عَارَضَهُ: (TA:) he reviled him; or reviled him, being reviled by him: (K:) he exchanged bad names with him; syn. قَارَصَهُ: (S, * TA: [in the O, المُقَارَضَة is put for المُقَارَصَة:]) he bandied words with him. (S, O, TA.) 5 تشهّل, said of the freshness, or brightness, and beauty, of the face, (مَآء الوَجْه,) It went away, or departed, (O, K, TA,) by reason of emaciation. (TA.) 9 إِشْهَلَّ see 1.

شَهْلٌ A mixture of two colours. (ISk, TA.) b2: Hence, (ISk, TA,) one says, فِى فُلَانٍ وَلْعٌ and شَهْلٌ, (ISk, O, K, *) or فى فلان شَهْلٌ, (JK,) (assumed tropical:) In such a one is lying. (ISk, JK, O, K.) A2: See also شَهْلَةٌ.

شَهَلٌ [properly inf. n. of شَهِلَ]: see شُهْلَةٌ.

شَهْلَةٌ A middle-aged, intelligent woman: an epithet peculiarly applied to a woman: (S, O, K:) one says اِمْرَأَةٌ شَهْلَةٌ كَهْلَةٌ, but not ↓ رَجُلٌ شَهْلٌ كَهْلٌ; though IDrd mentions شَهْلٌ كَهْلٌ. (TA.) b2: And An old woman. (K.) شُهْلَةٌ A tinge, or mixture, of زُرْقَة [i. e. blueness, or grayness, or a greenish hue,] in the black of the eye: (S, O:) or, as also ↓ شَهَلٌ, [this latter mentioned above as inf. n. of شَهِلَ, a tint] less than زَرَقٌ, [in the CK الزُّرْق is erroneously put for الزَّرَق, which is here used in the sense of الزُّرْقَة,] and more beautiful than this, in the black of the eye: (K, TA:) thus in the M: (TA:) or a tinge of redness in the black of the eye, not in lines, like شُكْلَةٌ, but [consisting in] a paucity of blackness of the black of the eye, so that it is as though it inclined to redness: (K:) or a hue of the black of the eye between redness and blackness: or a lack of purity of the blackness thereof: or a redness in the black of the eye; شُكْلَةٌ being the like of a redness in the white thereof; thus expl. by A 'Obeyd; and in like manner by Es-Semmák. (TA.) شَهْلَآءُ fem. of أَشْهَلُ [q. v.]. (S, O, K.) A2: Also A want; syn. حَاجَةٌ: (S, O, K:) said by IF to be originally شَكْلَآءُ. (O.) شِهْلِيلِىٌّ A دِرْهَم [app. meaning a silver coin] of the measure of the breadth of the hand. (Mgh.) أَشْهَلُ, applied to a man, (S, O,) Having that quality of the eye which is termed شُهْلَةٌ: (S, O, K:) accord. to AZ, syn. with أَشْكَلُ: (TA: [but see this latter epithet:]) fem. شَهْلَآءُ; (K;) which is applied as an epithet to an eye. (S, O.) b2: Also A mountain, and a wolf, dust-coloured inclining to whiteness. (En-Nadr, TA.) b3: And الأَشْهَلُ is the name of A certain idol. (Ibn-El-Kelbee, O, K.)
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