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صَيْدَنٌ A firm, strong, or compact, building. (M.) b2: And A firm, strong, or compact, garment, or piece of cloth: (M:) or a [garment of the kind called] كِسَآء that is stout, or strong, or that is thick, or compact, in texture. (K.) b3: and A king; (S, M, K;) because of the firmness of his rule, or his state, or condition; as also ↓ صَيْدَنَانِىٌّ and صَيْدَلَانِىٌّ. (M.) b4: And A fox; (S, M, K;) as also ↓ صَيْدَنَانِىٌّ: (K:) or الصَّيْدَنُ is one of the names thereof. (TA.) b5: And The hyena. (K.) b6: See also صَيْدَنَانِىٌّ. b7: Also A species of fly, that makes a buzzing sound over the herbage. (IKh, TA.) b8: And, as also صَيْدَلٌ, Stones [i. e. pieces of ore] of silver: to which are likened what are termed حِجَارَةٌ العَقَاقِيرِ. (IDrst, TA. [See صَيْدَلٌ; and see also صَيْدَانٌ, below.]) صَيْدَانٌ Pieces of silver, (M, TA,) when struck from the stone [or ore] thereof: (TA:) n. un. with ة. (M, TA.) [See also صَيْدَنٌ, above, last signification. And see صَيْدَانٌ in art. صيد.] b2: And Stone cooking-pots: (M, TA:) in this sense [likewise] a coll. gen. n.: n. un. with ة. (IB and L in art. صيد, in which it is mentioned in the S and L and K.) [See, again, صَيْدَانٌ, and also صَيْدَآءُ, in art. صيد.] b3: And Small pebbles: (IAar, M, TA:) or so صَيْدَانُ الحَصَى. (L in art. صيد.) صَيْدَانَةٌ [as a n. un.: see صَيْدَانٌ, above. b2: Also] Rugged, hard ground, in which is fine stone. (M, TA.) b3: See also two other significations (mentioned here in the TA) in art. صيد.

صَيْدَنَانِىٌّ A certain creeping thing, (دَابَّةٌ, M,) or a small creeping thing, (دُوَيْبَّةٌ, S, K,) that makes for itself a habitation in the ground, (S, M, K,) within the ground, (M,) and conceals it; (S, M, K;) i. e. covers it over; (M;) so says A 'Obeyd; (S;) also called ↓ صَيْدَنٌ: (S, K:) accord. to IKh, a certain small creeping thing (دويبّة) that collects pieces of stick, or wood, from the plants: accord. to IAar, a certain creeping thing (دَابَّةٌ) having many legs, so many that they cannot be counted, which are short and long. (TA.) b2: See also صَيْدَنٌ, in two places. b3: Also i. q. صَيْدَلَانِىٌّ (S, Mgh, K, TA) as meaning A seller of medicines, (Mgh,) or of perfumes: so called as being likened to the small creeping thing mentioned above: or from صَيْدَنٌ in a sense expl. above as syn. with صَيْدَلٌ. (TA.)
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