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1 صَخَّ الأُذُنَ, aor. صَخُّ, (S, A, * TA,) inf. n. صَخٌّ; (S, TA;) in a copy of the T, ↓ اصخّ, inf. n. إِصْخَاخٌ; (TA;) It (a sound) deafened the ear by its vehemence. (S, A, TA.) b2: And صَخَّهُ, aor. as above, He struck him on the ear and rendered it deaf. (A.) b3: And صَخَّنِى فُلَانٌ بِعَظِيمَةٍ (tropical:) Such a one accused me of a great crime, and calumniated me. (A, TA.) b4: And رَمَاهُ فَصَخَّهُ, inf. n. as above, He shot, or cast, at him, and caused him extreme pain: or, as some say, killed him. (JK.) b5: And صَخَّ الغُرَابُ The crow pierced with his beak into the gall on the back of a camel: (K, * TA:) or الغُرَابُ يَصُخُّ بِمِنْقَارِهِ فِى دَبَرَةِ البَعِيرِ the crow pierces with his beak into the gall on the back of the camel. (JK.) b6: صَخٌّ also signifies The striking with something hard, (L, K,) as a staff, (L,) upon something solid, (L, K,) and with iron upon iron. (L.) [Accord. to the TK, one says, صَخَّ الحَدِيدَ عَلَى الصَّخْرَةِ, meaning ضَرَبَهُ بِهَا: but I think that the right reading is بِالحَدِيدِ; and the meaning, He struck with the iron upon the mass of rock.]

A2: صَخَّ الحَجَرُ, (A,) and صَخَّتِ الصَّخْرَةُ and the like, (L,) inf. n. صَخِيخٌ (A, L, K) and صَخٌّ, (L, K,) The stone, (A,) and the mass of rock, (L, K,) caused a sound to be heard (A, L, K) on its being struck (A, L) with a stone. (L.) b2: And صَخَّ لِحَدِيثِهِ He listened to his narration, or discourse. (A, TA.) 4 أَصْخَ3َ see above, first sentence.

صَخَّةٌ A sound produced by the striking of a mass of rock with a stone. (S, A, * K.) صَاخَّةٌ A cry that deafens by its vehemence. (S, K.) b2: And hence, (S,) The resurrection: (AO, S, K:) so in the Kur lxxx. 33; accord. to AO: being either an act. part. n. from صَخَّ, aor. صَخُّ, or an inf. n.: (L:) or it there signifies the cry on the occasion of which the resurrection shall take place, which will deafen the ears so that they shall hear nothing but the call to life: (Zj, L:) or it there means the second blast of the horn. (Jel.) b3: Also A calamity, or misfortune: (K:) or a severe calamity or misfortune: and hence the resurrection is called الصَّاخَّةُ. (A, TA.)
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