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صِنْدِدٌ: see what follows, in three places.

صِنْدِيدٌ A courageous lord or chief; (S, L, K;) as also ↓ صِنْدِدٌ: (K:) or a great, or big, and courageous, lord or chief: (A:) or a great, or big, and courageous, king: (M:) or the former, (As, IAar, L,) or ↓ the latter, (K,) a noble lord or chief: (As, L, K:) or a liberal, bountiful, munificent, or generous, lord or chief: or a clement, or forbearing, lord or chief: (IAar, L, K:) a defender of an army: (IAar, L:) جَمَاعَةُ العَسْكَرِ, by which the pl. الصَّنَادِيدُ is expl. in the K, is a mistake for حُمَاةُ العَسْكَرِ, the words used by IAar: (TA:) a nobleman: a great man: (L:) or a great chief: (Kf:) one who presides over a people and their affairs of importance and things in general: or a lord, or chief, eminent among his people, possessing the qualities of courage and liberality or munificence or generosity, who overcomes those that act with hostility and opposition towards him: (MF:) pl. صَنَادِيدُ. (IAar, A, L.) Accord. to some, the ن is augmentative; and the word is derived from الصَّدُّ, “the act of turning away; ” and seems to have been formed to denote an intensive signification. (MF.) Also Overcoming, (K, TA,) and great. (TA.) دَآءُ الصَّنَادِيدِ is The disease called ذَاتُ الجَنْبِ. (T in art. جنب.) b2: Also A calamity; a misfortune; or a great, or formidable, event: (TA:) pl. as above. (S, M, A, K.) Hence the saying of El-Hasan, نَعُوذُ بِاللّٰهِ مِنْ صَنَادِيدِ القَدَرِ We seek protection by God from the calamities, &c., of destiny: (S, M: *) or from its great and overpowering afflictions. (L.) b3: Also, (accord. to the TA,) or ↓ صِنْدِدٌ, (accord. to the K,) An isolated ledge of a mountain. (K, TA.) b4: رِيحٌ صِنْدِيدٌ (tropical:) Violent wind. (A, K.) b5: بَرْدٌ صِنْدِيدٌ (tropical:) Vehement, or intense, cold. (A, K.) b6: One says, مَرَّتْ عَلَيْنَا صَنَادِيدُ مِنْ بَرْدٍ (tropical:) Times of intense cold befell us. (A.) [See also another ex. voce صَخَدَانٌ.] b7: and حَرٌّ صِنْدِيدٌ (tropical:) Vehement, or intense, heat. (A.) One says يَوْمٌ حَامِى الصِنْدِيدِ, (Th, M, L,) or الصَّنَادِيدِ, (A, K,) A day of vehement, or intense, heat. (Th, M, A, L, K.) b8: غَيْثٌ صِنْدِيدٌ (tropical:) Rain consisting of large drops: (S, K:) or that falls in large quantity: pl. غُيُوثٌ صَنَادِيدُ. (A.) And one says, رَمَتِ السَّمَآءُ بِصَنَادِيدِ البَرَدِ (tropical:) The sky cast down large hail-stones. (A.) b9: الصَّنَادِيدُ مِنَ السَّحَابِ (assumed tropical:) Great clouds: (M:) or clouds that pour forth much rain, in large drops. (L.)
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