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1 صَرُحَ, (S, O, Msb, K,) aor. صَرُحَ, (K,) inf. n. صَرَاحَةٌ and صُرُوحَةٌ, (S, O, Msb,) [both strangely said in the K, to be substs.,] It was, or became, pure, sheer, free from admixture, unmingled, unmixed, genuine, or clear; (S, O, Msb, K;) said of a thing (S, O, Msb) of any kind of which the meaning is predicable, (S, O,) [and particularly] said of one's race, or genealogy. (K.) A2: صَرَحَ: see 2, in two places.2 صَرَّحَتْ She (a camel) yielded pure, or clear, milk. (TA in art. حلب.) b2: [Hence, probably,] تَصْرِيحٌ signifies The speaking clearly, plainly, explicitly, directly, or without ambiguity or equivocation; contr. of تَعْرِيضٌ. (S, A, K.) Yousay, صرّح بِمَا فِى نَفْسِهِ, (S, A, L, Msb, K,) and بِمَا عِنْدَهُ, (A,) He made apparent, manifest, or plain, or he manifested, exposed, or revealed, (S, A, L, K,) what was in his mind, (S, L, K,) and what he had; (A;) as also بِهِ ↓ صارح; (L, K;) and به ↓ صَرَحَ: (TA:) or he declared, or made clear, what was in his mind, so as to express the intended meaning according to the first [or most obvious] interpretation; or he made it free from expressions susceptible of tropical meanings and a secondary [or remote] interpretation. (Msb.) And صرّح الشَّىْءَ, (TA,) inf. n. تَصْرِيحٌ; (K, TA;) and ↓ صَرَحَهُ, (TA,) inf. n. صَرْحٌ; (K, TA;) and ↓ اصرحهُ, (TA,) inf. n. إِصْرَاحٌ; (K, TA;) He made the thing apparent, manifest, clear, or plain. (K, TA.) A2: This verb is also intrans. (K.) One says, صرّحت الخَمْرُ, (S, A, Msb,) inf. n. تَصْرِيحٌ, (S, K,) The wine became free from froth; (S, A, Msb, K;) [it became clear] after fermenting and frothing. (S.) And صرّح النَّهَارُ The day became free from clouds, and sunny: (A:) or صرّح اليَوْمُ the day became free from mists and clouds. (Msb.) And صرّحت كَحْلُ The year of drought, or sterility, became one of unmixed severity; (S, Meyd, L, K;) and in like manner, صرّحت السَّنَةُ: (L:) or the former means the sky became clear of clouds. (S in art. كحل, and Meyd.) And صرّح, (S, Msb, TA,) inf. n. as above, (K, TA,) said of an affair, (K, TA,) or, as in a copy of the K, [and in the S and Msb,] said of the truth, (TA,) It became apparent, manifest, exposed, or revealed; (S, Msb, K, TA;) and so ↓ انصرح, (S, K, TA,) said of the truth. (S, TA.) Hence the prov. عِنْدَ التَّصْرِيحِ تُرِيحُ, meaning On the appearing of the truth thou findest rest; (Meyd, TA;) no doubt remaining in thy mind. (Meyd.) And صَرَّحَ الحَقٌّ عَنْ مَحْضِهِ, (S, Meyd, A, Msb,) another prov., meaning (tropical:) The truth, or affair, became revealed, or manifest, (S, Meyd, Msb,) after its being concealed: (Meyd, Msb:) or, as AA says, falsity became detected, or exposed, and the truth became apparent and known. (Meyd. [See also زُبْدٌ.]) And صَرَّحَتْ بِجِلْذَانَ, another prov., (Meyd, L,) meaning It (the affair, or case,) became apparent, or manifest, to thee, in Jildhán; which last word is variously written, [see Freytag's Arab. Prov. i.

730, and Har p. 106,] a place in Et-Táïf, soft and even, like the palm of the hand, containing no covert in which one may conceal himself; the ت in صرّحت denoting the قِصَّة or خُطَّة: (Meyd:) i. e. the man made apparent, or revealed, the utmost of what he desired, or meant. (L.) b2: See also a trad. cited in art. صوح, conj. 2. b3: صرّح said of an archer or the like means [He made his arrow, or missile, to go clear of the butt or mark; or] he shot, or cast, and missed (K, TA) the butt [or mark]. (TA.) 3 صارح بِهِ: see 2.

