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1 صَمَرَ, (M, K,) aor. صَمُرَ, (M,) inf. n. صَمْرٌ and صُمُورٌ, He was niggardly, or tenacious, and refused; (M, K;) as also ↓ اصمر, and ↓ صمّر: (K:) [or] صَمَرَ, inf. n. صَمْرٌ, signifies he collected, and refused; and so ↓ اصمر, and ↓ صمّر: one says, صَمَرَ مَتَاعَهُ [he collected, and refused, his goods]: (O:) [but ISd says that] the phrase ↓ الصَّامِرِينَ مَتَاعَهُمْ, used by a poet, means, الصَّامِرِينَ بِمَتَاعِهِمْ [i. e., accord. to the context, those who are niggardly with their goods]. (M.) A2: صَمَرَ المَآءُ, (M, O, K,) aor. صَمُرَ, inf. n. صُمُورٌ, (M, O,) The water ran from a declivity into a level place, and then became calm, or tranquil, while [continuing] running. (M, O, K.) And ↓ صِمْرٌ signifies The resting-place of such water: (M, K:) and ↓ صِمْرُ الوَادِى the resting-place of such water of the valley. (TA.) A3: صَمَرَ, (O, K,) aor. صَمِرَ; (K;) and صَمِرَ, (O, K,) aor. صَمَرَ; (K;) said of milk, (O, K,) It was, or became, sour; (O;) or very sour; as also ↓ اصمر. (O, K.) 2 صَمَّرَ see above, first sentence, in two places: A2: and see the paragraph here following.4 أَصْمَرَ see 1, first sentence, in two places: A2: and see also the last sentence.

A3: Also اصمروا, (O, * K,) inf. n. إِصْمَارٌ; (O;) and ↓ صمّروا, (K,) inf. n. تَصْمِيرٌ; (O;) They entered upon the time of sunset, which is called الصُّمَيْرُ. (O, K.) 5 تصمّر He confined, restricted, or restrained, himself. (O.) [See also its part. n., below.]

صَمْرٌ, (M, O, TS, K,) or ↓ صَمَرٌ, (S, A, L,) [the latter probably the correct, or the original, word, and, if so, app. an inf. n. of an unmentioned, and perhaps unused, verb, namely, صَمِرَ, whence the part. n. صَمِرٌ, q. v.,] Stink, foul odour, or offensive smell: (S, M, K:) and, (K,) accord. to IAar, (O, TA,) the odour of fresh mush, (O, and so in copies of the K,) or of fresh fish: (TA, as from the K:) and, accord. to IAar, (O, TA,) but in this sense more commonly ↓ صَمَرٌ, (O,) the sultry heat, (O,) or foul smell, and sultry heat, and dew, or moisture, accompanying such heat, (TA,) of the sea when it is agitated. (O, TA.) صُمْرٌ i. q. صُبْرٌ [i. e. The side of a thing: or a side rising above the rest of a thing: or its upper part, or top: or its edge]: (S, M, K:) the م is said to be substituted for ب: (M:) pl. أَصْمَارٌ. (S, M, K.) You say, أَدْهَقْتُ الكَأْسَ إِلَى أَصْمَارِهَا, meaning الى أَصْبَارِهَا [i. e. I filled the cup to its uppermost parts; or to its edges]. (ISk, S, M, * K: in the M and TA is added, i. e. إِلَى أَعَالِيهَا.) And أَخَذَ الشَّىْءَ بِأَصْمَارِهِ, meaning بِأَصْبَارِهِ [i. e. He took the thing altogether: see art. صبر]. (M, TA.) صِمْرٌ, and صِمْرُ الوَادِى: see the first paragraph.

صَمَرٌ: see صَمْرٌ, in two places.

صَمِرٌ: [Stinking; having a foul, or an offensive, odour, or smell]. One says, يَدِى مِنَ السَّمَكِ صَمِرَةٌ [My hand is stinking from the fish], (S, O, [in the former of which the meaning is indicated by the context,]) and مِنَ اللَّحْمِ [from the flesh-meat]. (TA.) صَمْرَةٌ Milk devoid of sweetness. (O, K.) صَمِيرٌ A man whose flesh is dry, or tough, upon his bones, (S, M, A, O, K,) from whom the odour of sweat diffuses itself. (IDrd, S, A, O, K.) صُمَيْرٌ The time of sunset. (K, TA.) صَمَارَى, (M, O, K,) and صُمَارَى, (O, K,) and ↓ صُمَارِىٌّ, (S, O, K,) and صِمَارى, with kesr, [but whether otherwise like the first and second or the last, is not shown,] (TA, from Az,) The podex, or the anus; syn. دُبُرٌ, (S,) or اِسْتٌ, (M, A,) or سَافِلَةٌ: (O:) because of its foul smell. (O, * TA.) صُمَارِىٌّ: see the next preceding paragraph.

صَامِرٌ A day in which the wind is still. (O, TA.) A2: See also 1, first sentence.

صَوْمَرٌ, a word of the dial. of El-Yemen, (IDrd, O,) The بَاذَرُوج; (M;) [i. e.] the trees, or plants, (شَجَر,) called by the latter name; (K;) or a species of بَقْل [or herb] called in Pers. by the latter name [which, commonly pronounced with د, is one of the names now applied to basil]: (IDrd, O:) accord. to AHn, a sort of tree, or plant, that does not grow by itself, but twines upon the غَاف, consisting of twigs with leaves like those of the أَرَاك, (M, O,) its twigs being more slender than thorns, (O,) and having a fruit resembling the acorn, (M, O,) in form, but thicker at the base and more slender at the extremity, (O,) which is eaten, and is soft, and very sweet: (M, O:) the stem of the صَوْمَرَة [which is the n. un.] is thicker than the upper half of the arm; and it increases in height with the غَافَة while the latter does so: (O:) 'Alee Ibn-'Abbás, author of the book entitled the “ Kámil,” says that the بَاذَرُوج has in it nothing beneficial when a man takes it internally; but when applied externally, it matures, or causes suppuration, [for انفج in the TA, an evident mistranscription, I read أَنْضَجَ,] and acts as a dissolvent. (TA.) صَامُورَةٌ Very sour milk. (O, K.) مُتَصَمِّرٌ i. q. مُتَشَمّسٌ [app. as meaning Niggardly, tenacious, or avaricious; agreeably with the first explanation of 1]: (O, K:) and, (K,) or as some say, (TA,) confining, restricting, or restraining, himself. (K, TA.)
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