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4 اصنى النَّخْلُ The palm-trees had pairs, or triplets, or more, growing together from single roots. (IKtt, TA.) صَنْوٌ: see the next paragraph.

صُنْوٌ: see the next paragraph.

صِنْوٌ One of a pair, (AHn, S, M, K,) or of three, (S, M,) or of more than two, (K,) or of more than three, (M,) or of five, or of six, (TA,) of palmtrees, (S, M, K,) or of any trees, (AHn, M, K,) or of trees resembling one another, (M,) growing from one root; (AHn, S, M, K;) each [or every one] of such being called the صِنْو of the other [or others growing with it]; (AHn, M;) as also ↓ صُنْوٌ, (M, K,) mentioned by Zj: (M:) two of such are termed صِنْوَانِ (S, K) and صُنْوَانِ and صَنْوَانِ, [which last implies that ↓ صَنْوٌ as well as صُنْوٌ is a dial. var. of صِنْوٌ,] and also صِنْيَانِ and صُنْيَانِ and صَنْيَانِ, [which imply that صِنْىٌ and صُنْىٌ and صَنْىٌ are also dial. vars. of صِنْوٌ and صُنْوٌ and صَنْوٌ;] (K;) and the pl. is صِنْوَانٌ (AZ, S, M) and [of pauc.] أَصْنَآءٌ, (M,) the former pl. differing from the first of the duals mentioned above by being perfectly decl. (AZ, S, * TA.) Hence, in the Kur [xiii. 4], صِنْوَانٍ وَغَيْرُِ صِنْوَانٍ, (TA,) i. e. Palmtrees having one root and [others] having distinct roots: Hafs read صُنْوَان, like قُنْوَان pl. of قِنْوٌ; of the dial. of Temeem. (Bd.) b2: And hence, (TA,) (assumed tropical:) A brother; but not so called unless coupled with another: (Sh, TA:) or a brother by the same father: (Az, TA:) [or a brother by the same mother; as is indicated by an explanation of one of the pls in what follows:] or a brother such as is termed شقِيق, (M, K,) which means by the father and mother: (TA in art. شق:) and a son; (M, K;) because he has branched forth from one stock [with his father]: (TA:) and a paternal uncle; (M, K;) but this last meaning is taken from a trad. cited in what follows: (TA:) the fem. is with ة: and the pl. is أَصْنَآءٌ [a pl. of pauc.] and صِنْوَانٌ [as above]. (M, K.) It is said in a trad., عَمُّ الرَّجُلِ صِنْوُ أَبِيهِ (tropical:) [The paternal uncle of the man is the صِنْو of his father]; (T, S;) meaning that the stock of both is one. (T, TA.) [And it is said that] صَنْوَانٌ وغَيْرُ صِنْوَانٍ, relating to a man's children, means (assumed tropical:) Sons of one mother by different fathers, and children of different mothers by one father. (Har p. 608.) b3: [Hence the pl.] أَصْنَآءٌ signifies also (assumed tropical:) Likes, or fellows. (IAar, TA.) b4: And رَكِيَّتَانِ صِنْوَانِ (tropical:) Two wells near together, (AZ, S, M, K, TA,) or (so in the TA and in some copies of the K) that yield water from one spring. (AZ, S, K, TA.) b5: صِنْوٌ also signifies A widened well (حَفَرٌ) from which water is not drawn and of the water of which no use is made: (Ibn-Buzurj, K:) pl. صِنْوَانٌ. (Ibn-Buzurj, TA.) b6: See also what follows.

صُنَىٌّ A small حِسْى [q. v.] to which no one comes for water, (S, K,) and for which no one cares: dim. of ↓ صِنْوٌ: (S:) or, as some say, (S,) a cleft in a mountain: (S, TA:) or a ravine, or gap, (شِعْبٌ,) in which water flows, between two mountains. (TA.)
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