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2 صنّم, inf. n. تَصْنِيمٌ, i. q. صَوَّرَ [He formed, fashioned, figured, shaped, sculptured, or pictured: app. from the noun here following]. (K.) صَنَمٌ [An idol: or an idol of a particular kind:] a وَثَن: (S:) or a وَثَن that is worshipped: (K:) or a وَثَن that is made of stones, and of wood; as is said on the authority of I'Ab: (Msb:) or a thing well known, that is carved of wood, and that is made of molten and cast silver and copper or brass: (M; and the like is said in the Msb on the authority of IF:) or the صنم is made of metals that melt; and the وثن is made of stone or of wood: (Msb:) or, accord. to Hishám ElKelbee, the former is made of wood or of gold or of silver or of other metal; and the latter, of stones: or, accord. to Ibn-'Arafeh and El-Fihree, the former is an image; and the latter is a shapeless thing: or, as some say, the former is a thing having corporeal from, carved of wood or of stone or of silver, and worshipped; and [the latter (in the TA the صنم, but this I suppose to be a mistake for the وثن,)] is a incorporeal form: or the former is a thing having the form of a human being; and the latter, a thing having some other form: or the former is a thing having material substance or shape; and the latter, a thing not having material substance or shape: or the former is of stones or other material; and the latter, an embodied form: (TA:) or, accord. to IAth, the latter [?] is anything having corporeal form, made of metal or of wood and stones, like the form of a human being, made, and set up, and worshipped; and the former [?] an incorporeal form: (TA in art. وثن: [from explanations given above, it seems that the reverse of this is the case:]) and Abu-l-'Abbás states, on the authority of IAar, that ↓ صَنَمَةٌ and نَصَمَةٌ signify an image (صُورَةٌ) that is worshipped; (TA in the present art.;) each of these two words is thus (بِالتَّحْرِيك), though it would seem that accord. to the K the latter is نَصْمَةٌ: (TA in art. نصم:) صَنَمٌ (S, K) it is said (S) is an arabicized word, from شَمَن (S, K) [which is Pers., though SM says,] I know not in what language, for in Pers. it is بت [i. e. بُتْ]: (TA:) the pl. is أَصْنَامٌ; (S, M, Msb;) which, as used in the Kur xiv. 38, is said by Er-Rághib to mean things that divert one from God. (TA.) صَنَمَةٌ: see the next preceding paragraph.

A2: Also A calamity; a dial. var. of صَلَمَةٌ; (K, TA;) which is mentioned by Az, but omitted in the K in art. صلم. (TA.) A3: And The قَصَبَة [or quill] of any feather. (K.)
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