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1 صَبَنَ, (S, M, Msb, K,) aor. صَبِنَ, (S Msb, K,) inf. n. صَبْنٌ, (S,) He turned away a gift, (As, S, K, TA,) or an act of kindness or beneficence, (As, S, TA,) from his neighbours, and his acquaintances, to others; and in like manner, كَبَنَ and خَضَنَ; (As, TA;) or he withheld it; عَنّّا [from us]: (As, S, K:) and صَبَنَ الكَأْسَ, (M, Msb,) aor. as above, (Msb,) he (the cupbearer) turned away the cup of wine, (M, Msb,) مِمِّنْ هُوَ

أَحَقُّ بِهَا [from him who was more, or most, entitled to it], (M,) or عَنْهُ [from him]. (Msb.) 'Amr Ibn-Kulthoom says, صَبَنْتِ الكَأْسَ عَنَّا أُمَّ عَمْرٍو وَكَانَ الكَأْسُ مَجْرَاهَا اليَمِينَا [Thou hast turned away the cup of wine from us, O Umm-' Amr; when the proper course of the cup of wine was towards the right]. (S. [See EM p. 184.]) b2: And He (a man) hid a thing in his hand, (M, TA,) such as a dirhem & c., without its being known. (TA.) b3: And صَبَنَ الكَعْبَيْنِ, (S, K,) or القِدْحَيْنِ, aor. and inf. n. as above, (M,) He placed evenly, or suitably, in his hand, (S, M, K,) the pair of play-bones, or dice, (S, K,) or the pair of gaming-arrows, (M,) and then cast them: (S, M, K:) said of a player at a game of hazard. (S, K.) To him who does so one says, أَجِلْ وَلَا تَصْبِنْ [Shuffle thou, and do not pack]. (S.) 2 صبّن, from صَابُون, He soaped a thing; or washed it with soap: so in the language of the present day.]7 إِنْصَبَنَ see what next follows.8 اصطبن and ↓ انصبن (K, TA) and ↓ صَبْيَنَ (so in my MS. copy of the K) or ↓ صَيْبَنَ (so in the CK, but neither of these is in the TA,) He, or it, turned away or back, or became turned away or back. (K.) Q. Q. 1 صَبْيَنَ or صَيْبَنَ: see what next precedes.

صَبْنَآءُ The hand of a player at a game of hazard inclined for acting treacherously to a companion. (IAar, K.) صَابُونٌ a word of well-known meaning, (S, M, K,) [Soap;] a compound with which clothes [&c.] are washed: the best of which is made of pure olive-oil and clear potash and good جِير [meaning lime], well cooked [i. e. boiled], and dried, and cut into particular shapes: the مَغْرِبِىّ sort is not cut, nor well cooked [or boiled], but is like cooked starch: (TA:) it is hot and dry; and produces a pleasurable sensation in the body; (K;) but the washing the head with it hastens hoariness: (TA: [in which many other supposed properties of it are mentioned:]) IDrd says the word is not of the language of the Arabs: (TA:) [Fei, in the Msb, fancifully derives it from صَبَنَ الكَأْسَ, because it removes filths and impurities:] MF says that it is one of the words common to all languages, Arabic and Persian and Turkish and others [as Greek &c.]. (TA.) b2: [Hence,] صُابُونُ الهُمُومِ is a term for (assumed tropical:) Wine. (TA voce تِرْيَاقٌ, q. v.) صَابُونِىٌّ Of, or relating to, soap; saponaceous. b2: And A maker, or seller, of soap: mentioned in the K and TA only as a surname.]
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