A2: [صارحهُ, inf. n. مُصَارَحَةٌ and صِرَاحٌ, He confronted him, or faced him.] One says, شَتَمَهُ مُصَارَحَةً, and صِرَاحًا, (S, K,) and ↓ صُرَاحًا, (K,) which last is a subst. [used as an inf. n., i. e. a quasi-inf. n.], (S, K,) He reviled him confronting him, or face to face, or to his face. (S, K.) And لَقِيتُهُ مُصَارَحَةً, (A, TA,) and صِرَاحًا, and ↓ صُرَاحًا, (TA,) I met him face to face. (A, TA.) 4 أَصْرَحَ see 2.5 تصرّح الزَّبَدُ عَنِ الخَمْرِ The froth became cleared away from the wine. (TA.) 7 إِنْصَرَحَ see 2.

صَرْحٌ A قَصْر [i. e. palace, or pavilion, &c.]: (Zj, S, A, K:) and (as some say, TA) any lofty building: (S, A, K, TA:) or a single house or chamber, built apart, or detached, large, and lofty: (Msb, TA:) pl. صُرُوحٌ. (S, A.) صَرَحٌ: see صَرِيح.

صَرْحَةٌ The court, or open area, of a house; i. e. a spacious vacant part or portion thereof, in which is no building; its عَرْصَة, (S, TA,) or its سَاحَة [which means the same]: (A, Msb, TA:) pl. صَرَحَاتٌ. (Msb.) b2: And A tract of ground that is hard and elevated (S, L) and even: or a tract that is even, and open to view, of ground, and of a place where camels or other animals are confined, or where dates are dried, and of a house or dwelling: or a tract that is even, and of goodly appearance, though not open to view: Aboo-Aslam asserts it to mean a [desert tract such as is called] صَحْرَآء. (L.) b3: [Hence, app.,] one says, خَرَجَ لَهُمْ صَرْحَةَ بَرْحَةَ, (so accord. to the TA as from the K,) or صَرْحَةَ بَرْحَةٍ, (O, and so in my MS. copy of the K,) or صَرْحَةً بَرْحَةً, (so in the CK,) He went forth openly, or into the field [of battle], to them: (O, K:) and أِنَّ خُرُوجَ صَرْحَةٍ

بَرْحَةٍ لَكَثِيرٌ, (so accord. to the TA as from the K,) or صَرْحَةَ بَرْحَةٍ, (O, and so in the CK,) or صَرْحَةَ بَرْحَةَ, (so in my MS. copy of the K,) [accord. to SM,] with fet-h in the end of each [app. in the former phrase], and with tenween in each [app. in the latter phrase], (TA,) [i. e. Verily the going forth openly, or into the field of battle, is frequent. See also صَحْرَة, and بَحْرَة.]

صُرْحَانٌ: see صَرِيحٌ.

صَرَاحٌ: see صَرِيحٌ.

صُرَاحٌ: see صَرِيحٌ, in six places. b2: Also Thin milk, containing much water, so that in some parts of it one sees a tawniness and خُضْرَة [here app. meaning a blackish hue]. (L.) A2: See also 3, in two places.

صِرَاحٌ: see the next paragraph, in two places.

