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1 شَانَهُ, aor. يَشِينُهُ, (S, Msb, K, &c.,) inf. n. شَيْنٌ, (S, * Msb, TA,) He, or it, disgraced him, or dishonoured him; rendered him ugly or unseemly, disfigured him, or blemished him; (MA, PS;) i. q. عَابَهُ; (Msb, TA;) contr. of زَانَهُ; (S, * K;) [and ↓ شيّنهُ, inf. n. تَشْيِينٌ, signifies the same, (the verb alone rendered by Freytag, on the authority of Meyd, “dehonestavit,”) like as the contr. زيّنهُ signifies the same as زَانَهُ.] b2: The saying of Lebeed, يَشِينُ صَحَاحَ البِيدِ كُلَّ عَشِيَّةٍ

بِعُوجِ السَّرَآءِ عِنْدَ بَابٍ مُحَجَّبِ [They deface what is unmarred of the deserts, every evening, with the crooked things (i. e. the bows) of the wood of the tree called سَرَآء, at a veiled door, (referring to a company of men, and therefore the verb is sing.,)] means that they vie, one with another, in glorying, or boasting, and make marks, or lines, with their bows, upon the ground, as though they disfigured it (شَانُوهَا) with those marks, or lines. (S.) 2 شَيَّنَ see 1.

A2: شيّن شِينًا حَسَنًا (T, TA) or حَسَنَةً (K) He made, (Th, TA,) or wrote, (K,) a beautiful ش. (Th, K, TA.) شَيْنٌ is the contr. of زَيْنٌ: (S, Msb;) and ↓ مَشَايِنُ [in the CK مَشائِن] is an anomalous pl. thereof: (TA:) the latter signifies Disgraces or dishonours, i. e. things, or qualities, that cause to be disgraced or dishonoured; things that render ugly or unseemly, that disfigure, or that blemish; syn. مَعَايِبُ, (S, K, TA,) and مَقَابِحُ; (S, TA;) on the authority of Fr.: (TA:) [↓ شَائِنَةٌ, also, signifies the same; and its pl. is شَوَائِنُ;] one says هٰذِهِ شَائِنَةٌ مِنَ الشَّوَائِنِ [This is one of the things that disgrace or dishonour, &c.]. (TA.) b2: [It is also used as epithet, like as is its contr. زَيْنٌ:] one says, وَجْهُهُ شَيْنٌ, i. e. His face is ugly, or unseemly; for ذُو شَيْنٍ; mentioned by Az. (TA.) شِينٌ One of the letters of the alphabet, (S, K,) [i. e. the name of that letter; (see art. ش,)] of the letters termed مَهْمُوسَة [expl. in art. ش], with somewhat of التَّنْغِيم and التَّغْشِيَة [app. meaning that kind of utterance which is undertoned, and muffled, exactly like our “ sh ”], its place of utterance being the شَجْر, i. e. the place of the opening of the mouth, (K, TA,) near the place of utterance of ج: masc. [as meaning a حَرْف, or letter], and fem. [as meaning a كَلِمَة, or word]: pl. أَشْيَانٌ and شيانات [a mistranscription for شِينَاتٌ]. (TA.) A2: Also, thus with kesr, A man having many رِقَاع [i. e. patches in his garment, pl. of رُقْعَةٌ]. (Kh, TA.) A3: And A long مَرْكَب [app. meaning ship or boat]. (TA.) فِعْلٌ شَائِنٌ [An action that disgraces or dishonours, &c.]. (TA.) شَائِنَةٌ [a subst. from شَائِنٌ]: see شَيْنٌ.

مَشِينٌ Disgraced, or dishonoured; rendered ugly or unseemly, disfigured, or blemished; pass. part. n. of 1. (Msb.) مَشَايِنُ an anomalous pl. of شَيْنٌ, q. v. (TA.)
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