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1 شُفْتُهُ, (S, O, K,) aor. أَشُوفُهُ, (O,) inf. n. شَوْفٌ, (O, K,) I polished it; (S, O, K;) namely, a thing, (S, O,) or an ornament of gold or silver. (Mgh.) b2: [Hence,] شِيفَتِ الجَارِيَةُ, (S, O, K,) also written شُيْفَت, (thus in one of my copies of the S, in the other written شُئِفَت, and thus only,) aor. تُشَافُ, (S, O, K,) inf. n. as above, (S,) The girl, or young woman, was adorned. (S, O, K.) b3: And [hence likewise,] شَوْفٌ also signifies The smearing of a camel with tar. (K.) One says, شُفْ بَعِيرَكَ Smear thy camel with tar. (O.) A2: [The inf. n.] شَوَفَانٌ as syn. with تَشَوُّفٌ [but in what sense is not said] is vulgar. (TA.) b2: So too is [the inf. n.] شَوْفٌ as meaning The act of seeing [and of looking]. (TA.) [شاف is much used in the present day as meaning He saw, and he looked at, a thing.]2 شوّف الجَارِيَةَ, inf. n. تَشْوِيفٌ, He adorned the girl, or young woman. (TA.) A2: شيّف الدَّوَآءَ He made the medicament to be what is termed شِيَاف [q. v.]. (Ibn-'Abbád, O, K.) [The ى in this verb is substituted for و.]4 اشاف عَلَيْهِ i. q. أَشْرَفَ [meaning He was, or became, on the brink, or verge, or at the point, of it], (S, O, K,) namely, a thing; like أَشْفَى; (S, O;) from which it is formed by transposition. (S.) b2: And اشاف He feared. (Ibn-'Abbád, O, K.) You say, اشاف مِنْهُ He feared him, or it. (K.) A2: See also 5, last sentence.5 تشوّف He adorned himself: (K:) or تشوّفت she (a woman, IDrd, O, or a girl, or young woman, S) adorned herself. (IDrd, S, O.) One says of a woman divorced by a sentence that admits of her returning, تُتَشَوَّفُ لِزَوْجِهَا i. e. She adorns herself for her husband, by making her face clear, and polishing her cheeks; from 1 in the first of the senses assigned to it above. (Mgh.) A2: تشوّفت الأَوْعَالُ The mountain-goats ascended upon the tops of the mountains, (Lth, O, Msb,) and looked down, (Lth, O,) to see the plain country and its freedom from those whom they feared, in order that they might repair to the water and the pasturage. (Msb.) b2: Hence, تشوّف لِكَذَا He (a man) raised, or stretched and raised, his eyes, or sight, towards such a thing: and hence the verb became used to denote hope, or expectation, and desire, or seeking. (Msb.) And تشوّف مِنَ السَّطْحِ He stretched himself up, and looked, and overlooked, or looked down, from the house-top. (K.) One says, النِّسَآءُ يَتَشَوَّفْنَ مِنَ السُّطْوحِ The women look, [or look down,] stretching themselves up, from the house-tops. (S, O.) [See also 8.] And one says also, تشوّف إِلَى الشىْءِ, (S,) or الى الخَيْرِ, (O, K,) or الى الخَبَرِ, (CK,) He looked for [the thing, or good, or the news or tidings], (S, O, K,) &c. (TA.) b3: And تشوّف الشَّىْءُ The thing rose, or became high or elevated; as also ↓ اشاف. (TA.) 8 اشتاف He (a man, S, O) stretched himself up, and looked: (S, O, K:) and in like manner one says of horses. (TA.) [See also 5.] b2: and اشتاف البَرْقَ He looked at the lightning, or at the cloud thereof, to see whither it was tending, and where it would rain; syn. شَامَهُ. (S, O, K.) A2: Also, said of a wound, It became rough, or thick; (AZ, O, K;) and so ↓ استشاف, thus without hemz. (TA.) 10 إِسْتَشْوَفَ see what next precedes.

شَوْفٌ The مِجَرّ, (O, K,) i. e. a wooden implement, (O,) [meaning a harrow,] by means of which the ploughed land is made even. (O.) شَافَةٌ: see شَأْفَةٌ, in art. شأف. (TA.) شِيَافٌ Medicaments for the eye and the like: (O, K:) from 1 in the first of the senses assigned to it above: originally شِوَافٌ. (O.) شَوَّافٌ A sharp-sighted man. (TA.) شَيِّفَةٌ A scout, or scouts, (طَلِيعَةٌ,) employed to look out for a party; (IAar, S, O, K;) as also ↓ شَيِّفَانٌ. (IAar, O, K.) شَيِّفَانٌ: see what next precedes.

مَشُوفٌ Polished: applied to a دِينَار [&c.]. (S, O, K.) 'Antarah says, وَلَقَدْ شَرِبْتُ مِنَ المُدَامَةِ بَعْدَ مَا رَكَدَ الهَوَاجِرُ بَالمَشُوفِ المُعْلَمِ

[And verily I have drunk wine, after that the vehement noon-day-heats of summer had remitted, purchased with the polished, charactered deenár]: (S, O, and EM p. 237:) he means the deenár polished by the minter thereof: (TA:) or, as some say, he means the bright, charactered, or figured, bowl. (O, TA. *) b2: Also A camel smeared with tar; (O, K;) because it polishes him. (TA.) b3: And (K) accord. to AA (O, TA) and A'Obeyd, (TA,) as used by Lebeed, (O, TA,) A camel in a state of excitement by lust: (O, K: *) but as some relate the verse in which it occurs, the word is with س, and means “ smelt ”

by the [other] camels because smeared with tar. (O, TA.) b4: And, (K,) as some say, (O, TA,) it means [A camel] decorated with wools of various colours, and with other things. (O, K. [In the CK, المُزَيِّنُ is erroneously put for المُزَيَّنُ.]) مُشَوَّفَةٌ like مُعَظَّمَةٌ [in measure], A woman who exposes herself to view in order that men may see her. (Aboo-'Alee, TA.)
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