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1 صَلُتَ, aor. صَلُتَ, inf. n. صُلُوتَةٌ, said of the جَبِين [or side of the forehead], It was such as is termed صَلْت [i. e. conspicuous, or clear, or fair; &c.]: (S, K:) or he (a man) was such as is termed صَلْت in respect of the جَبِين, (S, * K, * TA,) or of the face, or of the cheek (TA. [Accord. to the S and K, the verb is app. said of the جَبِين: accord. to the TA, of a man.]) A2: صَلَتَهُ, (S,) aor. صَلُتَ, (TK,) inf. n. صَلْتٌ, (K,) He urged him to run, by striking him with his foot, or leg; or struck him with his feet or legs, to urge him; namely, a horse; syn. رَكَضَهُ. (S, K. *) b2: And He poured it forth; namely, what was in the cup, or bowl. (S.) A3: جَآءَ بِلَبَنٍ يَصْلِتُ, and بِمَرَقٍ يَصْلِتُ, He brought milk, and broth, having much water, (T, S, M,) with little oily, or greasy matter. (T, S.) 3 مُصَالَتَةٌ signifies The taking to oneself a verse of another poet without altering anything in it. (Har p. 267. [But this I believe to be postclassical.]) 4 اصلت سَيْفَهُ He drew his sword from the scabbard. (S, M, A.) 7 انصلت He advanced with a penetrative energy, and outstripped; syn. مَضَى, and سَبَقَ; (K;) or so انصلت فِى سَيْرِهِ [i. e., in his pace]: (S:) he outstripped; syn. تَجَرَّدَ: and he was quick, or he hastened, in his pace, or going. (TA.) One says of the eagle (العُقَاب), انْصَلَتَتْ مُنْقَضَّةً [It was swift in making a stoop]. (A. [This meaning is there indicated by the context.]) b2: انصلت يَعْدُو He hastened in some measure, running: and so اِنْكَدَرَ يَعْدُو. (A'Obeyd, TA.) b3: انصلتت السَّحَابَةُ (assumed tropical:) The cloud was going to rain. (TA, from a trad.) صَلْتٌ, applied to the جَبِين [or side of the forehead], Conspicuous, or clear, or fair; syn. وَاضِحٌ: (S, A, K:) open, or uncovered, and even: (M, K:) or smooth: (TA:) anything bare; and open, or uncovered: (IAar, TA.) wide, even, and beautiful, or comely. (ISh, TA.) One says رَجُلٌ صَلْتُ الجَبِينِ A man conspicuous, or clear, or fair, in respect of the جبين: (M, TA:) or smooth and shining: (A:) or wide, white, conspicuous, or clear, or fair: (Khálid Ibn-Jembeh, TA:) or even: (A'Obeyd, TA:) or hard. (IAar, TA.) And رَجُلٌ صَلْتُ الوَجْهِ وَالخَدِّ A man conspicuous, or clear, or fair, in respect of the face and of the cheek. (TA.) And فُلَانٌ يُكَوِّنُ الأَسْوَدَ صَلْتًا [Such a one makes the black to be white, or fair]. (TA.) b2: Also, and ↓ مُنْصَلِتٌ, (M, K,) and ↓ إِصْلِيتٌ, applied to a sword, (S, M, A, K,) Sharp: (S:) or polished, and sharp, or penetrating: (K:) or unsheathed, and sharp, or penetrating: (M:) or such as penetrates into that which is smitten with it: (A:) but some say that a sword is not termed صَلْتٌ unless long: (TA:) or ↓ إِصْلِيتٌ may have the same meaning as ↓ مُصْلَتٌ, i. e. unsheathed: (S:) accord. to AA, صَلْتٌ applied to a sword and to a knife and to a needle means having no sheath. (TA.) And one says, ضَرَبَهُ بِالسَّيْفِ صَلْتًا (S, M, A) and ↓ صُلْتًا (S, M) He smote him with sword unsheathed. (S, M, A.) b3: صَلْتٌ applied to a man, as also ↓ أَصْلَتِىٌّ and ↓ مُنْصَلِتٌ (S, M, K) and ↓ مِصْلَتٌ and ↓ مِصْلَاتٌ, (S, K,) pl. [of the last] مَصَالِيتُ, (S,) Hard, firm, strong, or hardy, (M,) sharp, or penetrating, (S, M, K,) in affairs, (S,) or in needful affairs, (M, K,) light in clothing: (M:) and [in like manner] ↓ صَلَتَانٌ signifies sharp, or penetrating, and quick (مُنْصَلِتٌ), in his affair. (Ham p. 536.) b4: See also صَلَتَانٌ below. b5: And see صُلْتٌ. b6: أَبُو الصَّلْتِ is a surname of The حِدَأَة [or kite]. (TA in art. حدأ.) صُلْتٌ (S, M, K) and ↓ صَلْتٌ (M, K) A large knife: (S, M, K:) or an unsheathed knife: (M:) pl. أَصْلَاتٌ. (S, M.) b2: For the former, see also صَلْتٌ.

صِلْتٌ A thief, or robber: (K:) formed by transposition from لِصْتٌ. (TA.) صَلَتَانٌ, applied to a man, and to an ass, Strong, and hard, firm, or hardy: pl. صِلْتَانٌ: (M:) or, applied to a man, as expl. above voce صَلْتٌ, q. v.: (Ham p. 536:) and, applied to an ass, strong: (S: [in some copies of which, for مِنَ الحِمَارِ, meaning مِنَ الحُمُرِ, we find من الجِمَارِ, whence an error in the Lexicon of Golius:]) and, applied to a horse, brisk, lively, or sprightly, and sharp of spirit; (S, K;) and so applied to a man; like فَلَتَانٌ: (T and TA in art. فلت:) and , accord. to As, applied to an ass, smooth, having short hair: (TA:) or sometimes it means having no hair upon him; and so ↓ صَلْتٌ. (Ham p. 536.) A2: [And accord. to ISd, it seems to be an inf. n., of which the verb is not mentioned; for he says that] it signifies also The act of leaping, springing, or bounding. (M.) أَصْلَتِىُّ: see صَلْتٌ.

إِصْلِيتٌ: see صَلْتٌ, in two places.

مُصْلَتٌ: see صَلْتٌ.

مِصْلَتٌ: see صَلْتٌ.

مِصْلَاتٌ: see صَلْتٌ. b2: مِصْلَاتُ العُنُقِ [app. applied to an ass] Having the neck stretching out, and smooth, or with short, or little, hair upon it. (As, TA.) مُنْصَلِتٌ: see صَلْتٌ, in two places. b2: Also, applied to anything, Quick, or swift. (M, TA.) b3: Applied to a river, or rivulet, (tropical:) Vehement in its manner of running. (A, TA.)
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