صَرِيحٌ Anything pure, sheer, free from admixture, unmingled, unmixed, genuine, or clear; (S, A, Msb, K, TA;) as also ↓ صَرَحٌ, (S, K,) which is by some restricted by the [additional] epithet white, (TA,) and ↓ صُرَاحٌ, (L, K,) and ↓ صِرَاحٌ, which is [said to be] more chaste [though much less usual] than صُرَاحٌ, (L,) and ↓ صَرَاحٌ, (K,) and ↓ صُمَارِحٌ, (S, K,) in which last the م is augmentative, or, as is related on the authority of AA, it is صُمَادِحٌ, with د, but [J says] I do not think this to have been retained in the memory [as transmitted from the Arabs of classical times]. (S.) You say لَبَنٌ صَرِيحٌ Milk of which the froth has gone, (S, A, L,) or free from froth, (T, L,) and clear: (T, A, L:) or just drawn. (TA in art. زهر.) And بَوْلٌ صَرِيحٌ Urine free from froth. (T, L.) And ↓ خَمْرٌ صُرَاحٌ, (L,) and ↓ صُرَاحِيَةٌ, (L, K,) without teshdeed, (K,) Pure wine, (L, K,) without admixture. (TA.) And ↓ كَأْسٌ صُرَاحٌ A cup of wine without admixture. (S, A, Msb, K.) And جَآءَ بَنُو تَمِيمٍ صَرِيحَةً The sons of Temeem came unmixed with any others. (S.) And رَجُلٌ صَرِيحٌ, (T, S, L, K, *) and عَرَبِىٌّ صَرِيحٌ, (A, Msb,) A man, (T, S, L,) and an Arab, (A, Msb,) of pure, or unmixed, race or genealogy; pl. صُرَحَآءُ: (T, S, A, L, Msb, K:) and فَرَسٌ صَرِيحٌ a horse of pure race; (T, TA;) pl. صَرَائِحُ, (T, K, TA,) in this case as distinguished from the former. (T, TA.) And نَسَبٌ صَرِيحٌ Pure, or unmixed, race or genealogy. (A.) And كَلِمَةٌ

↓ صُرَاحٌ and ↓ صُرَاحِيَةٌ [A word, an expression, or a sentence,] that is pure, genuine, or clear. (K.) And ↓ كَذِبٌ صُرَاحٌ and ↓ صِرَاحٌ, the latter with kesr, and ↓ صُرَاحِيَةٌ and ↓ صُرَاحِىٌّ (TA) and ↓ صُرْحَانٌ with damm, (Lh, TA,) (assumed tropical:) A pure, sheer, or unmixed, lie, (Lh, TA,) manifest, and known to men. (TA.) And قَوْلٌ صَرِيحٌ (assumed tropical:) A saying [that is explicit, plain, or clear,] not requiring anything to be conceived in the mind, nor any interpretation. (Msb.) And ↓ شَرٌّ صُرَاحٌ (tropical:) [Pure unmixed, evil, or mischief]. (A, TA.) and صَرِيحُ النُّصْحِ (assumed tropical:) Pure, or sincere, in admonition, or counsel. (L, TA.) صَرَاحَةٌ: inf. ns. of صَرُحَ [q. v.]. (S, O, Msb.) صُرُوحَةٌ: inf. ns. of صَرُحَ [q. v.]. (S, O, Msb.) صُرَاحِيَةٌ: see صَرِيحٌ, in three places. b2: [Hence the saying,] أَتَاهُ بِالأَمْرِ صُرَاحِيَةً [app. He stated to him the affair, or case,] clearly, or without admixture. (L, TA.) صُرَاحِىٌّ: see صَرِيحٌ.

صَرِيحِىٌّ an epithet applied to a horse, in relation to a certain stallion named صَرِيحٌ, (S, TA,) or الصَّرِيحُ, (TA,) that begat a generous breed. (S, TA.) صُرَاحِيَّةٌ A vessel for wine: (K:) [in Pers.

صُرَاحِى:] but IDrd doubts its correctness. (TA.) صُرَّاحٌ A certain flying thing, resembling the [species of locust called] جُنْدَب, which is eaten. (K.) صُمَارِحٌ: see صَرِيحٌ.

يَوْمٌ مُصَرِّحٌ, (S, K,) like مُحَدِّثٌ [in measure], (K,) [in one of my two copies of the S مُصَرَّحٌ also, and in the other copy the latter only,] A day free from clouds: (S, K:) occurring in the poetry of Et-Tirimmáh. (S.) مِصْرَاحٌ A she-camel that does not yield frothy milk; (T, K; [in the CK, لا تَرْعَى is put for لا تُرَغِّى;]) that yields pure milk, with little froth. (M, TA.)
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