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1 صَحَنَهُ, (S, K,) [aor. صَحَنَ,] inf. n. صَحْنٌ, (TA,) He gave him something in a صَحْن, (S, K,) i. e. the bowl so called: (S:) from Fr. (TA. [See 5.]) And صَحَنَهُ دِينَارًا He gave him a deenár. (TA.) b2: Also, (AA, S, K,) aor. as above, (K,) He struck him. (AA, S, K.) You say, صَحَنْتُهُ صَحَنَاتٍ i. e. I struck him [strokes: the latter word being pl. of ↓ صَحْنَةٌ, the inf. n. of un.]. (S.) and صَحَنَهُ عِشْرِينَ سَوْطًا He struck him twenty strokes of the whip. (TA.) b3: صَحَنَتِ الحَالِبَ بِرِجْلِهَا She (a camel) kicked the milker with her hind leg. (TA.) A2: صَحَنَ بَيْنَهُمْ, (S, K,) inf. n. as above, (TA,) He made peace, or he effected a rectification of affairs, an agreement, a harmony, or a reconciliation, between them. (S, K.) 5 تصحِّن He asked, or begged: (K, TA:) one says, خَرَجَ فُلَانٌ يَتَصَحَّنُ النَّاسَ Such a one went forth begging of the people; (AZ, TA;) or, [as is a custom of many Arab and other Eastern mendicants,] begging of them in a bowl, [see 1, first sentence,] or some other thing. (TA.) صَحْنٌ A great عُسّ [i. e. bowl, or drinkingcup]; (S, K;) nearly as large as the تِبْن [q. v.]: (Ks, S in art. تبن:) or a shallow عُسّ: (so accord. to a copy of the S:) or a bowl, or drinking-cup, (قَدَح) that is neither large nor small: (TA:) [now applied to a plate, and a dish:] pl. [of pauc.]

أَصْحُنٌ (Msb, * TA) and [of mult.] صِحَانٌ (TA) [and app., agreeably with modern usage, صُحُونٌ]. b2: And [hence,] A [kind of] cymbal; (PS;) a small brazen basin, (طُسَيْتٌ, [dim. of طَسْتٌ,]) one of what are termed صَحْنَانِ, (S,) this meaning two little brazen basins, (طُسَيْتَانِ صَغِيرَتَانِ, K,) which are struck together. (S. K.) b3: and (tropical:) The interior of the solid hoof; (K, TA;) also called سكرجة [i. e. سُكُرُّجَة or سُكُرَّجَة]. (TA.) b4: And (assumed tropical:) The interior of the ear: or the مَحَارَة [i. e. concha] thereof. (TA.) And صَحْنَا الأُذُنَيْنِ [thus accord. to the TA and my MS. copy of the K, in the CK صَحْناءُ,] (assumed tropical:) The resting-place (مُسْتَقَرّ) of the interior of each of the ears; (K;) meaning the place of hearing [or meatus auditorius] of the resting-place of the interior of each of the two ears of the horse: pl. أَصْحَانٌ. (TA.) b5: Also The middle of a house; (S, K;) meaning the سَاحَة [i. e. court] of the middle of a house [and of a mosque &c.]: (TA:) [and also a hall: for] it is thus called whether without, or with, a roof. (Kull, voce بَيْتٌ.) And The سَاحَة [or spacious vacant part] of the middle of a desert; and of an elevated and plain, or hard and elevated, tract; and of a wide space of low, or depressed, ground: pl. صُحُونٌ, the only pl. form. (TA.) A wide part of a desert: so in the saying, سِرْنَا فِى صَحْنِ الفَلَاةِ [We journeyed in the wide part of the desert]. (Msb.) And A level, or plain, tract of ground. (TA.) And An acclivity (سَنَد) of a valley, in which is some elevation above [other] elevated ground, as though supported [by the latter]; and in like manner, of a mountain, and of a hill such as is termed أَكَمَة; the صُحُون of the ground being the دُفُوف [i. e. banks, or acclivities,] thereof: it is bare, and such as flows [with rain]; and is not thus called unless bare of everything, and even: and it means also an even tract of ground like the area of the place in which dates are put to dry. (TA.) b6: [Hence,] one says, جَرَى الدَّمْعُ عَلَى صَحْنَىْ وَجْنَتَيْهِ (tropical:) [The tears ran upon the middle of each of his cheek-balls]. (TA.) A2: Also A gift. (TA. [See 1, first sentence.]) صَحْنَةٌ; pl. صَحَنَاتٌ: see 1.

A2: Also A bead (خَرَزَةٌ) with which women fascinate men, and restrain them, or withhold them from other women. (Lh, TA.) صُحْنَةٌ A clear space of a [stony tract such as is called] حَرَّة. (K.) صِحْنَآءٌ, (S, and so accord. to some copies of the K,) and صَحْنَآءٌ, (thus also accord. to some copies of the K,) and with the short alif, [app. صِحْنًى and صَحْنًى,] (S, and so accord. to some copies of the K,) or صِحْنَاةٌ and صَحْنَاةٌ, (Mgh, Msb,) or thus also, (accord. to some copies of the K,) or thus, and also صِحْنَآءَةٌ and صَحْنَآءَةٌ, (accord. to other copies of the K,) or when with ة having a more special signification, [being a n. of un., and, if so, accord. to a general rule, with tenween when without ة, as is said to be the case in the TA, on the authority of Az, accord. to whom, as is also there stated, the word is pluralized by the elision of the ة,] (S,) A certain condiment, or seasoning, made of fish, (S, K,) of small fish, which has the properties of exciting appetence, and rectifying the state of the stomach: (K:) or i. q. صِيرٌ, (Mgh, Msb,) i. e. what is called in Pers. مَاهِى آوَهٌ [jelly of salted fish]: (Mgh:) AZ is related to have said that صحناة is Pers., meaning what the Arabs call صِير: IAth says that صير and صحناة are both of them Pers. words. (TA.) صَحُونٌ A she-camel that has a habit of kicking: (AA, S, K:) and a kicking mare or horse: and a she-ass that kicks the he-ass with her hind leg whenever he comes near to her: or, as some say, a she-ass in which are whiteness and redness [app. meaning a wild she-ass]. (TA.) مِصْحَنَةٌ A vessel like the [bowls called] صَحْفَة (K, TA) and قَصْعةَ. (TA.)
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